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Gong Lingye was puzzled: "He Lianqing?"

He is completely unfamiliar with this name, and Pei Jun is not the kind of person who doesn't know its importance. He should know that if there is no appointment and no identity, this kind of person should completely refuse to seek him.

"Yes, she is a lady in her twenties, she looks quite special." Pei Jun said: "She said that she came for the prescription."

Gong Lingye squinted his eyes, and suddenly understood that the other party must be because of the two Rong family prescriptions he shot.

So he came to the office behind the scene and said: "Please come in."

When He Lianqing walked into the office, Gong Lingye seemed to smell a breath of fresh air.

The girl in front of her, Tsing Yi linen trousers, her long black hair is tied into a long ponytail, her hair is black and shiny.

The face looks white and red, but the whole person is extraordinarily mature and salty.

Gong Lingye saw such a person for the first time, and couldn't help but said, "Miss Helian, if you have something to say, you might as well speak up."

He Lianqing's voice was also faint, as if the bamboo leaves soaked in water passed the bluestone: "Mr. Gong, I want to know if you still have a prescription? I want to make a deal with you."

I thought that the other party would say some twists and turns, but she didn't expect her to be so straightforward, so Gong Lingye also said directly: "Yes, but I want to know what your purpose is and what you want to change. "

"I have been practicing medicine with Master since I was three years old. I have studied herbal medicine and accompanied the mountains and forests." He Lianqing said: "Master is gone, before leaving, he entrusted me, hoping to carry forward this profession."

Gong Lingye looked at Helianqing's magnanimous eyes. For no reason, he felt that the girl in front of him was speaking from the heart.

He Lianqing said: "In return, I can see a doctor in the palace. I have seen your mother’s video on the Internet. From the video, you can see that although her complexion is good, she should be The dryness is cold, the meridians are blocked, the sleep is not good, and I often wake up with a cough at midnight."

Gong Lingye's heart moved, this is indeed the mother's problem all the time.

Although the Gu family has been helping with recuperation, Gu Chiyun said that the old man Gong is too old, and that he suffered a fundamental injury when he was young, so there has been no improvement for many years.

They also hired other doctors later, but they all said it was difficult to adjust.

And the young girl in front of...

He said, "So Miss Helian can guarantee that my mother's problem can be cured?"

He Lianqing nodded: "There will be obvious improvement in three months, and it will be cured in a year."

Gong Lingye raised her brows slightly: "It seems that Miss Helian is very confident."

"This is not difficult." He Lianqing is not humble at all, but her confident look is not offensive: "Moreover, I think your wife's complexion is not good, it should be because of the loss of blood before and the root cause. Although it should be looking for The dietitian takes care of it, but your wife doesn’t seem to be supplemented.

Gong Lingye's pupils were slightly closed. If we say that many doctors know the situation of the old lady Gong, and this is also a common problem of the elderly, but few people know the situation of Song Yi.

In particular, He Lianqing said that Song Yi people are not compensated.

Gong Lingye also discovered this point recently.

After Song Yiren donated blood, her physical condition remained normal. Although he specially hired a nutritionist and took her to exercise gradually, she still lacked energy.

She is still anemic, and even after eating breakfast, she is prone to low blood sugar, and she faints easily when she suddenly stands up while squatting.

He said: "Okay, Miss Helian, the conditions you mentioned are indeed tempting. What prescription do you need?"

"I want all the prescriptions in Mr. Gong's hand." He Lianqing looked directly into Gong Lingye's eyes.

The expression on Gong Lingye's face solidified for a moment, and then he slowly raised a smile: "If I only have one in my hand, it should be different from the ten in my hand..."

He Lianqing seems to have considered this issue a long time ago. She said: "Mr. Gong, I know you can’t believe me at first. I can live in the guest room of the palace’s old house for a year, and wait until your mother is cured. Leave. During this year, you are willing to give as many prescriptions as you like."

When she talked about the prescription, her calm eyes finally got a little more turbulent.

Gong Lingye saw such a wave from Song Yiren's eyes, it was a diligent pursuit of what she loved.

He said: "Okay. When does Miss Helian hope to start?"

"At any time." He Lianqing said.

At the end of the press conference that day, Gong Lingye took He Lianqing to the Gong family old house.

The old lady Gong learned about Gu Chiyun later, so she had an inexplicable dislike for seeking Chinese medicine.

It's just that since the son is kind, the old lady still didn't have the heart to refuse, so she walked in the general situation and sent her wrist out.

When He Lianqing took the pulse, the whole person looked calm and sophisticated, like an old Chinese doctor for decades, and her every move was like running clouds and flowing water, with a natural rhythm.

She said, "Old lady, do you often have tinnitus in your left ear in summer, but in the fall, you will heal yourself? I think it's been two years, right?"

Old lady Gong was surprised. She hadn't told anyone about this situation. Why did this girl know her pulse?

She was thinking, and suddenly her left ear started to ring in her ears again, and she frowned.

He Lianqing took out the silver needle from a cloth bag, sterilized it, and then raised the right hand of the old lady Gong.

On the side, Gong Mochen wanted to stop, Gong Lingye stopped: "Let Miss Helian try."

He Lianqing quickly administers the needles to the old lady Gong. When it was the fifth needle, the old lady Gong found that her tinnitus, which usually rang for at least two minutes at a time, suddenly disappeared.

She raised her eyes to look at the girl in front of her, and saw her face with a calm and calm look. She seemed to have seen everything on a nobleman when she was still young.

My heart immediately believed in the girl in front of her, she said: "Miss Helian, can my tinnitus be cured?"

"It can be cured in three days, and you will no longer have tinnitus all summer." He Lianqing wrote lightly.

"Okay, you stay and help us see a doctor." Old lady Gong said.

Since they decided to stay Helianqing down, Gong Lingye and Song Yiren had already picked two prescriptions that night.

The next day, which happened to be the weekend, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye came to the old house.

At this moment in the morning, He Lianqing was not in the room, and the two asked the servant before they came to the manor behind.

In the pavilion, He Lianqing lit a piece of incense. She was wearing cotton and linen long trousers and was playing the piano.

Song Yiren looked at this scene, and for no reason, felt that the girl in the pavilion had a feeling that made her particularly close. It seemed that she had known her in the past life.