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A few days later, Gong Lingye and the Song Yi people booked tickets to prepare for Ningguo. Because the Beiming family may be involved, the Song Yi people also called Beimingmo.

Over the starry night, the Song Yi people have arranged everything in advance. But he did not expect to leave the airport, Xuanyuan Che was already at the airport with luggage.

"Just I'm going on a business trip in the past," he explained, and said, focusing his eyes on Bei Mingmo.

Song Yiren didn't know that this is so stupid, she pretended to be silly, and walked forward with Gong Lingye first.

"Momo." Xuanyuan Che came to Beimingmo and helped her pull her luggage.

Bei Mingmo handed it over: "Thank you!"

She looked at him to help her with the bag, but what she thought was the anonymous call. Why did that person stop her and Xuanyuan Che together? What's the purpose?

Xuanyuan Che saw her distracted, and his heart surged and lost.

Since that day, they have disappeared for more than half a month, but she seems to have nothing to him at all?

It stands to reason that they have been so intimate more than once, why do they always feel that their hearts are still far away?

It's just that he never expresses, so he didn't say anything, just moved forward silently.

Passing through customs, I was about to go to the waiting hall. A child ran from behind Song Yi and bumped her.

Because the action was too fast, Gong Lingye was too late to respond, and quickly helped her: "Nuan Nuan, are you okay?"

She shook her head: "It was stepped on, it hurts a little."

Gong Lingye glanced down at the stamp on the Song Yiren's shoes, and thought of it, she put the suitcase in front of her: "Warm warm, come up."

Song Yi people are puzzled.

Gong Lingye pointed to the suitcase: "Sit up, I will push you."

Song Yiren ‘ah’ said: “I’m so heavy...”

He had stretched his arms, picked her up directly, and put it on the suitcase.

Then, extend the lever to push the Song Yi people forward.

Such an experience, the Song Yi people really are the first to suffer.

At first, she was afraid of falling. Later, when she found the fun of her childhood, her lips were raised.

She turned her head to see the man behind her.

His eyebrows still looked deep and grim, but when she saw her, there was a lot of spoiling light in her eyes.

Behind him, Bei Mingmo coughed twice: "The two in front, too much dog food, I'm eating!"

Gong Lingye answered her seriously: "You can also spread, my wife and I don't mind."

Bei Mingmo turned his head to look at Xuanyuan Che next to him. Unexpectedly, he touched her eyes and even followed suit, handing the suitcase in front of her: "Momo, do you want to sit?"

Bei Mingmo almost choked, in order to cover up her gaffe, she spit out four words: "Dong Shi Xiao You!"

Xuanyuan Che didn't understand that all his women were allowed to sit in the suitcase. How did he do it?

What the four people did not know was that although they walked through special passages, the scene was just taken.

Since Gong Lingye was interviewed by the media that day about his marriage to the Song Yi people, gossip media now occasionally dare to report on his private life.

Of course, he only dared to report on what happened with him.

For example, today, everyone just arrived in the waiting hall, and a photo was airborne.

I saw Song Yiren sitting on the suitcase, Gong Lingye pushed her face coldly behind her. She turned around and smiled at him. He looked down at her and looked at her. At that moment, it seemed as if the clouds disappeared and the snow melted.

Therefore, the topics of Weibo are all-

[Gong Lingye appeared for the first time after marriage, and traveled with her newly married wife, accompanied by unique chief perfumer sabrina and heir of Xuanyuan family]

[Yu Ruonuan’s smile is like marrying love]

[Gongling Yebai's steelmaking is finalized in order to circumvent fingers]


At the moment, the four had already boarded a plane to Ningcheng.

After more than two hours, four people came out of the airport and went directly to the hotel to check in.

Looking at the arrangement between Bei Mingmo and Xuanyuan Che, Song Yiren secretly leaned into Bei Mingmo's ear: "Baby, there is no one living anyway, why waste money?"

Bei Mingmo pinched the itchy flesh of the Song Yi people.

Everyone was tired that day, and there were no plans. So, Song Yi disguised a little and went to the safe of Ningcheng Bank.

Last time I came too hurriedly, so I didn't check the contents carefully.

At this moment, she carefully read through and found that there was still a key in it. The key is bronze, it seems a bit old.

Was it the Rong family in the past? She found no other clue, so she took out the key and prepared to take it back to study.

According to the information given by the old ghost, the small company that used the flying eagle logo is in the old city of Ningcheng, so everyone's plan is to visit there tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon, the Song Yi people intend to go to prison .

I don’t know what happened to Chu Mingyao, but it’s also time to tell him her true identity!

Just don't know, what will he do after hearing it?

That night, the Song Yi people slept very early, because of the habits set these days, she would lie down before ten o'clock in the evening.

The next door, Bei Mingmo's work and rest is obviously much later than her.

She tweeted Weibo for a while, and also liked the photo of Gong Yiye Song Yiren under the photo. She was about to take a shower and the phone rang.

Seeing the four words "Private Number" displayed above, Bei Mingmo could not help but stiffen.

That day, she asked Song Yiren to ask Gong Lingye to help check the call record, but Gong Lingye's person reported that the other party's method was too secret to track.

My heartbeat became inexplicably nervous, and Bei Mingmo slipped and answered after the phone rang seven or eight times.

On the other end of the phone, there was still a processed voice: "It seems that you did not listen to me."

Bei Mingmo squeezed the phone, pretending to relax: "Why, are you secretly in love with me? I'm afraid that Xuanyuan Che and I will get together, so so anxious?"

"Hehe." The other person spit out two words, and then said: "You don't need to test me, just need to know, I don't want to see you have anything to do with him!"

"Oh, mysterious, I dare not reveal a real voice, either the voice is unpleasant or I know it!" Bei Mingmo sneered: "Why should I listen to you? I didn't plan to be with him Yes, you emphasize that I must be with him! I will marry him!"

"Bang!" I don't know if the man fell something and made a loud noise.

After a few seconds, the man's tone became extremely cold: "This is the last time I warned you, you remember: If you want your parents to live well, then leave me far away from him!"

Despite the processed sound, Bei Mingmo still felt from the arm to the scalp, she quickly spread a goose bump.

She didn't hang up the phone, the other party didn't hang up, just remained silent for a few seconds, she asked quietly: "Are you someone I know?"

"Beep." The other end hung directly.

Bei Mingmo seemed to be drained of energy, sitting on the sofa, not moving for a long time.

At this moment, the doorbell rang, which surprised her.

She took a deep breath and walked to the door, looking out from the cat's eyes.

Outside, Xuan Yuan Che's figure was particularly clear.