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#93 Dig him in the corner!

Chu Mingyao was a little puzzled and turned to look at Gong Lingye.

    However, Gong Gongye was looking at the game field ahead, his eyes straight and straight.

    He withdrew his gaze doubtfully and continued to watch the game.

    On the field, there were two robots surrounding MianD. On one side, the man swung a sickle, while the other swept directly underneath, with precision.

    It can be seen that if MianD is swept, judging from the strength of the other party's previous display, it will inevitably be injured.

    Robot injury is irreversible, so once it falls, it is likely to go down the road!

    On the court, the atmosphere was tense at once, and the death scythe on the other side was too far to rescue.

    On the side, Xu Xingzhou's Night Wolf saw this scene and almost flew over, seeming to want to die with one of his opponent's robots.

    However, his robot is mainly based on light and flexible guerrillas, and he confronts the other party hard. I am afraid it is a suicide that hurt the enemy 500 and damages one thousand!

    Just a moment after Xu Xingzhou's robot rushed over, MianD suddenly jumped out of the encirclement with a weird volley, and at the same time, it pulled away the night wolf and quickly slid seven or eight steps outside the battle group.

    The opponent did not expect MianD to be able to achieve that kind of deformation and distortion. Their one shot fell empty, and even, because of inertia, the two robots still touched together.

    Although it is not a heavy touch, it also gave Xuanyuan team a great opportunity.

    As I saw, MianD, who had been in poor condition since the opening, released the night wolf and quickly killed him.

    Every step taken seems to contain monstrous anger and murderousness.

    Obviously it was just a robot, but everyone was shocked by its momentum, holding their breath and staring at MianD.

    It came to the opponent and punched directly.

    The opponent who had just stabilized his body had no time to adjust, his fist had reached his front, and he could only greet him with a fist.

    The fists of the two robots slammed together.

    However, the Song Yiren's robot is known for its strength. Therefore, after the bang collision, the opponent was directly bounced and fell to the ground.

    Its comrades seemed to be remedy, but MianD suddenly rushed to the robot in front of the ground before it could climb up, and then stepped on it!

    It seems to restore the previous violent play, no, perhaps, it is more violent than before.

    Just listening to the radio, the sound of the collapse of the robot's metal sheet was heard, especially like the sensation of raising hair with a knife on the glass.

    The robot on the ground began to remember it, but as it was stepped on for the third time, the lights on its eyes flashed twice, and then quickly dimmed.

    Shocked in the audience, MianD even violently killed his opponent in the finals!

    It solved one, without any hesitation, and rushed into the enemy side again.

    As if it were a awakened beast, MianD relied on his rough skin and moved forward without fear.

    It responded quickly and moved quickly, a metal armor glowing deep in the spotlight. It seems that what has passed is to open the door to hell!

    On the stage, Gong Lingye saw this scene and hooked her lips. This is the warmth he is familiar with. How can her main battlefield be bullied by opponents? !

    Because the opponent has already lost one member, soon, under the charge of MianD and Death Scythe, Night Wolf and Caesar's guerrilla supplies, the opponent robots fell down one by one. If the robot has life and flesh, it must have been bloody.

    Seeing this, Bae Jun turned to glance at A Mian, then lowered his voice to Gong Ling night said: "President, Miss Yu is more and more like you!"

    All are cruel and bloody enough.

    It's just that he feels like Amian too, but Bae Jun dare not say this.

    Gong Lingye didn't like to listen to flattery, but Bae Jun said this to his heart.

    That's right, his warmth is indeed more and more like him under his influence.

    Is this considered a husband and wife?

    On the court, as MianD lifted the opponent directly at the last click, the death scythe that rushed over poked a charged finger into the opponent's heart, and the game was over.

    I saw a bunch of parts falling from the robot on the workbench. It was a disaster scene.

    The staff announced that the Xuanyuan team won, and then let everyone rest to prepare for the trophies of the team competition.

    According to the previous plan of the organizer, Chu Mingyao won the team championship trophy.

    Gong Lingye also thought before, anyway, he wanted to hug people brightly, it must be in the individual game, after all, he could not hug Xiao Pei those.

    However, he was upset when he thought that Chu Mingyao had just said that he wanted to dig people as well as Song Yi people.

    He glanced his eyes, and when he saw a person, his eyes narrowed instantly, and then turned his head and said to Pei Jun.

    At this moment, the competition platform was replaced with an awards platform, and lively music was played, and the top three teams played in succession.

    Standing in the middle of the stage, Song Yiren's mood has calmed down a lot.

    Just now, she has vented her emotions that she wants to vent. Sure enough, she will beat her when she is unhappy. Gong Lingye has done a good job.

    The on-site host said: "The first award is the third prize. I also asked Mr. Qiao, the vice president of the AI ​​Association of our main board, to award the third place!"

    The third runner-up all received medals. For them, although not the first, they have been able to win awards in such national competitions, and they are already very good.

    In the future, there is no need to worry about work and opportunities. Entering the Tiangong Group is also a matter of course.

    The staff said again: "Today, we also have a distinguished guest, Mr. Chu Mingyao, the president of Ningguo Haisheng Group! It is a great honor for Mr. Chu to come to our country and witness the growth of outstanding students together! Mr. Awards the runner-up! "

    Backstage, Chu Mingyao was slightly puzzled.

    Didn't he always let him award the champion before? Did the staff make a mistake?

    However, his name has already been called, and he will naturally not question anything.

    He walked out of the backstage, took the flowers and medals in the hands of the staff, and awarded the runner-ups one by one.

    Song Yiren looked at the man in front of him. The light was bright on the field today. She could clearly see every expression on Chu Mingyao's face.

    It's still as memorable as it is ‘being graceful’, with a smile like a gentle spring breeze at any time, as if a modest gentleman, even the ceremonial lady beside him accidentally hit his shoulder, he also smiled and turned away, do n’t ignore it!

    Ha ha.

    After the runner-up awards, the next step is the championship.

    The tone of the staff was a little excited: "We also came a mysterious heavyweight guest today, everyone guess who?"

    She did not wait for everyone to talk, but bowed towards the backstage: "We have invited the father of AI from China, Professor Wen Jun, to award the champion!"

    Chu Mingyao heard the words and immediately relieved.

    It turned out that they asked Wen Jun. Wen Jun was the first person of Hua Guo and Ning Guo AI. No wonder he was awarded by the champion. This temporary substitution is not to look down on him.

    In the grandstand, Gong Lingye looked at the 70-year-old man who was on the stage and suddenly felt comfortable.

    This year, no one can openly dig his corner!