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The two went upstairs together, and Bei Mingmo opened the door.

    Xuanyuan Che looked at everything in the room, and his eyes fell on a pair of men's slippers on the shoe rack at the door.

    His eyes narrowed and his breath became congested.

    Bei Mingmo was drunk and didn't know his emotions at all. She took her shoes and put them on her head and turned to him: "Thank you for sending me back!"

    He leaned on the door with one hand, gazing at her with a deep tone: "Beijing Mingmo, are you really single now?"

    She was confused, yawning, and carelessly: "Yeah, otherwise why would you want to go home and get married with the baby!"

    He stepped forward and closed the door of the anti-theft door with a bit of coolness in his tone: "What is single to you?"

    She was confused by him, because she was tired, so the tone was perfunctory: "If you don't have an official boyfriend, you are single!"

    The fire in his chest seemed to explode in an instant, and the coldness filled his body: "There is no formal boyfriend, but there can be men?"

    She finally noticed that he was wrong, and her eyes were suddenly cold: "Not to mention that I can't understand you, what a man or a man, just say you are me, do I have any relationship with you?"

    Xuanyuan Che only felt that something was stuck in his heart, and he squeezed Bei Mingmo's hand unconsciously.

    He locked her eyes: "Tell me, what kind of girl are you?"

    Can you meet the girls of two ex-boyfriends even on a plane?

    He wanted to hear her explain.

    Bei Mingmo looked at the anger of Xuanyuan Che's eyes. Her rebellion was ignited. She leaned towards him and hooked his neck: "Why, Mr. Xuanyuan, do you want to be one of my many men? Otherwise, why are you rushing to ask me this and that? "

    His pupils tightened suddenly, almost clenching his teeth: "North! Nether! Mo!"

    She pushed him relentlessly: "If not, then hurry! I'm going to sleep, I have no time to play word games with you!"

    But, just after the words fell, his body was suddenly pressed against the wall, and then, his crazy kiss directly swept all her nerves.

    "Since it's so frivolous, I don't need to respect it!" He just felt that his heart was full of fire, and only then could he feel a little soothing.

    He pressed her against the wall, not knowing what happened, and the living room light suddenly turned on.

    Then, the afterglow of his eyes saw the ashtray on the coffee table.

    She doesn't smoke, her girlfriends don't smoke, so who is this ashtray?

    Ha ha, she really has a man!

    He has been making excuses for her, only to find that she is ruthlessly crushing all his excuses!

    The strength between men and women is already very different, especially Beimingmo is drunk, and it is not at all Xuanyuan Che's opponent.

    She was so dizzy that he kissed him, and finally, she didn't even mean to resist at all.

    Her obedience this time failed to please him, she was taken by him from the living room to the bedroom, and then fell to the bed together.

    The body fell into a soft bedding, Bei Mingmo snorted softly.

    Her hair was in the sky-blue futon, and the black seaweed spread out. Her eyes were fascinated, and her entire skin glowed with pink light.

    He glared at her, his heart was tormented by two feelings, and finally, they all turned into flames.

    When he devoured him, he swallowed her.

    The clothes were scattered in the friction, her breathing was scattered, and her brain was blurred, but when she heard a metal buckle, she suddenly woke up.

    He pressed down, her eyes blocked, and the darkness prevented her from seeing his face.

    Suddenly panicked, Bei Mingmo screamed: "Go away!"

    With that, she pushed him hard with emotion, excited.

    Xuanyuan Che stopped suddenly, looking down at the girl under him.

    At the moment, she felt a little panic in her eyes, and her fingernails were almost embedded in the skin of his shoulder.

    "Go away!" She repeated, her eyes condensed with murderousness.

    He was startled by that murderousness and let go of her a little.

    The blocked light moved back again, and Bei Mingmo saw the man in front of him.

    Her consciousness slowly returned, and the chill in her eyes gradually converged.

    It wasn't the nightmare of being kidnapped that day. She breathed heavily and had the luck of the rest of her life.

    Yes, she dared to kill, but it does n’t mean she was not nervous.

    After those happened that day, she didn't think about it deliberately, as if everything had passed.

    But just now, his movements were too rough, and perhaps touched her subconscious memory. For a time, I just felt a trance that didn't know where I was.

    The light in the living room came over and fell on her face. He also clearly saw the panic in her eyes and the sweat on her forehead.

    She is afraid.

    He felt a slight pain in his heart, strange.

    Neither of them spoke until Bei Mingmo was completely awake.

    She looked at Xuanyuan Che's eyes and seemed to be frozen: "Mr. Xuanyuan, I don't know where I'm provoking you. Today, you are approaching me from beginning to end, just even ..."

    She squeezed her hands tightly with her sheets, her tone was serious and decisive: "I think we may not be suitable for close contact, I hope you keep your distance!"

    He was stabbed by her words, and his body was a little stiff, and after a moment, he moved away from her.

    Seeing her messy clothes, he opened the quilt to cover her and said, "I'm sorry."

    She didn't look at him anymore, and her apology was ignored.

    The atmosphere was a little dignified. He quietly tidied up his clothes and was about to leave. He saw the sheets creased by Bei Mingmo.

    He recalled the picture just now, she suddenly shouted in panic, and, clenched fists ...

    Was she afraid because of the kidnapping that day?

    In fact, after that, he heard Wei Qianran said that the things that day terrified her, and she did not dare to sleep alone for many days.

    Even with her mother, she was often awakened by nightmares. Therefore, I had to go to the psychiatrist for consultation.

    And Beimingmo ...

    She is also a girl, should she be scared?

    However, her strong performance makes people seem to easily ignore her fears, and feel that girls like hers are fearless.

    Xuanyuan Che's heart blamed himself, and his lips moved. "Momo, I'm sorry."

    She ignored it and turned away.

    He had never dealt with such a situation. Although Luo Tianqi was often seen coaxing girls, but when he came to him, he had no clue.

    "I will help you call a psychiatrist ..." He just said this and was interrupted by Bei Mingmo.

    She said coldly: "I'm fine, Mr. Xuanyuan, this is my room, can you leave?"

    Changed to usual, and was driven away again and again, he may really have left.

    However, thinking of how she was just scared, and the day she sighed on the phone, ‘I ’ve been blind for a year’, he felt that his footsteps could n’t seem to move.

    In the quilt, Bei Mingmo saw that there was no movement on his side, so he turned his head and was about to reach out to catch people directly, but the hand was held by the man.

    He clenched her hand, stuck stubbornly in the palm, pursed his lips, said nothing, but revealed a message: I will not go now.