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Song Yiren dare not speak, let the other party take her away.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao received a message: "We have taken away Yu Ruonuan."

    "Is it going well?" Chu Mingyao asked, "It's going well, I went to my destination immediately."

    Over there, Chu Mingyao narrowed his eyes and thought in his mind, did he make a wrong judgment? If Yu Ruo Nuan has problems, there should be no one beside her who protects her ...

    Half an hour later, the Song Yi people were taken to an abandoned factory building.

    Her hands and feet were bound, and someone tore the strip of rubber from her mouth and said, "Tell me, where is Song Ziheng?"

    Song Yiren raised his eyes and wondered: "What Song Ziheng? Are you looking for the wrong person! Do you know who I am? I am the girlfriend of the president of Tiangong Group Palace!"

    In the room behind the plant, Chu Mingyao, who had just arrived, had locked his eyes on the Song Yi through the small window.

    He frowned slightly when he heard what she had just said, an uncomfortable gravel in his heart.

    At this time, his mobile phone vibrated a bit, and the above message was: "We have locked Sabrina, and we are ready to start."

    "Okay, don't fight quickly and quickly," Chu Mingyao replied.

    In front, Chu Mingyao's bodyguard saw that Song Yiren denied that he directly took out a knife, and the cold blade shook in front of Song Yiren: "Still not say?"

    Song Yi people were terrified in their eyes and almost cried out: "I don't know, I don't know what Song Ziheng, I am an ordinary senior student, just internship in Tiangong Group, where can I get your people!"

    "It's still hard!" The other party sneered: "It seems that if you don't take some measures, you won't say it!"

    He said that the knife was already on the neck of Song Yi.

    At the moment, Gong Lingye is on the way to rush over.

    He was so angry that after listening to Amian's report, his eyes were all fierce and murderous: "Ensure warmth and safety, all the rest of the people are dealt with!"

    "Okay, Emperor Shao, our people have surrounded the scene, I just arrived at the sniper point." A Mian said.

    "Clear the field directly!" Gong Lingye said, the body had already turned a corner, and was approaching the factory quickly.

    "Yes, Emperor Shao!" Over there, A Mian aimed at the man in front of the Song Yi people, just because of the angle, worried about hurting the Song Yi people, so for the time being still looking for the best angle.

    "Still don't know Song Ziheng?" The man's blade was gently scratched on Song Yi's neck. Song Yi's eyes were all tears. She kept shaking her head: "I don't know what you are talking about, please let me go!"

    The other party increased his strength: "Here is the carotid artery. If you don't say it, I'm afraid you won't see tomorrow's sun!"

    Suddenly, there was blood flowing down from Song Yi's neck, she cried: "I really don't know, who are you ..."

    In the room, Chu Mingyao looked at Song Yiren's crying, but felt that his breathing was a bit difficult.

    He thought of a lot of pictures, like she smiled at him sweetly; when he gave her a contract, she was surprised and helpless; and, when she won the award in the college robot contest, she smiled with a smile appearance.

    I have to admit that every time he saw her smile, he felt that the darkest and decaying place in his heart was illuminated.

    Therefore, even if he had so many opportunities to get close to her, he did not want to really touch her after getting close.

    She was like a holy and fragile flower in his heart. He just wanted to see her bloom in front of him, but he couldn't bear to pick it.

    At this moment, he wants to destroy this flower by himself!

    There seemed to be something blocked in his chest, so that his heart was filled with fine and uncomfortable feelings. He didn't want to see everything in front of him, and even a crazy thought came up in his heart: let the bodyguard stop and let go!

    However, he cannot do this.

    Song Ziheng was rescued, Hai Sheng was targeted by Gong Lingye, there are too many ...

    He already had blood stained on his hands, and if she was released today, tomorrow, he will die!

    My heart seemed to be eaten by thousands of insects and ants. Chu Mingyao opened his eyes and waited for the time to pass.

    At the moment, Bei Mingmo had just walked to the door of the community. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm, and then someone covered her mouth and nose.

    Suddenly, a pungent smell penetrated into the sense of smell, almost instantaneously, there was a sense of turbulence.

    At this moment, a few people suddenly appeared around the community, almost in a blink of an eye, they completely surrounded the people sent by Bei Mingmo and Chu Mingyao.

    Those people reached out very well, and before Chu Mingyao's man took out his dagger, he had already grabbed his weapon, and then, he directly subdued the man!

    Bei Mingmo was about to hold the side wall, but stretched out an arm in the slope. She was taken around and fell into a familiar embrace.

    She raised her eyes and looked at Xuanyuan Che.

    He looked down at her with a tight voice: "Is there anything? I will take you to the hospital!"

    Bei Mingmo shook his head and reached out to push him, but because of his weakness, he couldn't shake the man's arm at all.

    He hugged her tightly: "I'm sorry."

    She didn't know what he apologized for anyway. In short, she didn't want to ignore the man in front of her!

    Aside, the two of Chu Mingyao's men have been completely subdued and taken into a car.

    In the dark, a person who had never shot, picked up the phone and called Chu Mingyao: "Sir, Sabrina's man rescued her, our people were caught."

    Chu Mingyao felt a sigh of grief, but felt that for a moment, the atrium seemed to rejuvenate because of this. He eagerly said: "Did I show you the one in the photo, Luo Tianqi?"

    "No." The other party simply denied: "But she is obviously in good luck."

    Almost all of Chu Mingyao's eyes were stained with excitement, and he couldn't care about the end of the phone. He stood up violently and threw the cup on the table to the ground.

    Ahead, the man who was about to cut through the carotid arteries of the Song Yi swiftly recovered, and immediately took all his strength.

    Chu Mingyao looked at the Song Yi who had escaped from the dead, and his heart fell back to his chest!

    She has no problem, the problem is Bei Mingmo, he almost killed the only redemption in his life!

    At this moment, Chu Mingyao especially wanted to rush forward to comfort Song Yi who was so scared, but he couldn't move, and even had to leave immediately!

    Bei Mingmo was exposed there, and he was also in danger, so he had to leave!

    The man in front of Song Yiren squatted down directly and turned to cut the rope that bound her, and she, at the moment when her hands were empty, compared a gesture to the void.

    In the distance, Amian was about to pull the trigger to stop suddenly.

    He knew that the Song Yi people had just told him not to shoot.

    A Mian felt a little embarrassed, especially looking at a thin red line around Song Yi's neck. Thinking of Gong Lingye's command just now, his mind was more tangled.

    The Song Yi people did not know where Amian was, so she was afraid that he would shoot, so she made another gesture.

    Then she pretended to escape from death, looked around in panic, and ran out with her legs pulled out.