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When Song Yi woke up, Gong Lingye had not returned.

    She still felt the whole person was groggy, so after going to the bathroom, she rested on the head of the bed.

    Dr. Tan’s assistant came over and saw her awake and warmed her to a herbal porridge.

    She sat down by the bed and ate slowly, and asked her assistant: "Is Mr. Gong and Miss Gu awake?"

    The assistant nodded: "Miss Gu woke up and was picked up by her father. When Mr. Gong woke up just now, you were still asleep, so he went out to work first, so you can wake him up and call him."

    Song Yi nodded and was about to beat Gong Lingye, and heard the noise from outside.

    Immediately afterwards, the door of the ward was pushed open, and it was Gong Lingye who came in.

    Face to face, at this moment the two seemed to experience a reunion after life and death, so they didn't even speak.

    The assistant left quickly and slammed the door for the two.

    At the moment, that complex emotion is getting stronger in the room.

    Although it was only a week away from the wedding, only they knew what it meant for each other at the moment.

    My heart was surrounded by great joy, but behind this joy, there was something unspeakable that seemed painful, astringent, and astringent, as if they were flowing through turbulence, crossing thorns, and tingling all over, but Finally reborn.

    Gong Lingye strode over, holding Song Yi in his arms.

    He is fine, the threat hovering above his head may end his life at any time!

    God knows how many determinations he had made before this, and how many midnight dreams woke up to see her next to him, how sad he was in the heart!

    Fortunately, Tian Tian treated him well, he was fine, he was finally able to fulfill the oath to her at the wedding!

    He can take care of her and accompany her, regardless of the ups and downs of his life, he will be old together.

    He can also have a pair of children with her, watching the children grow up and pass on from generation to generation!

    Gong Lingye exhaled for a long time, only to find that his shoulders were a little wet.

    He pulled away the Song Yi slightly, his fingers rubbing against her cheeks, and the voice was all coaxing: "Okay, baby, I'll be fine in the future, I won't cry."

    She nodded, but her tears couldn't help but Xi Li fell down.

    However, in the blurred vision, he saw a blood stain on Gong Lingye's face.

    Song Yiren quickly wiped away his tears, looked at his profile, and said: "Ling Ye, how did you get hurt?"

    She obviously went to see him when she woke up for the first time, and he was fine.

    "I just went to fight." Gong Lingye didn't conceal anything. He told the story of He Wanshuang's accident and narrowed his eyes: "He hurt Xiaoshuang, I won't make him feel better!"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Okay, wait for me to get better, I also go to see Xiaoshuang."

    Gong Lingye rubbed her hair: "Baby, make up well recently, you donated so much blood, don't worry too much about the company's affairs, I will specially ask you a conditioner, we will take care of our body Only afterwards will you have a baby."

    Song Yi's cheeks were immediately hot.

    Gong Lingye scraped her nose and smiled: "Don't you want?"

    Song Yi bit his lip, looking forward with a little bit of expectation: "How many do you want?"

    Gong Lingye raised her lips: "How many can you give me so much?"

    Gong Lingye squeezed his waist: "Nothing!"

    But she said, "But the people behind the scene have not been found out..."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, I'm fine. From now on, I will investigate this matter."

    Song Yi people have always believed him completely, so nodded. Then, she pointed to the medicine box next to her and said, "Go and get it, I will wipe you the medicine."

    Gong Lingye handed alcohol swabs to Song Yiren, watching her seriously disinfect the wounds on his face, only to feel that her heart had melted completely, and she couldn't remember the hardness she had before meeting her.

    She asked, "Does it hurt?"

    He shook his head.

    After she wiped, she sprayed him with some anti-swelling powder and relieved: "Fortunately, there is no broken skin."

    He raised his eyebrows: "Afraid of disfiguring me?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Yeah, such a pretty face, if disfigured..."

    He laughed, lifted the broken hair on her cheek, and kissed her lips softly: "Well, I will be careful in the future and I won't hurt myself."

    The Song Yi people were discharged from the hospital with Gong Lingye that day.

    Song Ziheng School has already started, so the first two days, under the escort of Gong Lingye, he has already gone to R country.

    I have to say that a woman donating 800 ml of blood is really a bit terrible. When she got out of the car and walked a few steps, Song Yi felt tired.

    Gong Lingye wanted to hug her, but she also shook her head. Because two-thirds of his plasma has been drawn, and replaced by Gu Tingxue's blood, and Gu Tingxue can donate so much blood, so in fact, he is as weak as her.

    When the two returned to the villa, they both felt as if they were separated from each other. There are many things just waiting for them to deal with.

    Song Yi received the call from the old ghost that night. He said on the phone: "Xiao Nuan, as a tattoo, I haven't found any news. But I found that 20 years ago, a company logo in Ningguo, I used the pattern you sent me."

    "What company?" Song Yi asked.

    "This company looks mediocre, it is a supplier of building materials." Lao Gui said: "They used this logo, and only used it for a week, and then immediately changed it. Soon after, the company closed. For specific information, I will email you."

    Song Yiren replied: "Okay, old ghost, thank you, you look at it, help me continue to pay attention."

    Hanging up the phone, the Song Yi people opened the email, and they really saw a company with little recognition. And the logo above is really the one with the tattoo.

    She read the email to Gong Lingye, and both of them felt that the clues were not enough, or they could arrange for someone to start investigation from the company's member list.

    After talking about some of this, the Song Yi people suddenly remembered something and said, "Ling Ye, would you like to investigate Yu Ruonuan's life experience again?"

    Gong Lingye stared: "Baby, do you mean that your plasma is strange?"

    Song Yi said: "Yeah, or, I asked my sister and Xingfan to come home, get their DNA samples, and send them to compare with me."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Actually, I used to think that you and your two sisters are not very similar, you are much more beautiful than them."

    Song Yiren replied: "However, I am sure that Yu Ruo Nuan's mother will not betray Yu Chengzhi, so I think it's hard to figure out..."

    She was actually suspicion after careful reasoning after waking up.

    After all, Dr. Tan said that her situation is a hereditary mutation after generations, which means that Yu Chengzhi and his ex-wife must have someone who has such a gene.

    However, Yu Family's ancestors or Yu Ruonuan's mother's ancestors are not big families of inheritance. How can there be inheritance similar to that of the Gong family?

    In this meditation, it seems that there is an invisible hand, stirring the wind and the clouds, pulling all of them into a mystery!