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#113 Wait for me

Looking at the ridicule of Gong Ling's eyes, Song Yi took a breath and only felt a burst of enthusiasm and burned his face in a few blinks.

    Her hands were unconsciously pulling on the sofa, and her throat was dry: "I just state the facts."

    Gong Lingye saw her shy, and although she still wanted to tease her, she accepted it when she saw it.

    He said, "Wait for me."

    After all, he picked up his phone and made a call: "Leave the fire, come to my office this afternoon."

    Hanging up the phone, he returned to Song Yiren: "That girl is still a half-relative of me. You can see her in the afternoon."

    His attitude was as if she could not see the girl because she was jealous. Song Yiren felt annoyed, and she pushed her hand to push Gong Lingye: "I just said one thing, why do you call someone over? "

    "Let her see her auntie." Gong Lingye said, pulling the Song Yi people from the sofa and holding them in her arms: "So the auntie is not angry with her uncle?"

    Song Yi moved a bit, failed to break away, but was held tighter by Gong Lingye.

    A familiar breath came from her nose, and she heard his voice with a smile. Somehow, her mood also got better, sweeping the depression and dullness of so many days, the angle that could not be seen in Gong Lingye, Raised the corner of the lips quietly.

    For a long time, Gong Lingye released Song Yiren and pulled her back to the sofa again.

    He opened the food box and said, "Nuan Nuan, let's eat."

    The wooden box has two layers. When opening it, the Song Yi people couldn't help saying when they saw the exquisite and rich dishes: "Do you usually do this for dinner?"

    There are four courses on the upper level:

    Arctic shell sashimi, spicy garlic lobster, stir-fried seasonal vegetables, black pepper steak.

    The lower layer contains some soups and staple foods, all of which are full of flavor and fragrance.

    Gong Lingye handed the chopsticks to Song Yiren: "If you like it, we eat it every day."

    The Song Yi people couldn't help saying: "It's a real defeat."

    "What are you afraid of? No matter how much you eat, I can afford it!" Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows and gave Song Yi the food.

    It must be said that the taste of this restaurant is really good, even if it is taken away, it is still delicious.

    Song Yiren had a good appetite today, and with Gong Lingye, he ate almost everything in the dinner plate.

    She touched her swollen stomach and was annoyed: "It feels like eating every day, she must be ten pounds fat."

    Before, she was running every day, but recently she was too busy, and she was exhausted to go home from work every day. How can she have time to exercise?

    "It's just ten pounds fat, and the chest can be bigger." Gong Lingye said, pushing the Song Yi people against the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office.

    Sure enough, this man couldn't stand for ten minutes at all!

    Song Yi was resisted. Behind her was a drop of several tens of meters. She twisted her body: "I'm going to brush my teeth."

    "Don't brush, first kiss." He said, lifting her chin, and the lips and flaps pressed down directly.

    The Song Yi people had no room to escape, her breath was blocked, her freedom was imprisoned, and her breath was full of Gong Lingye's breath, invading her overwhelmingly.

    His heartbeat was fast, and her heartbeat seemed to resonate with her through the shirt.

    She felt that his hand was deep in her clothes. She wanted to hide, but she couldn't hide at all, only to watch her territory fail.

    Song Yiren thought that she shouldn't be reconciled with him just now, this man, indeed, spared no effort in this respect.

    However, as the oxygen was taken away, the Song Yi people's thinking became more and more chaotic, and her body became softer and softer, until finally melting into Gong Lingye's arms.

    He crushed her skin, straight from her lips and petals.

    The sun fell on him, and along with the touch of the sun, her clothes were kissed by him until she slipped off her shoulder.

    Each other's breathing was getting heavier, just as Gong Lingye's kiss was running down the Song Yi people's collarbone, there was a sudden knock at the door.

    Then, just listen to Gong Mochen said: "Uncle, are you there?"

    Song Yi's heart tightened and he was about to push away Gong Lingye. He had picked her up and strode directly into the lounge.

    He put her on the bed and whispered: "Wait here for me."

    Having finished speaking, I walked out quickly and closed the door.

    Song Yi was lying on the bed, looking at his messy shirt, annoyed.

    Is his kissing skill too good, or is she too low-minded?

    Outside, Gong Mochen has entered the room and is talking to Gong Lingye. Just then, Song Yi's cell phone rang.

    The bell rang abruptly in the lounge, and the Song Yi hurriedly took the phone out of their pocket and pressed mute.

    Some movements, sweat on his forehead. She looked at the caller ID and found that the eldest sister Yu Ruoxia called.

    Outside, Gong Mochen asked doubtfully: "Uncle, is someone inside?"

    Gong Lingye said lightly: "No. What is the financial loophole you just said?"

    Gong Mochen opened the file and continued what he had just said. In the lounge, Song Yi hung up the phone and sent a message to Yu Ruoxia: "Sister, what's wrong?"

    Yu Ruoxia pushed a piece of news directly to the Song Yi people.

    [Yu's president Yu Chengzhi was found to be involved in illegal commercial transactions and has been investigated by relevant parties]

    Song Yi people's hands squeezed the phone suddenly tightened, his heart could not tell the taste.

    Yu Chengzhi, like his wife and daughters, can be blamed today.

    However, Yu Xingfan is a very good boy. Song Yi thought, wouldn't he be sad if he knew that his father was in trouble?

    Perhaps all she can do is take care of this younger brother.

    Outside, Gong Mochen and Gong Lingye had finished the talk.

    Gong Mochen put away the information, and when he left, he glanced at the restroom doubtfully, but turned around and left.

    After Gong Mochen left, Gong Ling night returned to the lounge. Seeing that Song Yi had already got up from bed, he stretched his arms around her: "Get off work together at night."

    Song Yiren raised his eyes and looked at him: "I have something to do at night. Let's change the sky."

    He squeezed her face without asking anything: "Okay, that's another day."

    After coming out of Gong Lingye's office, Song Yi went directly to Gong Mochen's office.

    Obviously unaware that the Song Yi people would come, Gong Mochen raised his eyes in surprise, his eyes somewhat complicated: "How come you came?"

    He stood up and walked to the sofa: "Please sit down."

    Song Yiren nodded: "Well, I came here today to talk to you about something."

    She did not realize that a pen cover had fallen from the carpet in Gong Mochen's room. She stepped on it when she walked over and suddenly lost her balance.

    Instinctively, Song Yiren reached out and grabbed, and did not know whether she had caught Gong Mochen's sleeve, and then she fell down like that and fell into the sofa, while at the same time, Gong Mochen was also taken I have to lose my balance and I'm depressed!