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If Lie Xiaoruo didn't even know who Gong Renkun was, then, for Lie Yuanshen, the name was so ridiculous!

Gong Renkun was Gong Lingye's father, and he was also the man who took the Gong family, inherited his ancestry, and raised the lintel!

Now, Miai actually said that Lie Xiaoruo is the child of Gong Renkun!

So, are Li Xiaoxiao and Gong Lingye not half brothers and sisters? !

Lie Xiaoruo was obviously a little embarrassed, clenching his mother’s hand: "Miai, what are you talking about? How could I be someone else’s child?"

Mi Ai's lips and corners still smiled: "I and Lie Chengan were originally married, we have no feelings, and I have always known that he has many women. After I became pregnant, in order not to let myself be in a bad mood , Separated from him. He didn’t visit until Yuan Shen was born."

"Yuan Shen grew up slowly until he was four years old and was taken over by Lie Cheng An. I thought it would be like this in my life, until I met the man."

"He has the same skin as Lie Chengan, but his character is completely different. He doesn't remember his name. Seeing that he was injured at the time, I asked him to heal in my manor."

"During his treatment, we gradually became friends. He was good at talking and often made me very happy."

"He was in his forties at that time? But he looked very young, as if he was in his thirties. I gradually fell in love with him, and he confessed to me that he liked me."

"Although I knew I was married and should not be with another man, I really loved him so much, all my reason was left behind. And, just the day he confessed to me, I heard Li Chengan The woman outside gave him a son."

"We were together, and that year was the happiest day of my life!"

"But one day, his family came to him. It was also at that time that I learned that he had an accident and lost the memories of the past. Moreover, he already has a wife and children, and several of his children are in Wait for him at Hua Guo's house."

"I don't want to be separated from him, but I also understand that his wife must be sad, so..." Miai thought of this, tears rolled down: "He left, I let him go, because his brain was There is congestion, there is a risk of blindness if left untreated."

"Before he left, he took my hand and said that he would pick me up after the operation. But, I didn't wait until finally..."

"Because Yuan Shen was always ill during that time, Lie Chengan took me to him. Once we quarreled, he touched me. Also at that time, my stomach ache, a little red, only to know that I had already It’s only a month since I was pregnant."

"After that, I gave birth to Xiao Ruan, and I wanted to wait for her father to come to see her. Actually, I have no hope, because he has his family, only because he has forgotten the past, will have such a relationship with me. year."

"Xiao Ruan was born, and I almost died of hemorrhage, but I didn't wait for him in the end."

"Later, I went to Huaguo and saw him coming from Tiangong Group from afar." Miai finally cried out: "I ran over, but he can't remember me!"

"My bag fell to the ground, he picked it up for me gentleman and said to me: Madam, are you okay? Why are you crying?"

"At that time I knew that he had surgery and he was fine, but he only forgot me..."

In the ward, there was such a strong sorrowful breath. On the bed was a woman with a dying face, but at the moment Lieyuan Shen and Lie Xiaoruo seemed to see what their mother looked like when she was young.

It's like being in a yellow album at home, young and beautiful, so wholeheartedly, like a girl, falling in love with someone for the first time.

"I don't blame him." Miai looked at the children in front of him, and his eyes were looking forward with expectation: "Hua Guo said that people will go to a place when they die. I don't know if I will see him again..."

Lie Xiaoruo couldn't cry anymore, and Lie Yuan Shen's heart couldn't tell.

At the beginning, he had seen Gong Renkun's photos in his mother's album, and every time she saw it, she cried.

Later, I didn't know where he heard that the man had bullied his mother and said it eloquently.

Plus, every time he just mentioned the person in the photo, his mother's face changed. He confirmed this statement.

Therefore, Lie Yuan sank to China, first to expand business, and second, to deal with Gong Renkun.

It's just that Gong Renkun is dead and his father's debts are paid back, so naturally Gong Lingye will bear it!

However, he didn't even think that it was the whole story!

Looking at his mother's tears, Lieyuan Shen couldn't express his sadness.

He had only lived with his father for two years when he was a child, and then he lived with his mother again.

The mother in the impression is often gloomy and unhappy, sometimes, she will laugh at God.

It turns out that all the reasons are the same!

Moreover, because the Gong family knew about the existence of Miai, the wife of the palace, that is, the mother of Gong Lingye was not in good health, so the matter was handled by the eldest daughter-in-law, Yue Wenqing, the mother of Gong Mochen.

Therefore, Yue Wenqing always knew him and Lie Xiaoruan, but the old lady Gong Gong did not.

It's just that when Miai Huai Lie Xiao was soft, the month was shallow, so the people of the Gong family didn't know that Lie Xiao Ruo was also the daughter of Gong Renkun!

Everything was clear, Lieyuan Shen didn't even know who hated it.

Did Heng Gong Renkun abandon his mother?

However, Gong Renkun lost his memory at first, and from the memory of his mother, he was sincere to his mother.

Moreover, what would happen if he did not forget the past after the operation?

Lie Chengan and Miai are commercial marriages, involving too much, may it be divorced? impossible.

What about Gong Renkun? He has so many children, why is his wife innocent?

This matter was unsolvable from beginning to end, but it only made him suddenly understand that a loveless marriage is the grave that destroys everything!

Miai said so much in one breath, obviously it was almost unsustainable.

She had already run out of lights and withered, there was still a wish at this moment.

She looked at her elder son, her eyes eager: "Yuan Shen, although Xiao Ruan and you are not a father, but also your sister, you have to take good care of her!"

"Good." Lieyuan Shen agreed almost immediately: "She will always be my sister!"

"Also, Xiaosoft should have brothers and sisters, but if it is not convenient, don't admit it." Miai said.

Lie Yuan nodded: "I have a sense."

Miai heard the words and finally rest assured: "Then I can rest assured to see him..."

There were still tears on her cheeks, but her eyes were quiet and gentle.

The corner of her lips slowly smiled, and then she closed her eyes completely.

Outside, Lie Chengan finally rushed over, and also brought his family and lawyers on both sides.

Suddenly, the ward was replaced by hustle and cry, but the woman who had been sad all her life had already gone to the heaven she longed for...