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Beside him, He Wanshuang seemed to have recovered a little from the pain, and her voice trembled: "Baby--"

    Although, at the beginning, she really didn't want a child, because she had no relationship with Lieyuan Shen. How can a child grow up healthily in an environment where parents suspect each other?

    However, after all, she is the mother of the child, and the feeling that the bones and blood are connected becomes more and more profound with the passage of time.

    She will tell a baby a story before going to bed, and will also give prenatal music to the baby during lunch break.

    The quarrel with Lieyuan Shen is getting less and less, she even thought, maybe she could also try to stay with him like this and educate their children together.

    And now ...

    The feeling of flesh and body peeling clearly came from her belly, the feeling that the important things were going to pass, making her want to grasp, but unable to return to the sky.

    He Wanshuang looked at the abyss beside him, and his voice trembled: "I am bleeding, will the baby disappear?"

    "Shut up!" Lieyuan sighed coldly and increased the throttle again.

    As the warmth continued to flow out, He Wanshuang only felt that her body was getting heavier, sinking to the back, her eyes closed slowly, and she completely lost consciousness ...

    All the people are racing against time, and two days have passed.


    In a trance, the man's voice seemed to be in another world: "Fuck, Bai Shou for three days! That kid probably died long ago!"

    "It's not Bai Shou. If we leak something back, how can we explain it to you, you know, the owner ..."

    "Hush, do you dare to mention the owner ?!"

    "Brother, you and your mother are too counseling? Say nothing? Here we are!"

    "Hey, I was also scared by the bloody means of the house owner! Forget it, don't say it, go out and get back to life!"

    The two said, and then there was a sound of footsteps from near to far, and finally, it was completely calm.

    Song Yi in the corner rolled his eyes slowly, and for a long time, she slowly moved her fingers.

    Her whole body was stiff, but she was so vain that she tried to support her body and tried several times without success.

    The hand did not know where the knock was, and the pain became slow and insensitive. The Song Yi people fumbled to open Zahara and probed it out.

    After hara started the scan and determined that there was no one, Song Yi slowly squeezed out.

    She knew that she couldn't go out immediately, in case the other party killed the carbine, then all her perseverance fell short.

    Waiting bit by bit for the time, the Song Yi people waited at the entrance of the underground passage, but did not pay attention, Zahara finally connected to the signal.

    Several previous messages were finally sent out, and thousands of miles away, Ares received the words she sent to Gong Lingye.

    The last sentence is: "Gong Ling Ye, suddenly wanted to marry you immediately!"

    In Ningcheng, Ruwa in the hands of Gong Mochen also received a communication signal from Zahara.

    Gong Mochen was shocked and immediately opened Ruwa's location display.

    This is the new function of the Song Yi people after Ruwa was damaged, but it was not expected that it will come in handy in this way.

    As the position was locked, Gong Mochen prepared a car while informing A Mian, so several cars flew to the place where the Song Yi people were.

    At this moment, it was evening. The sunset dyed the whole sky. The people of Song Yi leaned against the pipe, looking at the red sky, and heard a reminder from Zahara: "Scanned Ruwa near ... 500 meters ... 200 Meters ... 50 meters! "

    Song Yi's heart shook, and he hurriedly climbed out.

    She couldn't climb out yet, but she saw Gong Mochen and Amian rushing towards her.

    She laughed in the corner of her lips, and placed Zahara on the ground aside weakly, her body falling down softly.

    "If it's warm!" Gong Mochen was shocked and jumped off quickly.

    Beside him, A Mian stopped him: "Young Master, let me take a look."

    Gong Mochen knew that A Mian was more professional, so he gave up a little.

    Amian immediately propped off the ground, being careful not to touch the Song Yi people.

    She seemed to really just hold the last breath, so when she saw them, she passed out completely.

    A Mian picked up the Song Yi from the inside and handed it to Gong Mochen on the ground.

    The two took her and hurried to the nearest hospital.

    Song Yiren only felt as if he had gone through a long journey, and when he woke up again, he was still sinking heavily.

    She rolled her eyes and saw that she was lying in a white room with a hanging bottle above her head, and Gong Mochen was napping beside her.

    Lifting her lips and flap, she found her throat was dry and dull: "I--"

    "If it's warm, are you awake?" Gong Mochen quickly sat up straight. He didn't sleep much for a few days, and his eyes were all red.

    "Water." Song Yi said humanely.

    Gong Mochen quickly handed the warm water with a straw to Song Yi's lips.

    She drank half a cup and finally felt herself slow down, and then asked: "Am I still in Ningguo?"

    Gong Mochen nodded: "Well, you have been in a coma for a long time, how are you feeling now? I'll go and let you prepare porridge?"

    Although the Song Yi people lost nutrients, but when Gong Mochen said that they ate, they immediately became hungry: "I want to eat ravioli."

    Gong Mochen couldn't help crying, but at this moment, he felt that she still seemed to be the little girl behind him.

    He shook his head: "The doctor said that your stomach is empty for three days, you can only eat some non-irritating liquid food first, and wait for the stomach to adapt, you can eat other tomorrow.

    Song Yi people bit their lips with disappointment: "Okay!"

    Gong Mochen wanted to rub her hair, but her hands were all raised, or she just stood up and said: "I'll let it come over from the kitchen."

    Song Yi nodded and saw Zahara around, so he picked it up with a hand without an infusion and looked at the previous message sending record.

    She sent so many messages to Gong Lingye, he didn't reply at all.

    Moreover, he did not contact her after he went to country F. Suddenly, Song Yi felt that the porridge could not drink any more.

    When Gong Mochen came back, she asked, "Mo Chen, what about your uncle?"

    Gong Mochen's hand holding the porridge suddenly stopped, and after two seconds, he pretended to sit down naturally and said: "In country F, there is poor communication over there, you know."

    For Gong Lingye, it is better for him to tell her.

    Song Yi pouted and lost his heart.

    Although she had no appetite to eat, she ate most of the bowl when her taste buds were stimulated.

    The body gradually gained strength, and the Song Yi people picked up their phones and called Gong Lingye.

    Hearing the reminder from the end of the phone that she could not be reached, she was putting away her cell phone in a depressed mood, and she suddenly thought.

    Before, Gong Mochen went abroad and contacted her. Once she didn't answer the phone. She later went back. Even if the signal was not good, the prompt there was only after trying to connect.

    and so……

    Song Yi's heart moved, found Pei Jun's phone, and called.