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Different from the warmth in the hotel, it is a different scene in the basement of a factory in Ningcheng.

The man knelt on the ground, his left finger was missing a few fingernails.

He was sweating with pain and his face was twisted, but he still didn't say a word.

"Emperor Shao." At this moment, Gong Lingye saw him coming, and quickly said: "We used many methods, but this person did not confess.

"Pause for a while," Gong Lingye said, setting his eyes on the tattoo on the man's wrist, and said lightly: "There is another way to let him speak."

He said, taking out the cloth in the man's mouth that would prevent him from biting his tongue, and then removed his jaw.

He handed a pill bottle to his men and said: "stick his eyelids, keep him open, and give him this sleeping pill, six tablets a day, three times a day."

The man's face suddenly changed when he heard it.

Everyone knows that if you are sleepy and do not close your eyes to sleep, that kind of torture may be able to bear it at the beginning, but if the time is long...

His chin was dislocated, and he wanted to speak at the moment, but he could only speak with a big tongue, so his voice was particularly unclear: "Gong Ling Ye, you! You killed me!"

Gong Lingye handed the medicine bottles to his men and patted them on the shoulders: "In the past few days, take good care of him, feed some water, and don't let him die."

"Yes, Emperor Shao!" The men nodded quickly.

"He is willing to say it and notify me immediately." Gong Lingye said lightly: "We have time to spend with him!"

After all, he turned and left the basement.

Because the confession here may take many days, Gong Lingye and Song Yi still have to return to China first.

However, before returning to China, the Song Yi people decided to go to prison first.

It was Gong Lingye who accompanied her past, only because the only person appointed to visit the prison was Song Yi, so he waited outside for her.

The Song Yi people were led by the prison guards and went alone to the back room.

At this moment, the prison guard came to Chu Mingyao's room.

It was only more than a month since he was sentenced. At the moment, he had a lot of white hair.

Obviously only 30 years old, but he seems to be in his forties at the moment.

The eyes are covered with blood, turbid and godless. The green and black underneath the eyes stained the whole person with a layer of cyan, and the cheeks on both sides were depressed because of thinness, which made the prison guards sometimes trance, I thought I was wrong.

You know, Chu Mingyao, half a year ago, is full of enthusiasm. Where is this now? !

Ha ha, in life, no one expected, after the scenery, will it be dead bones?

Hearing the movement, Chu Mingyao barely moved.

He sat on the bed, staring blankly at the ground until the prison guard said: "Chu Mingyao, someone is visiting the prison!"

Chu Mingyao remained unmoved and his eyes were muddled.

The prison guard repeated it again.

His brain slowly read the words of the prison guard, but after two seconds, a sudden shock!

Someone came to see him!

The only visitor he appointed was Xiao Nuan, so his Xiao Nuan finally forgiven him?

He raised his eyes violently. At that moment, even the blind eye seemed to have a focal length for a moment, and his eyes were all light, and his tone was also inexcusable. "She came to see me?"

"A Miss Yu Ruonuan came to see you." The prison guard said, opened the door, and put Chu Mingyao on the wheelchair.

"She really came to see me?" He asked, excitedly again, turning his wheelchair.

The prison guard was impatient: "Come and come, what are you talking about?"

Chu Mingyao did not get angry because of his attitude at all. Instead, he blushed a little at the moment because of his excitement, and there was a little tide in his eyes.

God knows that he was locked in a dark cell day and night, and he fell from heaven. In just over a month, he has almost lost his half life!

In particular, she looked at him that day and said that she was disappointed, and he felt that the only redemption in this life had also given up on him, and she had no love at all, but she did not know how to die.

At this moment, seeing that it seemed to be getting closer and closer to the visiting room, Chu Mingyao suddenly realized that he looked ugly now.

He doesn't have a mirror, so he can only reach out and touch his hair.

He was shaved before, but after a few days, he has grown a lot. He remembers that day he discovered on the iron frame bed that he had short white hair.

So, does he have a lot of white hair now?

He couldn't see it, he was terrified.

Then he touched his face again.

The beard here is uniformly shaved. Once a week, he has not shaved for four days, and he has appeared a lot. I don’t know if it will look dirty.

Also, his clothes...

He sorted out in a panic, until the sign of ‘visitor room’ appeared in front of him.

He shuddered, and his heart almost touched his throat, hitting his throat at once, making him tensely grasp the wheelchair armrest.

So, after turning around to enter the visiting room, he saw her.

Between them, there is a glass wall, but it seems to be separated by two worlds.

She is still what he remembers, young and beautiful, with clear and tender eyes.

She sat in the light, as if he had been locked up and could not be touched for a lifetime.

And there was darkness and despair in him, a wall, he and her, after all, could no longer touch each other.

Seeing Song Yi people pick up the phone, Chu Mingyao also picked up his phone, but his eyes kept looking at her, and his eyes were all looking forward.

The prison guards walked to the door to give them room to chat, but they looked at them at any time to avoid any accidents.

Song Yi first spoke: "Brother Chu."

When Chu Mingyao heard this sentence, he shivered and rolled his throat: "Xiao Nuan."

Song Yi looked at him carefully and paused for a few seconds before saying: "Su Yunfei is dead."

Chu Mingyao was stunned for a while, and then he said, "Xiao Nuan, how are you doing recently? Have you been well?"

The Song Yi people were surprised, Chu Mingyao didn't even have a half-evaluation of Su Yunfei's death.

That woman had accompanied him for several years, anyway. Now that he is dead, should he have half a sentence?

Haha, sure enough, selfish people are always like this, how can there be any absolute sincerity?

Even if she seems to be obsessed with her now, if the interests are involved, God knows how Chu Mingyao will choose!

She said: "I'm fine, Brother Chu?"

Chu Mingyao began to smile on his face, and then his smile solidified, becoming astringent: "Xiao Nuan, Big Brother can't get out!"

After he said this, his eyes were a little bit tearful, and it was easy to control his emotions: "You can do well, brother... Brother is finished in this life! You can see the brother, the brother is already very happy! Xiao Nuan , You haven’t given up on your big brother, have you?