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Hanging up the phone, Song Yiren pondered Bei Mingmo's words, and his heart suddenly snapped.

    Some things are indeed planned before, but if the external environment changes, then ...

    For example, several of Gong Lingye ’s elder brothers passed away at the age of 32, so all of them would think that things might happen in the year from 31 to 32 of Gong Lingye.

    However, what if the opponent makes trouble early?

    So, will they be caught by surprise?

    Before that, they had been investigating without any clue, and Gong Lingye didn't believe in any curse, so she was completely sure that it was artificial.

    And now, Gong Lingye's development is getting stronger and stronger, don't the secret people worry that the scene becomes more difficult to control?

    Then, once they have a sense of crisis, it is difficult to guarantee that they will act in advance like Chu Mingyao!

    At that time, Gong Lingye was unprepared, but was easily succeeded by the other party.

    After all, people will have a kind of inertial thinking, think that 32 years old is a hurdle, then, it should be 32 years old, but how about in advance?

    Song Yi people thought of this, the whole person felt that the hair was standing up, and the heart was beating uncontrollably.

    She picked up her phone and called Gong Lingye.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye just came out of the meeting room.

    Meeting today, all the issues that were not finalized yesterday were fixed. At the end, the Li Dong still chased him inexplicably and asked where it was yesterday and how the signal was so bad.

    Gong Lingye glanced at Bae Jun at the time, and then he saw Bae Jun's smile.

    He immediately understood that Pei Jun must have known everything later.

    However, since this guy knows everything, then he will give him another gift!

    Therefore, Gong Ling night said: "I am in Pei Jun's family."

    So, Li Dong and others immediately wondered: "Pete Zhu, your salary is so high, don't you give your mother a WiFi?"

    "Pete Zhu, is your mother taken care of? Will it be the empty nester?"

    Gong Lingye twitched her lips, watching Pei Jun, who was surrounded by chatter, and walked out of the meeting room dashingly.

    It happened that when Song Yi came over, he slipped to answer and returned to his office: "Nuan Nuan, miss me?"

    Song Yiren "huh", and then said quickly: "I suddenly thought of a problem!"

    She said that she had just thought about it, and then said: "Do you think this is the truth?"

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and sharply crossed the bottom of her eyes: "Yes, warm, you are very likely to speak."

    "What should I do?" Song Yi said anxiously.

    "No matter what you do, there will be traces, unless that trace has been taken as an ordinary thing by us, you will not turn a blind eye to it if you don't care." Gong Lingye thought: "According to this line of thinking, I think the other party should start at any time, I You may not even notice it. The only way is that I completely change all the trajectories of life. "

    Song Yiren thought for a while: "Yes, so, do you also think that the person who started is the person around you? And may have been the Gong family for many years?"

    Gong Ling night said: "Yes, very likely."

    He was silent for a moment and said, "Nuan Nuan, I will be very careful recently. When we get home at night, we will discuss specific things."

    "Good." Song Yiren added before hanging up the phone: "In short, don't eat anything that others give you, only what I give you."

    Gong Lingye laughed: "Nuan Nuan, I feel like you are educating children."

    Song Yi people could not help laughing.

    Gong Lingye's lips: "It seems that our children, you should be very educated."

    Song Yi pouted: "Why did you pull so far suddenly!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes had a deeper smile, and he paused, he said: "But you are so worried about me, I am very happy."

    Song Yiren heard that he felt his heartbeat missed a beat.

    Thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao was in the office. Special Assistant Wang Xin buckled the door: "Mr. Chu, Mr. Qi is looking for you."

    Chu Mingyao nodded and got up to the small conference room.

    In the small meeting room, Qi Yong took out a list of dumplings and placed it in front of Chu Mingyao: "Mr. Chu, the things you asked me to check before are all inside."

    Chu Mingyao picked it up and saw all the trip records of Gong Lingye.

    He looked carefully one by one, from time to time he also took a pen to mark it, and then recorded it on the other side.

    Finally, he raised his eyes: "Are you sure there are no omissions?"

    Qi Yong shook his head: "These are directly transferred from major airlines, so there will be no omissions."

    Chu Mingyao nodded and wrote several country names on the paper, all of which were places that Gong Ling had visited more than once—

    Country M, China, R, F.

    His finger lightly clasped the table, for a long time, crossed out the country F.

    It's too chaotic there. Although Gong Mochen is here, there are many people in Tiangong Group's project and it's not easy to hide people. The rest of country F is very unsafe.

    If Song Ziheng is not expected to die, then country F is definitely not among them.

    The remaining three places here may all be the places where Gong Lingye hid Song Ziheng.

    Hua Guo, this is the most likely place.

    However, Chu Mingyao also knew that it was Gong Lingye's site, and even if the other party clearly told him that Song Ziheng was hiding, he could not take it away!

    Next, country M. However, Chu Mingyao investigated that Gong Lingye frequently went to country M for a period of time because of Gu Tingxue's condition, so it seems that country M is not so likely.

    So, there is one R country left.

    Chu Mingyao raised his eyes and instructed Qi Yong: "Help me find out, does Gong Lingye have any business cooperation in the R country?"

    "This has already been checked." Qi Yong said: "Gong Lingye has just talked about a technology project in R country recently, but it has not been made public yet.

    Chu Mingyao wondered: "So the Tiangong Group also has key projects in R?"

    "Yes." Qi Yong said: "What should I do at home, Mr. Chu should be clear, although Gong Lingye is already kept secret, but after all, some procedures have to go through a special department, my dad happened to be there principal."

    Chu Mingyao nodded: "Well, I know, I will remit the fee to your account. In addition, help me check someone."

    "Who?" Qi Yong asked.

    "Beijing Mingmo." Chu Mingyao said: "There is still something about Song Ziheng. After I delineate the scope later, I will organize the information for you."

    "Okay, happy cooperation!" Qi Yongdao said.

    After Qi Yong left, Chu Mingyao looked at the record in the book, his eyes wandering between M, R and Hua.

    Country M is too large, the scope is too wide, it is not easy to limit. Hua Guo is the place of Gong Lingye, so maybe he can use the elimination method?

    It is because if Song Ziheng is in China, Gong Lingye does not need to be Tibetan, because he cannot take it away anyway. So, is Song Ziheng not in China?

    Chu Mingyao sent a message to Qi Yong: "Let me check if Song Ziheng is in Country R first. I will give you a picture. His name may have changed, but he has an easily recognizable feature, that is, he cannot speak. "

    "Good." Qi Yong said: "I will inform you when there is news."