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#424 Heir

It turned out that the girl in front was the woman's child!

Xuanyuan or his heart couldn't tell the feeling, no wonder he thought she was kind, because he still remembered her mother's appearance.

Moreover, her mother is quite similar to his girlfriend.

Xuanyuan said, "Your father is inside, then your mother... is she alright?"

"She has passed away." Song Yiren also felt a little sad: "She has always been in poor health, and she was gone last year."

Xuanyuan or Xin's heart turned up again and again, but he soon saw through.

There are many things in life, where is it forced? There is a certain number of births and deaths.

It seems that because of the sad topic, the two did not say anything until the Song Yi people thought about it and asked, "Oh, how can we only see their head of the Beiming family? The younger generation of their family does not seem to see it. ?"

Xuanyuan might not be involved in the world, so he really didn’t know what the Beiming family had done to the Song family. He just said: "It may be busy! In recent years, the Beiming family has been developing overseas markets. Their Heirs are not always in country J."

"They have already set the heir?" Song Yiren asked: "I think the family head of Beiming is not too old, is it his son?"

"Well, it is his eldest son Beimingshen." Xuanyuan or said: "I have seen him a few times, and his age is estimated to be about the same, his character is calm, and it is a big deal."

Sure enough, it is Beiming deep.

Song Yi's heart was complicated, and then he said, "Is the head of Beiming always in country J? I have a friend who also surnamed Beiming. She said that she had seen her uncle when she was a child, and her uncle happened to have the same name as the head of Beiming. "

Xuanyuan or Tao said: "I heard that Beiming Kun grew up in Ning Kingdom from an early age. Later, his father took him to Country J. Since then, he has been developing in Country J."

The Song Yi people were immediately clear.

It turned out that the so-called plane crash of Uncle Beimingmo was to hide the country of J by "death news".

Poor all of them didn't know, even Bei Mingmo's father was completely in the dark!

What to say about inheriting Beimingjia to Beimingqiao, in fact, the original Beimingqiao inherited, but only a small part of the wealth of the Beiming family, in Ning, it was barely a noble.

The truth is, he has long been abandoned, and in the face of interests, get along with him for many years is nothing!

So, the Song Yi people can also explain why when she and Bei Mingmo went to the cellar to play, they would see people with tattoos of flying eagles.

At that time, in fact, the Beiming family in country J had already started all!

She was grateful that the man in front of her had told her nothing without concealing anything. She rushed to Xuanyuan or smiled: "It seems that I have been asking you various questions."

"It's nothing. You came here for the first time, and you also saw that it's more...complex." Xuanyuan or said: "So know more about the situation and pay more attention to everything, so you won't have trouble."

Song Yiren is really grateful to each other at this moment, she said seriously: "Uncle Xuanyuan, I respect you!"

The two touched their glasses, and Xuanyuan said again: "My house is also more complicated, but A Che is your friend. It's no problem seeing you in the past. I will arrange this."

Song Yi nodded: "Okay, then wait for your news."

At this time, someone came over here again. Xuanyuan or he stood up and bid farewell to the Song Yi people.

Song Yiren is not a small gain today, so she is in a good mood. Even if she sees Shangguan Xun, she is smiling.

"Xiao Yu, why are you here alone? Did they greet me badly?" Shangguan Xun said, sitting next to Song Yi, pouring himself a glass of red wine: "Welcome to J country!"

Song Yiren touched him helplessly: "Thank you, brother."

Shangguan Xun said: "Tomorrow I had a game with a few friends. At the skydiving center north of Jincheng, Xiao Yu, did you go and play with Ling Ye?"

Song Yiren smiled and said: "I can't parachute."

"It's okay, I can teach you." Shangguan Xun smiled, his eyes seemed to have no deep meaning: "When you jump down, you will find the feeling you want most."

Song Yiren didn't say anything, and Shangguan Xun didn't seem to need her to reply immediately. He just fixed his eyes on her face, his voice was a little low: "Your dress skirt is very beautiful, let me see you at a glance. "

Having said that, he got up and left with a smile.

Song Yiren suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

Unlike Shangguanyan, the man in front of her felt very uncomfortable. Every time he looked at her, she had the illusion of being stared at by a poisonous snake.

Although there were many episodes of the dinner on that day, it was considered a successful conclusion.

Xuanyuan Yao was about to leave with the third uncle, and a male voice suddenly sounded beside him: "Miss Xuanyuan, can you take a step to speak?"

Xuanyuan Yao saw Gong Lingye, the second brother of Gong Lingye, a little surprised, but nodded generously: "Of course."

In the garden, the two walked side by side, Shangguan said: "I will not tell secret words, Miss Xuanyuan, you have also seen today. It is better to be a friend with us in the future, so that everyone can take care of each other."

When Xuanyuan Yao heard it, he understood what the other party meant, and they were wooing her.

She raised her eyebrows slightly: "Shangguan Ershao, I'm just an ordinary woman, I don't understand what you say. I don't take part in your things."

"Miss Xuanyuan, you know what I mean." Shangguan He stood still, close to Xuanyuan Yao: "After all, we were born here since childhood, the advantage is still very obvious." Meaning, it is not difficult to defeat Gong Lingye.

Xuanyuan Yao calmly opened the distance between each other: "Since the advantages are obvious, wouldn't I have done it too much with the two young players?"

Shangguan He was blocked by her words, his brows were suddenly frowned, and the tone of the voice was slightly cold: "Since that is the case, then I also congratulate Miss Xuanyuan for finding a good husband! But you are so beautiful, and my fifth brother also likes it."

What he meant was that when Gong Lingye was dealt with by them, if the Shangguan family and the Xuanyuan family wanted to marry, Xuanyuan Yao would have only two choices.

One is to marry Shangguan Xun, the other is to marry Shangguanyan.

It's just that Shangguan Xun will wait until today if he wants to?

Seeing Shangguan He leave, the light under Xuanyuan Yao's eyes also suddenly cooled down.

Join him? Ha ha, don't look at yourself a few pounds or two!

That night, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye were arranged in the superior rooms of Shangguan's house.

The entire small courtyard was owned by the two, but they could not let them relax their vigilance.

Amian and the other two bodyguards lived on the first floor. He took out the detector, and he detected several pinhole cameras.

The Song Yi people saw the camera and were so excited.

So, she rushed to the palace Lingye to ask for a computer, wrote an intrusion program directly, and then connected to those smart pinhole cameras via WiFi.