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#110 Don't cry

Everyone said with a smile, Song Yi people subconsciously looked in the direction of Gong Lingye.

    He also just looked over, his eyes fell on the flower ball in her hand, his eyes were deep, he didn't know what he was thinking.

    Just as the Song Yiren were about to take their gaze back, Gong Lingye suddenly raised her gaze and dropped her gaze from the flower ball to her cheek.

    Face to face, Song Yiren felt the air was silent for a second, she quickly opened her eyes.

    At this time, the surrounding music sounded again, and a pair of children pushed the cake.

    Luo Tianqi asked Li Xiaozi to sit down beside him, and he went to cut the cake for everyone.

    When Mrs. Bei Ming took the cake, she put a pair of earrings in Luo Tianqi's hands: "Put on Azi, I didn't prepare anything for coming this time, this should be your wedding gift ! "

    "Well, thank you godmother!" Luo Tianqi's mouth is very sweet: "My wife must be super beautiful!"

    "Well, Tianqi, take good care of her." Mrs. Bei Ming sobbed.

    After Luo Tianqi distributed the cake, he returned to Li Xiaozi and planned to hold her to dance, but she said: "Tianqi, I'm a little tired. I want to sleep for a while. Take me to the lounge!"

    Luo Tianqi nodded: "Okay."

    He hugged her on the road paved with flowers, and the MV on both sides was still playing their group photo.

    Luo Tianqi said: "Azi, do you remember? The first time I saw you was in the library of Ningcheng University, we all read the same book, but there was only one book, and you gave it away directly. I didn't look back, I told you you didn't seem to hear ... "

    Li Xiaozi tried hard to recall, but found that other pasts were very clear, but this matter alone seemed completely unimpressed.

    She asked softly, "When?"

    Luo Tianqi said: "Just a month before we officially met, I didn't have a library card from Ningcheng University at that time, and I still used it from my friend."

    Li Xiaozi thought about it again and shook his head: "Tian Qi, have you remembered correctly? You haven't been to Ningda Library. I'm going directly to country M."

    Luo Tianqi frowned suspiciously, but then he was relieved again: "Maybe I remembered it wrong."

    He smiled: "In short, when I saw you for the first time, I thought you were super beautiful! Just now, the godmother gave you a pair of emerald earrings. I will help you put it on later."

    "Let me see." Li Xiaozi reached out his hand.

    Luo Tianqi put the earrings on her palm, and then said: "It matches your skin tone."

    Li Xiaozi took it and put on the earrings on the earlobe with great effort. The whole body was green, like green tears under the light.

    He hugged her and walked across the sea of ​​flowers. Just before coming to the end of the red carpet, Li Xiaozi suddenly stopped Luo Tianqi.

    "Tianqi." She looked at him, her eyes shining brightly for so long.

    Luo Tianqi was shaken and asked with a smile: "Huh?"

    "I love you," she said.

    He was stunned, just when he was about to say something, the girl in her arms raised her hand, and her thin fingers fell on his cheek.

    Her movements were soft and her eyes were nostalgic.

    Luo Tianqi's footsteps stopped and his breathing stopped, so he stared at her so staringly.

    The touch on her cheeks was clear and boneless. She smiled, then slowly closed her eyes.

    His fingertips fell from his cheeks, the movement was so light that it seemed that he was just blown away by a wind scarf, and the whole world seemed to be playing in slow motion.

    Luo Tianqi's heart was tightly tightened, the girl in her arms was very light, but his hands were shaking and he could hardly hold it.

    She had not fainted in front of him, but no one had made him feel so deeply that she would never wake up again.

    He just hugged her all the way to the lounge, and then put her on the bed: "Azi, sleep well."

    Her eyes were closed, her cheeks still had blush, and her lips and petals were red, as if she was really asleep.

    However, his eyes were fixed on her chest, where there were no ups and downs.

    Luo Tianqi's fingers slowly fell to Li Xiaozi's neck, where the pulse was no longer beating, but just a few minutes, her body had become cold.

    He fell to the ground, hugged her, his shoulders were trembling, only to feel that there had never been a moment, and found that the distance between life and death was so far away, so far away that he clearly had desperately hugged her tightly, her body was still cold And can no longer get back to temperature.

    Outside, Gong Lingye noticed that Luo Tianqi had not returned for a long time, so he arranged for Pei Jun and He Wanshuang to greet the guests.

    He walked to the door of the restroom and heard a man's depressed cry from inside.

    In a flash, he knew everything.

    When the Song Yi people came over, they found Gong Lingye leaning on the door of the lounge to smoke.

    She had never seen him smoke, and at this moment, his face became a little vague and unfamiliar.

    She was hesitating whether to take the initiative to speak, and the lounge door opened.

    Luo Tianqi came out with red eyes and saw Gong Lingye, his voice trembled: "Brother Ye, Azi she, she left."

    A man in his twenties, speaking of this, fell to the ground so insignificantly, his face buried in his knees.

    When Song Yi heard Luo Tianqi's words, he ran into the room quickly.

    In the room, Li Xiaozi had a red rose on his cheek. The whole person looked quiet and sweet, and his face was like Bei Ming Mo. He lay there quietly at the moment, just like how many times Bei Ming Mo pretended to sleep.

    Song Yiren only felt that his heart was severely blocked, and his tears couldn't help but fall crazy.

    She didn't know whether she was sad for Li Xiaozi, or whether she was sad that Bei Mingmo didn't see her twin sisters after all, or that she had to leave for too many lives ...

    Outside, He Wanshuang also felt wrong and ran over.

    She just went in and took a look, then ran out, Chong Gongling said at night: "Brother Ye, think of a way to save her!"

    Gong Lingye's voice was also heavier than usual: "Xiaoshuang, she left with a smile when she left."

    In the room, Song Yiren looked at the earrings worn by Li Xiaozi and exhaled deeply. She said softly, "Azi, do you know? There is another girl in this world who looks exactly like you, she loves to laugh It ’s troublesome and lawless. She often envy people who have twin sisters and brothers, but they do n’t know that she also has one, but she has n’t been together since she was a child. ”

    "She's coming back soon, if she sees your picture, she will be very happy!" Song Yiren continued: "Yes, she also has a pair of jade earrings, that was when her mother came to gamble on stones Yes, I can make two pairs of earrings ... "

    Song Yiren said here, trying to raise a smile: "Azi, you have a good rest, when she comes back, I will definitely take her to see you."

    She stood up, wiped away the tears on her face, and walked out of the room.

    At the door, Gong Lingye looked at the tears in Song Yi's eyes, so he took out a tissue from his pocket and handed it over.

    She raised her eyes, tears at the bottom of her eyes, and looked a little vague.

    It was in this blur that she heard him say, "Don't cry."