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#111 Caught by him

The guests left in succession under Gong Lingye's arrangement. When he arranged for all to return, Luo Tianqi was sitting in the lounge room.

    He looked at the girl in the wedding dress and asked Gong Lingye: "Brother Ye, if you didn't hide my identity, wouldn't she be sick or die because of lack of money?"

    Gong Lingye thought for a moment and said, "Tianqi, I can't answer this question. But I believe that if Miss Li can answer you, she certainly doesn't want you to blame yourself."

    Luo Tianqi raised his eyes, and the smile was uglier than crying: "Brother Ye, you are right, she has said before that she likes to laugh at me the most."

    He stood up and hugged Baogong Lingye: "Brother Ye, I will laugh more in the future, as before."

    He said nothing, went out, and said to everyone: "Everyone is tired today, I will send Azi away!"

    Although he said so, everyone remained. The Song Yi people saw from a distance that after they left, Mrs. Bei Ming returned to the tomb alone, holding the tombstone for a long time without releasing it.

    Although Li Xiaozi left, life still has to continue.

    Luo Tianqi has already agreed with his family and will come back to take over the company formally in half a month.

    In this half month, he will take part of Li Xiaozi's ashes to his honeymoon according to the original plan.

    Song Yiren and Xiao Pei also received formal notices from Tiangong Group. Therefore, on Monday, she and Xiao Pei were formally dressed, and together with several other college students, came to the personnel department of Tiangong Group to report.

    The personnel side is very efficient, and in a short time, the procedures have been completed.

    Because they have not yet graduated, they are currently taking vacation internships and weekday part-time internships.

    In the afternoon, Song Yiren and Xiao Pei finished the induction training, and just returned to the work station, they were called by the personnel supervisor: "Yu Ruonuan, Xiao Pei, our college student plan was originally a rotation of several parts, but, The technical director on the AI ​​side named you to let you pass, so you go with me and report to the technical department first. "

    In another building, the technical department has a round metal dome that looks very modern.

    Song Yi people walked into the office and saw an acquaintance.

    Chi Jingyu saw her and Xiao Pei coming over and smiled: "As soon as the list comes out, I will ask for someone to come over. I have no rules here, everything depends on strength."

    Really, just like what Chi Jingyu said, he directly arranged for the two to participate in the department meeting. After the end, he sent the information to the two people's mailbox, asked the two to become familiar with them within two days, and then began to follow up the project formally.

    Time seems to be a tight clockwork, especially Song Yiren and Xiao Pei, who still have to complete the tasks of the MSRA laboratory on weekdays, so they are completely spinning like a gyro.

    Seeing that half of the summer vacation had passed, on this day, Song Yiren didn't know why the alarm clock didn't sound in the morning. She felt it was already eight o'clock.

    From school to Tiangong, it took half an hour to take the subway, plus the time walking on both sides of the road, she almost wiped her face indiscriminately, and ran to the subway station.

    Along the way, when Song Yi arrived at the company's front desk, it was three minutes before nine.

    There is a meeting in the company's main building at 9 o'clock today. She and Xiao Pei need to attend.

    She hurried to the elevator, but the two staff elevators were still going up, and even every floor was stopped.

    Feeling anxious, footsteps came from behind, and then, a polite voice from the front desk: "Mr. Gong, you are early!"

    Song Yi turned around and saw Gong Lingye and Pei Jun walking towards the exclusive elevator beside her.

    Since that day, after Li Xiaozi's funeral, the Song Yi people have never seen Gong Lingye again.

    Tiangong Group is very big, and it is not easy to meet someone. Especially, it seems that people have heard that Gong Ling had been on a business trip before the night and just returned yesterday.

    The footsteps behind him are getting closer and closer. The eyes of Song Yiren have always been on the LED screen of the employee elevator, and the mind is constantly meditating.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye had come to her, and Pei Jun's voice sounded on her side: "Miss Yu, come here."

    Song Yi turned around and quickly said: "It's okay, I just take the staff elevator."

    Beside, the exclusive elevator has been opened, Gong Lingye walked in, raised his wrist, and looked at the time.

    It's 8:58:53.

    Bae Jun smiled: "If you don't come in again, you'll be late."

    Song Yi raised his eyes and looked at Gong Lingye.

    He stretched out his hand and kept his finger on the ‘open the door’ button, which meant nothing.

    There was no staff around, and Song Yi took a deep breath and walked in.

    As soon as she pressed the 23rd floor, Bae Jun pressed a 5, and the general explanation was: "I go to the 5th floor to do something."

    Soon to the fifth floor, Pei Jun got off the elevator, and suddenly, only Gong Lingye and Song Yi were left in the elevator.

    The lights in the elevator are particularly bright, and the walls around the elevator are also mirrors, clearly reflecting each other's appearance.

    The enclosed space is very quiet, so quiet that you can clearly hear the breathing.

    Song Yi people felt a little embarrassed and depressed, and even regretted, why didn't they wait for the staff elevator.

    Floor by floor, it seems to become exceptionally slow, Song Yi people have been condensing the display on the LED screen, so, did not see at all, Gong Lingye was watching her.

    Neither of them spoke until the sound of ‘ding’ broke the silence.

    The Song Yi hurried out and the door behind him slowly closed.

    At the door of the meeting room, Xiao Pei waved at her and lowered her voice: "Why is it so late?"

    "Sleep." She hurried back and glanced down at the time, exactly 9 o'clock.

    While presiding over the meeting, I have come to the front and started to introduce the theme of this product. After a few minutes, the conference room knocked, and everyone blinked and saw Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen walking with their special assistants. Came in.

    Suddenly, the otherwise relaxed meeting instantly became repressed and restrained, and the colleagues who talked about the product were a little cramped.

    In particular, Gong Ling also asked some questions halfway through the night. The questions were very sharp. The air-conditioned room was obviously full, and the colleague was sweating on the forehead.

    The Song Yi people couldn't help but look at Gong Lingye's side, and their hearts were sullen. In fact, the colleague had always spoken very well. If Gong Lingye hadn't come, I'm afraid the atmosphere was as relaxed and pleasant as before? However, this 'culprit' obviously has no consciousness in this regard.

    As she was walking around, she saw Gong Lingye looked over at her and said: "I don't know what our two college students think about this issue?"

    Say it, said to Song Yi: "You answer."

    Song Yi was suddenly named by Gong Lingye, and she had just lost her mind. I didn't know what he was asking. For a time, he was on the spot and didn't know how to answer.

    Gong Lingye didn't know why, when she saw that Song Yiren couldn't answer, she suddenly wanted to laugh.

    He took the initiative to remind: "Starting from the social level, the impact of driverless cars on the traditional automobile industry."