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#81 Ways to deal with rumors

The scene was the same as that of Xiao Pei, silent.

    And Song Yiren this time, everyone was amazed by her fairy face, but made such a violent robot.

    The referee announced the victory of MianS at Dicheng University. MianS bowed to the stage with a silly bow and trot away.

    The girl on the opposite side picked up the smashed robot, and her eyes were weeping.

    Xiao Pei has only seen MianD of the Song Yi people participating in the team competition, so when the Song Yi people came back, he could not help but sigh: "Your MianS is so violent?"

    "Isn't there such a saying? Under the absolute power disparity, any skills and tactics are empty talk." Song Yiren touched the head of MianS, hey, but unfortunately it looks so stupid!

    In the next two days, she and Xiao Pei watched each game with ease, and secretly compared the robot tactics that might become opponents.

    Until, the team competition opened.

    Teammates Xu Xingzhou and Nanhaifeng did not sign up for the individual game, so they came together on the fourth day.

    The four of them sat together, and finally studied a tactic. Hearing that the lottery began, this allowed Song Yiren to draw on their behalf.

    Song Yi people don't know whether they are lucky or what, they have drawn No. 1, so their team will play in the first game.

    The opponent's four people are all boys. One of them looked at Song Yiren with gloomy eyes when he came up. The feeling of being stared at by the poisonous snake was particularly uncomfortable.

    At the start of the game, the eight people on both sides entered with their robots.

    Teamwork is about cooperation. It's like playing a game. Some people are attacking, some are defending, some are guerrilla, and some are always rescuing themselves.

    The tactics of the four Song Yi people have been rehearsed many times, and the other party obviously does not have such a good tacit understanding. Therefore, less than two minutes after the opening, they fell down a robot.

    Then, as if the building was overturned, the opponent was quickly wiped out by the Song Yi team, and the battle was over in a very fast time.

    After the general end, even if you lose, you have to bow to the podium, but when the gloomy boy came to bow and ended, suddenly came a sentence: "Judges, I think this competition is unfair."

    Suddenly, everyone was attracted by his words.

    He continued to shout: "One of the team members who just played against us was a classmate named Yu Ruonuan who was a high-level girlfriend of Tiangong Group. Everyone knows that Tiangong Group's AI laboratory is expanding. It ’s an intelligent robot. I do n’t need to talk about the rest ... "

    He said something, and suddenly the eyes of the whole venue were looked towards the Song Yi people. He was surprised, angry, and gloating.

    Xiao Pei frowned and was about to say something. A staff member of the organizer of the competition opened the mouth: "We will investigate this student's doubts and will surely ensure that the competition is notarized in an orderly manner. However, This student is also just reasoning and guessing, and there is no tangible evidence to prove that Yu Ruo Nuan cheated, so our next game will continue to proceed normally. "

    At the moment, in the venue, Bae Jun, dressed in casual clothes and mixed in the teacher's pile, picked up his cell phone and walked outside the venue.

    He dialed the phone and the person at that end answered it quickly. Gong Lingye asked: "Pei Jun, is there something going on at the venue?"

    Bae Jun said: "President, there is indeed something going on." He said, and explained the matter briefly.

    At that end, Gong Lingye thought for two seconds and said, "You are now looking for someone to spread the news, saying that if Nuannuan does not have real knowledge, everything is entirely supported by the technical team of Tiangong Group, she herself is even the code. No, try to spread it in a discreet manner. "

    Pei Jun puzzled: "President, you are ..."

    Gong Lingye said, "Let the staff continue to insist that she participate in the competition. On the last day, send a big gift to those who question."

    "Okay, President, I understand." Bae Jun understood Gong Lingye's meaning.

    "Have she been affected by the rumors?" Gong Lingye asked again.

    Bae Jun said: "Ms. Yu is at ease on the stage to question the look, she should be aware of it."

    Gong Lingye replied: "Okay, I know. I will come back from a business trip the day after tomorrow. If there is anything, please call me at any time."

    In the following time, although Song Yi people put their energy into watching the game and team battle, they can also feel that the students around them are pointing at her.

    Even when she went to the bathroom, she heard with her own ears that someone said she would not even have a basic code.

    Although the Qing were self-clearing, in the face of those pointing eyes, the Song Yi people were still a little unhappy.

    But at this moment, her cell phone rang a prompt, she opened it, it was a message sent by Gong Lingye, only a short sentence: "Warm warm, the rumors behind today are spread by me,"

    As soon as Song Yiren was surprised, she saw that Gong Lingye's words hadn't been finished, and there was a comma behind it.

    However, she waited a few minutes, but she never waited for information.

    Suspiciously, when she walked from the bathroom to the seat, many people pointed at her. There was even a girl who deliberately said a sensor principle loudly in front of her. Then, she raised an eyebrow at her and seemed to be asking her if she understood her meaning?

    At that moment, the Song Yi people suddenly realized.

    What Gong Lingye did was a way to completely solve the doubts of everyone. He first made everyone feel that she did not learn to do nothing, and finally, gave her an opportunity to express herself, so that those who questioned were completely speechless !

    He really can't look down on her, knowing that she won't be suspicious of life by these doubts these days?

    Song Yi raised his lips and sent two words to Gong Lingye: "Thank you."

    In fact, it's not good not to make trouble, because there will always be people who have doubts, and it will not help her to serve the crowd sooner or later.

    Only in this way, no one believes her. She proves herself on the stage he provided is the best solution!

    Thousands of miles away, Gong Lingye had just sent a message halfway through and received a video call. The matter was quite urgent, so he immediately went to deal with it.

    It was almost half an hour after he finished processing, he was anxious to open the chat window, but he saw the words from Song Yiren-thank you.

    At that moment, he felt that something had hit his heart hard, and only thought that her two words would surprise him more than the contract just negotiated.

    In this world, there is finally a person who can guess your true intention when you only say a few words that misunderstood her.

    There should be nothing more delighted than the one who likes to understand oneself tacitly.