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#132 Good news

In the room, Bei Mingmo had a meal and leaned into Song Yi's ear, whispering: "Yi Yi, tell you good news! I have a back door in this yard."

    Song Yi people could not help laughing out loud.

    The two looked at each other almost. Then, the Song Yi people went online to book tickets, and Bei Mingmo started to pack up.

    In fact, there was not much stuff in the luggage, so there were only a few pieces of changed clothes, because other luggage was taken away by her friend.

    The two collected the things and pretended to talk and laugh for a while, then Bei Mingmo slipped first.

    The Song Yi followed, and the two left quietly and quietly from the back door. When they left, the car they had booked online just arrived at the door.

    As if feeling, Gong Lingye heard that there was suddenly no sound in the room. He turned the wheelchair to the door, but because it was an old-fashioned courtyard, and there were a few steps, he could only shout at the door: "Warm warm?"

    However, when I shouted like this, my heart remembered the name of Bei Mingmo called Song Yiren, so I was inexplicably displeased by some of my own people.

    There was no sound in the room.

    Gong Lingye was puzzled and shouted again, but no one responded.

    He picked up the phone and called the Song Yi people. There was no ringing in it, and no one answered. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes.

    His little woman fled under his eyelids!

    Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo bought planes flying directly to the Imperial City. Almost immediately after the security check, the boarding began.

    Therefore, when Gong Lingye found that the two had already flown to the Imperial City, he was already out of time.

    Fortunately, there are many planes between the two cities, especially during such peak hours, so, one hour later, Gong Lingye also boarded a plane to the Imperial City.

    Perhaps God was helping him, so when his plane landed, he learned that today's Imperial City air control, Song Yi people their plane has just landed.

    Luo Tianqi, together with his assistant, is going to Ningguo to discuss a contract.

    The parking lot was near the international arrival, Luo Tianqi stopped the car, just passed a passage, saw the international arrival exit, and walked out a familiar figure.

    He first saw the Song Yi people, who was planning to say hello in the past, but suddenly saw a face that he couldn't know more!

    In an instant, I only felt that my heart was hit hard by something. Luo Tianqi stood staring at the same place. I only felt that everything around me seemed to fade into a black and white blurred background, but only the face and that figure, fresh and lively. Clear!

    Beside him, the assistant saw him suddenly not going, could not help saying: "Mr. Luo, what's wrong with you?"

    Luo Tianqi can't hear it.

    His eyes locked on the familiar figure until the girl had passed through the passage and had to go to a taxi there.

    He saw the people in line pulling the car door to get in the car, and the figure disappeared quickly. His heart was suddenly attacked by a huge panic, almost reacted suddenly, and ran towards the figure quickly!

    Bei Mingmo was talking with Song Yiren, and suddenly only felt a flower in front of her, and then she was pulled by someone, and then fell into a strange embrace!

    "Azi!" The man's voice trembled, his arms were tightly wrapped around Bei Mingmo, and his fingers were pressed against the back of her head.

    The difference in height caused her to fall into his arms almost completely, his chin resting on the top of her head, in an airtight place, she could only feel his throat knot rolled, a little panicked.

    Perhaps it was the professional habit of the past six months. Before the reaction, Bei Mingmo even smelled that Luo Tianqi was using a perfume designed by her. It was launched half a year ago. It belongs to high-end men's perfume and the audience is not large.

    Moreover, it is estimated that the servant in his family also used some kind of incense, so he still had a very light and light smell similar to Du Heng.

    It's just that the man in front of him hugged and tightened so much that she couldn't breathe!

    "Who are you?" Bei Mingmo also recovered in such a surprise hug, raised his foot and stepped on Luo Tianqi's instep.

    The high heels stepped on, but Luo Tianqi seemed to feel no pain.

    He still hugged tightly, his voice trembling and surprise: "Azi, I know, you will come back! You will not leave me alone!"

    Bei Mingmo frowned, and suddenly thought that the name 'Azi' was familiar ... Is it?

    She was startled.

    And Luo Tianqi is obviously still immersed in one's emotions: "Azi, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have hurt you! Some words I never had the opportunity to tell you, in fact, when we got married that day, I knew everything ! "

    "You are not sorry for me, nor have you ever betrayed us! It is because I did not cherish it well, you give me a chance, I will make up for you ..."

    "Azi, you have been away for so many days, I think about you every day, and you are in my dream ..."

    "Azi, come back this time, don't leave me anymore, okay?"

    "I am alone and I don't know what to do ..."

    He said, his throat suddenly blocked, only whispering Li Xiaozi's name, and could not say anything else.

    In his arms, Bei Mingmo is now completely sure who he is in front of him.

    Suddenly sighed in her heart, although her twin sisters left, they still got what she wanted most. It's just that the deceased is already gone, everything can't be chased ...

    Aside, the Song Yi people were a little silent when they saw it, but they still said: "Tianqi, she is not Azi, you see, she is taller than Azi and fatter."

    In Luo Tianqi's arms, Bei Mingmo jumped on his feet: "Warm baby, you don't love me anymore, you even think I'm fat!"

    However, the dialogue between the two didn't even have a word in Luo Tianqi's ear.

    He still held Bei Mingmo and refused to let go: "Azi, let's go home! No, we said that we are going to spend our honeymoon, we will go now!"

    Having said that, we must take Beiming Mo away.

    Seeing this, the Song Yi people quickly reached out to pull.

    Just then, a familiar and deep male voice sounded behind him: "Warm warm."

    Song Yi's back stiffened.

    "Nuan Nuan, I will also pick you up and go home." Gong Lingye looked at the back of Song Yiren and said: "When I was in Pingcheng in the morning, I was alone in the yard, thinking you would come out to see me, I thought When you take breakfast, you will ask me if I ’m hungry. But, you do n’t. ”

    Song Yi frowned, is he here to blame?

    However, the next second, listening to Gong Lingye continued: "So at this moment, I realized that I really hurt you."

    "Warm warm, I'm sorry, because listening to the snow has hurt you three times. Although the third time is different from the previous two, but it really makes you sad." Gong Ling paused and said: "I don't know How much strength you need to be brave, but, I want to work with you to put together the broken courage again, is it okay? "