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#464 Duplicity

He quickly explained: "Momo, I met her on my birthday because she happened to be on a business trip and asked me to party. We talked a few words. I don't know if I was laughing at that time, maybe because I was an old classmate, so It’s not too cautious, but I never liked her. She invited me that day, and I immediately refused."

"We have seen it before going to school abroad, but she is more than two hundred kilometers away from my city. We just met at the airport when we went abroad. Apart from that, there is no intersection at all."

"I really didn't have anything with her, and what I said didn't add up to today."

When Bei Mingmo heard this, he smiled and said: "A Che, when did you become so clever?"

In other words, should clingy teeth describe more girls? Xuanyuan Che thought.

However, she is his fiancee, and she has the final say, he will not correct it.

"Do you know that when I saw you come out together, I threw my hand and threw the cake?" Bei Mingmo said: "Then when I come home at night, the more I think, the more I feel uncomfortable. I feel fed to the dog and send it to you. The news, saying that I'm disturbed, not later."

Xuanyuan Che couldn't care about Bei Mingmo's metaphor of'Youth feeds the dog', he chose to ignore it, but said: "So Momo, if I didn't happen to meet her at the time, nor did I happen to be misunderstood by you. , Will we not miss three years?"

Bei Mingmo was startled.

Xuanyuan Che said: "My classmate said to me that you have been hot for three months at most, and have never been interested in a person for more than three months. And that day was 90 days after you started chasing me, and I recorded it on the calendar. I said to myself, if you haven’t given up on me, then I’ll ask you if you want to be my girlfriend."

Bei Mingmo opened his eyes wide and looked at Xuanyuan Che inexplicably.

He took a bite of the cake, feeling the creamy taste melted in his taste, and then stretched his arms to pull her into his arms: "I never knew that we had missed three years in this way."

Bei Mingmo also sighed. She raised her eyes: "That day, did you really intend to say that?"

Xuanyuan Che nodded and stared at her eyes: "I waited for you until nine o'clock that day, but the last thing that came to you was the text message you broke up."

He said again: "Momo, don't doubt anything in the future, don't hold your heart, just come and ask me, okay?"

At the beginning, he didn't really own it, so he lost it.

And now, he has tasted the taste of possession, and if he loses it again, he can't really bear the three years.

Bei Mingmo's mind was also agitated, and she nodded. "Okay. No matter what happens in the future, I will ask you to ask you clearly."

"However, I hope you never have to ask." Xuanyuan Che said.

Bei Mingmo nodded and blinked: "I almost forgot, I also prepared a birthday gift for you!"

She said, coming out of his arms, and then bounced to the bedroom, took a bag out.

Xuanyuan Che took the bag and opened it, and saw a carton lying inside.

There are dried flowers on the carton, and the packaging is very elegant. In addition to a Unique logo, the following is a signature: Sabrina.

Bei Mingmo raised her eyebrows: "The signatures of others' unique perfumes are all printed on it. I signed it personally for yours!"

Xuanyuan Che's eyes moved: "Thank you Momo."

She added: "Your perfume is also unique according to your personality and hobbies."

Xuanyuan Che asked: "What is my character?"

He was really curious about what he looked like in her eyes.

Bei Mingmo said: "It's stuffy, saucy and arrogant. Sometimes it's dumb, sometimes it's a little bit confusing. In short, so-so!"

Xuanyuan Che: "..."

He paused for two seconds: "Momo, is that true?"

Bei Mingmo smiled: "Yeah! Oh, I forgot to say... The appearance is cold, actually wild."

Xuanyuan Che's throat rolled.

"In short, as long as you spray this perfume, I can pick you out of the man's pile with my eyes closed." Bei Mingmo concluded: "Anyway, I can tell at once that this is my family..."

The words behind her have been sealed by Xuanyuan Che.

He kissed fiercely and anxiously until both of them fell on the sofa, and he bit her lips. The voice was low and dumb: "Is it really wild?"

Bei Mingmo: "..."

"Then feel it, what is wild!" he said, leaning down.

"I haven't eaten enough, I still want to eat cake!" Bei Mingmo said quickly.

"Okay." Xuanyuan Che responded and kissed her while going to get the cake.

He feeds her cake, she has cream in her mouth, and the smell of his explosion.


On the weekend, everyone gathered as usual.

When the Song Yi people saw the diamond ring on Bei Mingmo's finger, they couldn't help but whispered, "He proposed marriage?"

Bei Mingmo nodded.

"Wow, hurry up and describe the process!" She leaned close to her and the two leaned together to bite their ears.

Gong Lingye and Xuan Yuanche slowly drank together, and while they were drinking, the phone vibrated.

He picked it up and saw it as an email notification.

The email was sent by the official of the herb auction conference, informing him that he had passed the review and obtained an admission ticket to participate in the auction that day.

It's just that after finishing his email, he was about to put away his mobile phone, and there was another message: "Sir, I'm really sorry, there is a ruthless request. This is it: the prescription you submitted is a high-value reward from a member of our club. .According to the regulations, you exchanged the prescription for admission, and the convenience of the medicine belongs to the club. We have sold the prescription to that member. But that member has a request. I want to see you. I wonder if it is convenient?"

Gong Lingye was a little puzzled. After all, that prescription was just a more mediocre one. Why would someone pay a lot for the treatment of asthma?

After all, although medical technology cannot cure asthma, it is not difficult to relieve symptoms.

Perhaps it is related to the Rong family?

He thought for a moment and replied: "Yes, but I don't want to disclose any personal information."

The email over there also quickly replied: "You can rest assured that we can guarantee your privacy. On the day of the auction, we will arrange for you to meet. If you don't want to show your face, there will be no problems."

Hanging up the phone, Gong Lingye had two more drinks with Xuanyuan Che, and the phone rang again. It was Bae Jun who called.

Before waiting for Gong Lingye to speak, Bae Jun had already spoken: "President, something went wrong with our first batch of cars--"

He seldom took such a rash way, Gong Lingye felt a deep heart, said: "What is the specific situation?"

"President, it just broke out. The first batch of cars we have produced has hidden safety hazards in the brake system." Pei Jun said: "You asked me to investigate before, and you have never been able to find out. You didn't know until the problem broke out today. The technology company we acquired before was behind Shangguan Xun..."