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#128 Finally see you

Thousands of miles away, the Song Yi people have completed the examination in the hospital.

    The wound on her forehead was treated, and another shot of tetanus was given, and after confirming that she was only scratched, she left the hospital.

    "Thank you for sending me over." Song Yiren said to Gong Mochen: "I can go back to school myself."

    Gong Mochen pursed her lips tightly. Flap didn't speak. In fact, he was in a bad mood.

    She was colder to him today than ever, as if she was afraid of getting a little relationship with him.

    Before, he thought it was because of Le Haisheng's appearance that she was upset because of her displeasure. Now, it seems that it is not.

    He walked straight to the car and said coldly: "Get in the car."

    Song Yi people walked over and said: "Thank you, I really don't need to--"

    Before her words were finished, Gong Mochen suddenly started the car, only to hear the roar of an engine, his sports car had gone completely, and the wind brought up the skirt of the Song Yi people.

    Song Yiren stood at the same place without much emotional change, and it seemed as if his sudden appearance and angry departure were nothing to her.

    She stood on the sidewalk again, ready to use her mobile phone to call the car.

    At this moment, the phone rang suddenly, a strange number.

    Song Yi hesitated for a moment and answered.

    At the end of the phone, there was a slight wind sound, and then, there was a female voice familiar with making people cry.

    Only listen to the female voice: "Ling Zi came to find her aunt."

    At that moment, all the depression in my heart was swept away, and the Song Yi people felt that their heart was hit hard, and that numb feeling passed straight to the cerebral cortex.

    She squeezed her phone and tightened her throat, and her throat choked. It took only two seconds before she could make a sound: "Ling Zi said, she wants to eat creamy octopus, and your Momo love can!

    In the earpiece, the wind suddenly became quiet, but the sound of breathing became heavy. Then, there was a trembling temptation: "Yi?"

    Song Yi sniffed his nose: "Momo, it's me ... where are you? Are you safe now?"

    Bei Mingmo at the end of the phone made a long sigh: "I'm in Ningguo, Pingcheng, I just saw the small note you posted. Yi Yi, I'm fine, very safe, how are you, how is your voice ..."

    "This matter is complicated, Momo, I will see you right away!"

    It seemed as though I had finally glimpsed a light in my darkest time. In an instant, all the pain disappeared, leaving only the light and warmth brought by the light.

    The Song Yi people drove back to the dormitory almost immediately, and after getting their passports, they rushed to the airport.

    There are always a lot of planes from Huaguo to Ningguo. When she walked into the boarding gate, Gong Lingye's helicopter just arrived in the airspace of the Imperial City.

    Her plane took off and his plane landed, completing a perfect shoulder wipe.

    Gong Ling got off the plane at night and immediately called Gong Mochen.

    Gong Mochen was now downstairs in the company, surrounded by reporters, and asked him about Gong Lingye's injury.

    It happened that Gong Lingye called and Gong Mochen raised his phone and said lightly, "Dear everyone, can you give me room to talk to Uncle?"

    When the phone was connected, Gong Mochen had just called "Little Uncle", and Gong Lingye said, "What about Miss Yu?"

    Gong Mochen stared a little, then said: "I'm back to school."

    Gong Lingye's heart was slightly loose, and he said, "Where are you?"

    Gong Mochen said: "At the door of the company, the reporter would like to know your situation."

    Gong Ling night said: "Tell them that I have returned to the Imperial City and will be on time to attend work on Monday."

    Hanging up the phone, Gong Lingye went directly to the Song Yi's dormitory.

    Her cell phone couldn't get through, he could only let A Mian send him to the dormitory downstairs.

    Downstairs, the aunt manager saw him and was surprised. "Aren't you Ruo Nuan's brother? How did it hurt like this?"

    I haven't seen you in a few days, and the person has changed from a good temperament to a handsome and handsome one, into a sick suit with a wheelchair and a scratched face!

    Gong Lingye did not explain, and directly said: "Will Nuan Nuan be upstairs? I have something to find her."

    The administrator shook her head: "She was back just now, but she went upstairs and got something and left."

    Gong Lingye asked: "Where did she go?"

    The administrator shook his head: "I don't know very well. She walked anxiously, and she carried a carry-on bag."

    Gong Lingye thought about the Song Yi people's circle of friends and found that they seemed to know no one but Xiao Pei.

    So, he ordered Pei Jun to contact Xiao Pei and several family members of Song Yi people.

    However, everyone said that they did not know where the Song Yi people were. Even, except Xiao Pei, no one knew that the Song Yi people had been to H city on business.

    Gong Lingye frowned, and directly called: "Check where Yu Ruo Nuan went, whether there are any hotel check-in records or credit card, traffic records."

    There was a quick reply there: "Emperor Shao, Miss Yu, she took a plane to Ningguo Pingcheng an hour ago."

    It is Pingcheng again!

    Gong Lingye's heart suddenly raised an uncontrollable frustration.

    It turned out that he didn't understand her so much that she went to Pingcheng twice, and she didn't know why!

    Taking a deep breath, he said to Pei Jun: "Be prepared, let's go to Pingcheng. Check again, which hotel did she go to."

    Gong Lingye looked at the sky at night, thinking of the plane that landed and landed today, the injuries on his back and legs suddenly became a little sharp.

    He suddenly remembered that since he knew her, because of Gu Tingxue's affairs, he seemed to have had two conflicts with her.

    For the first time, Gong Mochen's birthday, he put her in danger in order to save Gu Tingxue;

    This was the second time. Although he wanted to save her, he was guarded by Gu Tingxue again because of an accident.

    In the past, he felt that she was jealous for him, but at the moment, he found that he would rather not be jealous, so there would be no misunderstanding at the moment.

    When she climbed out of the ruins by herself and left H city by herself, how did she feel so determined and determined!

    Gong Lingye picked up the phone and sent a message to Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, I'm sorry, I never wanted to leave you. I'm going to find you now. Could you give me a chance to explain?"

    Song Yi people got off the plane two hours later.

    When she walked out of the airport to the place where Beimingmo sent her, she felt as if the prodigal son of Tianya was at heart.

    When I took a taxi all the way to the small courtyard, when the Song Yi people got out of the car and buckled the door of the courtyard, it just opened.

    Face to face, Song Yi looked at the girl in front of her, she was also looking at her.

    Tears fell without warning. Three years later, after two people's reincarnation, I thought I would never have another chance to meet in this life, but I saw the most important person in life at such a lonely time.

    Song Yiren's lips and petals were shaking: "Momo, this is Yi Yi, and I finally see you!"