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For safety, Gong Lingye packed the whole hotel in advance, so the event area is all by himself.

    In the afternoon, everyone used a buffet here, and at the moment, they were drinking and eating fruit.

    The children have fallen asleep after playing tiredly, and the elderly have fallen asleep long ago, leaving only a group of young people, chatting and drinking together in twos and threes.

    On the other side, there is a large swimming pool, Luo Tianqi and Li Huo are swimming inside, Wei Qianran is giving the two referees.

    Bei Mingmo took a glass of red wine in his hand and walked to the pool to cheer the fire away.

    She just took a sip, and after the corner of her eyes she saw Amian coming over.

    When A Mian saw Bei Ming Mo, it was as if the mouse had seen the cat, and even at a distance of five meters from her, she had to detour directly.

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyebrows, only to feel that he didn't tease him today as if his life had become boring.

    She stopped people directly: "Amian!"

    A Mian had to stop and looked at Bei Mingmo questioningly.

    "Look, Tian Qi is almost caught up by the fire, you will not go down to save your brother?" Bei Mingmo said, drinking the wine in the glass cleanly, only felt that his body was getting lighter and lighter, and his brain was lighter and lighter. of.

    Amian glanced at the pool and said nothing.

    This guy is so boring! Bei Mingmo was bored and saw Xuanyuan Che, who had been talking to Gong Lingye before, came out.

    She narrowed her eyes slightly and deliberately teased Amian: "You are so good in shape, it's a waste to not show off your muscles!"

    A Mian stepped back half a step: "My body is not good..."

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "You're not good, who's good?"

    A Mian looked down at her pectoral muscles and pursed her lips, very disobedient: "Mr. Xuanyuan..."

    Bei Mingmo chuckled loudly, as if he didn't even notice Xuanyuan Che's approach: "He is far from you..."

    A Mian: "..."

    Over there, Wei Qianran, who was originally watching Luo Tianqi and Lihuo match, had already focused on Bei Mingmo. She looked at Beiming Mo's hankers with both eyes, and saw Amian being lifted. With a red face and red ears, he could not help but bend down.

    Ears, someone shouted at her, she was about to ask, she felt the back foot suddenly stepped into the air, and then, her body was immediately out of balance, and when she reacted, she was completely smashed into the water!

    The water on her side was two meters deep. Suddenly falling into the water and not being able to swim at all, I suddenly felt panic and death overwhelm her.

    Over there, Bei Mingmo turned his head to hear the sound of water, and found that Wei Qianran fell into the water, and Luo Tianqi and Li Fire were in the other end of the pool.

    Wei Qianran obviously couldn't swim. After falling into the water, he began to struggle desperately.

    Bei Mingmo was shocked, and was about to save someone, he felt a gust of wind on his side.

    A Mian had already passed by quickly, only to hear a thump, he had jumped into the water, and within five seconds, he had already lifted Wei Qianran.

    Everyone recovered, and all rushed to the poolside. A Mian took Wei Qianran to the shore and laid her flat on the ground.

    Because of the timely rescue, Wei Qianran just coughed a few times, and it was all right, just because of the fright, he was still standing still by the pool.

    On the side, Amian directly supported the edge of the pool with his hands and jumped up.

    His T-shirt was soaked in water, outlined strong muscle lines, and water was still flowing on his short hair, and he asked her, bowing her head, "Do you want to call a doctor?"

    Wei Qianran looked at the man's bronze skin and tough facial features, only to feel his heartbeat inexplicably accelerated.

    At the beginning, she and Bei Mingmo were kidnapped, and it was also the first time he came to rescue them and dealt with the scene.

    Now, it was him who pulled her out of death when she was most afraid.

    She still remembers clearly that when she just suffocated, he held her arm exceptionally powerful and took her off the bottom of the water to be reborn!

    "I'm fine, I don't need to call a doctor." Wei Qianran reached A Mian, his heart beating a little, "I just can't walk, can you take me back to the room?"

    A Mian has always been a straight man of steel, and after hearing that, she would not have any extra thoughts at all. He stooped, picked Wei Qianran and walked towards the lobby.

    Bei Mingmo raised his lips, and the bouquet looked magical! Has it worked so quickly?

    But, before he could sigh, he felt his wrist was caught, and then the glass in his hand was taken away.

    She frowned and met Xuanyuan Che's cold eyes.

    She twitched, but didn't twitch.

    "What are you doing?" She was a little unhappy.

    "Momo, come with me, I have something to tell you." Xuanyuan Che pressed the fire air.

    Just now, he saw that she was going to tease A Mian, and suddenly, he just felt that he was not feeling well.

    Before she deliberately teased A Mian, and she already had a skin kiss with herself, she went on a blind date. Today, I danced with Bae Jun without saying anything, and chatted with Bae mother like a family.

    Now, continue to lift Amian!

    So, for her, anyone can get close, but can't he alone?

    Xuanyuan Che took Bei Mingmo's wrist and strode forward.

    Bei Mingmo was a little annoyed. She drank a little wine, not much energy, and wanted to break free, as if she would like to go with him!

    "You let go!" She shook her hand a little annoyedly, and looked at the food on the dining table there, and she was amazed: "I'm hungry, I'm going to eat!"

    Xuanyuan Che heard the words, so he loosened Beimingmo a little and went to the dining table with her.

    Bei Mingmo took a piece of mango mousse and ate it slowly. Seeing that Xuanyuan Che didn't mean to leave, she simply spent with him, so she took a dinner plate and sandwiched a few pieces of Arctic shells.

    He was quite patient, so he waited until she poured the soy sauce and mustard slowly.

    She ignored him and knew that because she drank a little wine now, her thinking might not be as clear as usual, so she just ate Arctic shellfish.

    However, I don't know if I drink too much. When I took the second bite, Bei Mingmo suddenly felt a tumble in his stomach.

    She quickly covered her mouth and hurried to the bathroom.

    Xuanyuan Che saw this, his heart tightened, and followed.

    Bei Mingmo has rushed into the bathroom, and then, vomiting in the sink.

    Next to it, it was necessary to remind her that Xuanyuan Che who had broken into the men's restroom saw her without saying anything, but she took a quick look around and was relieved.

    Fortunately, there are no men in the toilet.

    However, just after he was relieved, he heard that the door was opened, and a hotel worker came in.

    "Go out!" He stopped the man, blocking Bei Mingmo who was vomiting.

    The man was stunned, and then seemed to hear the movement inside, and his face suddenly embarrassed: "Brother, I will play! You continue!"

    Xuanyuan Che directly locked the door, turned his head, and saw that Bei Mingmo was finally ready, and then caressing his chest, it seemed that he was comforting himself.

    He walked over: "Momo, are you okay?"

    She shook her head at random and quickly went to the sink to rinse her mouth.

    He looked at her slightly pale face, his heart suddenly moved, blurted out: "Momo, are you pregnant?"