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She thought, she must be crazy, and she was a little lost because she was not pregnant!

    Outside, Gong Lingye knocked on the door: "Nuan Nuan, are you all right?"

    Song Yiren answered: "Well, you come in!"

    Gong Lingye walked in and looked at the several pregnancy test sticks on the washstand. He settled in his mind: "No?"

    Song Yi nodded.

    After two seconds of silence, Gong Lingye pulled Song Yi into his arms: "Then we still follow the original plan?"

    Song Yi people continued to nod.

    Gong Lingye picked her up and returned to the living room. He rubbed her hair: "Aren't you a little unhappy?"

    "Where is it?" Song Yi immediately shook his head.

    Gong Lingye laughed: "We will have it in the future, it is really not a good time now."

    He lowered his head and kissed her, picked up his phone and called Dr. Tan.

    Soon, Dr. Tan came, he measured the blood pressure, heart rate and blood tests for Song Yi.

    For a long time, he said: "Ms. Yu has no physical problems, but she needs to strengthen nutrition and exercise, because her hemoglobin index is slightly lower. Also, I see that she has slight dark circles, which may be too tired, so she is strengthening exercise At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure rest and sleep. "

    Gong Lingye nodded, as if thinking of something, said: "You also help me with a blood test."

    Dr. Tan took Gong Lingye's blood plasma, and after the test, said: "Mr. Gong, yours is no problem, very healthy!"

    Gong Lingye nodded and sent Dr. Tan out. When he returned, he took Song Yiren on the sofa, opened the pad, and said, "Nuan Nuan, do you want to see these tourist destinations?"

    Song Yi was surprised: "Let's go travel?"

    "Well, you have been working too hard recently, just when TG-01 has been released. Let's go out and relax." Gong Ling Yedao said: "We went out once a year ago, just like Ziheng on winter vacation, you can take him."

    Song Yiren raised his eyes: "You haven't said, how on earth can Ziheng speak?"

    Gong Ling's eyes suddenly deepened and bowed her head to kiss her: "I found a psychologist to help Ziheng out of the psychological shadow."

    "It's that simple?" Song Yiren always felt something was wrong.

    Gong Lingye already stuffed the pad into her hand: "Wife, let's see where to travel first."

    "Oh." The Song Yi people were distracted and began to browse the destination above.

    For driverless cars, there is naturally no such thing as a driver's seat.

    The old ghost left to Bei Mingmo, happened to be specially designed for two people to sit on.

    At the moment, Bei Mingmo and Xuanyuan Che sat side by side, with LED screens in front of them. The central computer recognized a man and a woman, so they automatically played a classic love movie for the two.

    Bei Mingmo was sitting in this car for the first time. Although he was excited, it was too sleepy. Therefore, after watching half of it, he fought with his eyelids and couldn't help sleeping.

    Beside him, Xuanyuan Che, who had not spoken since getting on the bus, felt that the girl next to her had been continually circling the movement of chickens pecking rice, and could not help turning her eyes.

    Seeing the light of the LED, Bei Mingmo's face flickered, and her eyes kept closed, her head kept going down until she bent into a shrimp, and then straightened Get up, then, continue to bow your head ...

    He felt inexplicably funny, because she seemed to have dissipated a lot of fire when she said that she was going to find a baby kiss, stretched out her arms, and took her around his shoulders.

    She was completely powerless, so he was easily pulled to his side and leaned on his shoulder.

    The head finally found the fulcrum, and she slept comfortably, but he only smelled her quiet fragrance drifting into the nose.

    In front of the picture, a man and a woman are kissing, the stereo sound effect in the car is very good, it looks especially realistic.

    Xuanyuan Che rolled his throat, turned his head, and looked down at Bei Mingmo's lips.

    The senses are reminiscent of the sweetness he has tasted today, and his breath tightens a bit.

    She didn't even realize it, and even drilled a little bit into his neck.

    The road at night is not congested, and not long after, I have reached the residential area of ​​Beimingmo's house.

    Before, for convenience, she directly bought the model room that she rented, deleted some furniture, and added bedding, which is a warm look of two rooms and one hall.

    Xuanyuan Che shook the girl beside him: "Which building do you live in?"

    Bei Mingmo's sleep was interrupted and his eyes opened with dissatisfaction. When he found himself resting on Xuanyuan Che's shoulder, the wine awoke a little: "I didn't touch you intentionally!"

    As it happens, the scene of two people is playing on the LED screen.

    Woman: "Me, we last night ..."

    Man: "Last night, I didn't touch you casually, I touched you seriously."

    Bei Mingmo: "..."

    She rubbed her heavy head in annoyance and was about to explain that Xuanyuan Che in front of her suddenly buckled her waist and her lips and petals were pressed down without any warning.

    Just when their lips were to stick together, Bei Mingmo reached out and blocked his lips.

    His lips were immediately imprinted on her palm, and itchy.

    She said: "Not what you said, to keep a distance?"

    He took her hand away: "You said it."

    "I don't want to be wronged." She was upset when she thought about the day.

    "You haven't been wronged," he said, taking her hand away and kissing him directly.

    Lips cling to each other, and he blew up in the narrow space in the car. Bei Mingmo only felt that something was wrong, and wanted to find Xuanyuan Che to discuss it. What did he mean?

    However, he was very heavy, and pressed her against the seat, and suddenly, she felt the world spinning again.

    What I wanted to stop was originally intended to be a tad, but Xuanyuan Che found that he could not control it at all and just wanted to continue.

    He rarely ran out of control in his life, but he did not know why. Since he heard her say that on the phone that day and saw her stubborn and strong appearance in the snow, he kept thinking of her.

    Today, somehow, I suddenly wanted to kiss her, starting with punishment and then fascinated. Until now, he couldn't tell what kind of mentality he was.

    And just as she was kissed by him more and more confused, a light suddenly came in her sight.

    Then, the central control issued a synthetic voice: "Someone peeped outside, please pay attention to the privacy of the two people who are in the car."

    Xuan Yuan Che was so excited that he realized that someone was indeed holding a flashlight and rushing into the car.

    He quickly pressed Bei Mingmo into his arms, sat up straight, and drove the headlights violently!

    Outside, the crowd who was originally curious about what the TG-01 looked like was shocked: "God, smart cars are smart cars, this is to scare me!"

    Xuanyuan Che saw the man gone, and then pushed the door.

    He hugged Bei Mingmo directly, covered her face with a coat and bowed her head to ask her, "How many units and numbers do you live in?"

    Bei Mingmo reported the numbers in depression, and wanted to beat Xuanyuan Che.

    However, she is now half a public figure and cannot show her face!