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"Pain-stomach hurts-" He Wanshuang's face was pale, because the eyes were still red and swollen, and the whole person looked extremely fragile.

    Lieyuan Shen's heart tightened, he quickly opened the door and went to the next door: "Xiao Ruan, ready to drive to the hospital!"

    "What's wrong?" Lie Xiaorou was startled by Lie Yuanshen's tone.

    "Yan Shuang's stomachache." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice, and had folded back, picked up He Wanshuang in bed, and strode out.

    Lie Xiaoruo was also taken aback, picked up the car key, and followed quickly.

    In the elevator, Lieyuan looked down at the slowly descending floor and frowned.

    In her arms, the girl was petite and pitiful, reminding him of that night, he looked soft and weak under him.

    With a slight ripple in his heart, he lowered his head and asked her, "Does it still hurt?"

    He Wanshuang bit her lips. Her body trembled slightly.

    "Be patient, our hospital is very close." Lie Yuan said, thinking of the cold outside, and tightened He Wanshuang closer.

    Finally at the parking lot, Lie Xiao soft drove, the car drove all the way, and soon arrived at the hospital.

    Lieyuan Shen held He Wanshuang and ran to the emergency department, while Lie Xiaoruo hurried to register for payment.

    The male family members could not go inside, and He Wanshuang was lying on the hospital bed, holding the nurse ’s hand: "Can I ask you something ... This child, I do n’t want it ..."

    That night, Song Yiren received a call from Song Ziheng, saying that he had finished his last exam and waited two days to get the score, and then he officially went on vacation.

    In the evening, because of the excitement, Song Yi people have been busy packing and choosing clothes for the door.

    Just when she was hesitant to wear all her bikinis, she received a call.

    "Hello." Song Yi saw a strange number, so he said.

    A familiar voice came from the end of the phone: "Sanjie! It's me!"

    "Xingfan?" Song Yi said humanly: "Have you finished the exam? When will you come back?"

    "Sister, my mother doesn't want me anymore!" Yu Xingfan's voice on the end of the phone was a little bit crying.

    "What do you mean?" Song Yiren wondered.

    "After my dad went in a while ago, my mother would not let me go back to the country. As a result, yesterday, I contacted her, she hung up the phone and blacked me." Yu Xingfan said: "I borrowed my classmate's mobile phone to call her today. Her number already shows a blank number! My credit card was also suspended by her. "

    Song Yi was shocked: "Don't worry, I'll check."

    "Three sisters, I actually know." Yu Xingfan said: "After my mom saw my dad went in, she hadn't seen him once in jail! These are all I heard from a friend of my dad! My dad didn't go in. In a few days, my mother became good with others. They said that I was dragging the oil bottle, and my mother broke off. She really didn't want me! "

    Song Yiren knew that Fang Lingyi had hooked up with an old man who was almost seventy, but she didn't expect that for money, she didn't even want her son.

    She thought that she had been concerned about Song Ziheng recently, but she ignored Yu Xingfan, and she couldn't help but blame herself.

    "Xingfan, don't worry, you apply for a card over there, I will give you money in the past, you will come back after the holiday." Song Yi said: "You. Mom's side, when you come back, I will help you Where is she? "

    "Okay, sister, I will be alone in the future ..." Yu Xingfan grew up smoothly since childhood. Such a thing has hit him hard.

    "Xingfan, don't worry, you still have me." Song Yi said: "When you are on holiday, I will take you to find the second sister."

    "Sister Three, do you really know where the second sister is?" Yu Xingfan's eyes lit up.

    "Huh." Song Yi said humanly: "We will gather together during the New Year."

    She had also just thought about whether to introduce Song Ziheng to Yu Xingfan, but hesitated a bit and gave up.

    After all, Chu Mingyao ’s affairs have not been resolved, and although Yu Xingfan will not tell the truth, but after all, the young man ’s heart is always a hidden danger if he accidentally leaks.

    In short, Japan will grow long, and there will always be opportunities later.

    Two days later, when the Song Yi people left the base, they took their own computer with them, because she had traveled for almost ten days. Although she was on vacation, she could not take too much work.

    In the afternoon, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye embarked on the plane, and two hours ago, on the R side, Song Ziheng also boarded the plane and went to the same destination.

    After ten or more hours of flight, the moment when the Song Yi people got off the plane, they felt the moist and warm breath coming from their faces.

    As if crossing from winter to summer at once, after she and Gong Lingye got the checked luggage, the first thing was to find a place to change clothes.

    Song Ziheng also arrived, and the three met in the airport lobby.

    At the moment of meeting, Song Ziheng first ran over and hugged Song Yiren: "Sister!"

    Then, let go of her again and greet Chong Gong Ling Ye: "Brother-in-law!"

    Song Yiren knew Song Ziheng could speak before, but at the moment he saw him personally and heard him call her, but his heart was suddenly shocked by the warmth and the whole person was ironed.

    The hotel had already arranged it before. After the three people came out, the ground pick-up had come with Amian.

    That's right, this time Gong Ling came over and brought Amian.

    As the best man next to Gong Lingye, A Mian came this time, also because Gong Lingye and Song Yi were inconvenient, he could help look after Song Ziheng.

    Several people got on the off-road vehicle together, and soon they drove towards the seaside villa.

    Along the way, there are lush green plants and flowers, crossing the winding road, and finally the off-road vehicle stopped in front of a white villa.

    This was packaged before Gong Lingye. At the door, the local servants were already wearing wreaths and singing local songs to greet them.

    After getting out of the car, Song Yi was surrounded by people and presented a necklace made of shells.

    "Our journey has begun!" Gong Lingye turned around and smiled at Song Yiren.

    "Yeah, I haven't been so relaxed for a long time!" The Song Yi people looked at the blue-green sea in the distance and shouted against the sky like water.

    Beside, Song Ziheng was also very excited and shouted with her.

    Gong Lingye looked at the two of them, his eyes lit up with spoiled light.

    In Ningcheng, thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao picked up his phone and sent a message to the Song Yi people: "Xiao Nuan, what are you doing?"

    Since that day, he often missed her and wanted to fly over to find her, but he couldn't get away because of the big order he just signed recently.

    Tomorrow, he and Huaguo's company are about to formally deliver. He pried the business from Gong Lingye, which successfully helped him stabilize the previously shaky situation.

    Feeling a little excited, thinking about the delivery tomorrow, after everything went well, he could take this opportunity to go to China, just to see the person with the heart in his heart.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao added another sentence: "Xiao Nuan, I recently signed a large order, which will be submitted tomorrow. I plan to find you next week. Do you have time?"

    At that time, Song Yiren had just wiped the sunscreen, and when the phone rang, he picked it up and saw Chu Mingyao's news.

    She turned her head and urged Gong Ling night: "Chu Mingyao's project will be delivered tomorrow."

    Gong Lingye heard the words and ticked her lips: "Warm warm, tomorrow, I will give him a big gift, he should be very 'surprise' when he receives it!"