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Before Bei Mingmo said anything, he was interrupted by the angry Xuanyuan Che.

    He grabbed her by the shoulders and locked her misty eyes, almost clenching her teeth: "In order to pass the time ?!"

    Bei Mingmo nodded, not even aware of the danger. He nodded and recalled: "Yeah, you were so cold at that time, I think it was like a hard bone. It ’s okay to catch up anyway. Things just distract me! "

    Xuan Yuan Che only felt that the green bars on his forehead were jumping suddenly, his expression was smiling, but the tone was even colder: "You treat me as your pastime after tea and dinner? Bei Mingmo, you really do it!"

    Bei Mingmo shrugged: "I'm sorry, didn't you lose nothing?"

    Xuanyuan Che narrowed his eyes: "What do you want me to lose? First kiss, or—"

    He felt that he must be crazy, maybe it was the role of alcohol, so he pulled her to ask a bunch of things, and changed to the usual time, he knew that the original reason, he would definitely throw away people!

    When Bei Xingmo heard Xuanyuan Che's words, she smiled suddenly, because she drank, her cheeks were flushed, her lips and petals were full and crystal, and her eyes seemed to be filled with starlight.

    She shuffled the broken hair on her face and smiled frivolously and arrogantly: "First kiss, didn't you give it to me too? Don't say you weren't that day, so there is no technical content. If it is a veteran, it is too much disappointed!"

    In a word, all the sparks in his heart were completely ignited.

    Xuanyuan Che pulled Bei Mingmo into the bathroom, he turned around, put her directly on the door, bowed his head and kissed!

    He is indeed crazy, why should he prove this?

    Moreover, he was still thinking, she said that his kiss had no technical content, that is to say, she had kissed with other technical content?

    When he thinks of the pictures, he feels that he has a strong feeling in his chest. He is uncomfortable. He must be vented hard to be happy!

    More than two years ago, she broke into his world so irresponsibly.

    Don't you know that you shouldn't do anything halfway, but stick to it?

    Even if it's really for distracting energy, then at least you should wait until you catch up with him before breaking up?

    What is a halfway retreat? !

    His lips crushed her hard, and she struggled, and he clamped her hands directly over his head.

    His body pressed tightly against her, pressing her completely against the door, unable to move.

    The strength difference between men and women is too great, Bei Mingmo can still struggle twice, and later, because of drunkenness and lack of oxygen, he becomes more and more powerless.

    She struggled with Xuanyuan Che for the only air, only to feel that she was trapped in his world, breathing and ears, all his breath and skin.

    The next second, her teeth were pried open by him, and he hooked her tongue, forcing her to tangle with him.

    She hides, he will suck it into his mouth, hard and irresistible.

    Bei Mingmo's brain is confused, but in the entanglement, a thought slowly comes up: she said that she wants to keep two meters. This way, is it zero distance at all? However, this was forced by him, but it must not rest on her head! "

    The girl in front of her got softer and softer because of the kiss. She no longer resisted, and even leaned weakly in his arms.

    His lips and petals are soft to the touch, sweet and soft, and her nose is her unique fragrance, which invades his sense of smell, Xuanyuan Che only feels that his heart is also in this intimacy, changing It is extremely soft.

    His kiss softened, and the hand that gripped Bei Mingmo's wrist was also released. Instead, she put her arm around her waist and held her face with one hand, slowly moved to the position of the back of her head, and then toward his Press gently in the direction.

    Between her fingers was her cool, long hair. He tasted her sweet taste inch by inch, feeling that his heart had been silent for a long time.

    And just then, there was a voice outside.

    Hua Ge pushed the door and couldn't move, whispered, "Someone inside?"

    Xuanyuan Che reacted violently and responded lowly: "Wait."

    After he finished speaking, he looked down at Beiming Mo in his arms.

    She kissed her lips fuller, her cheeks flushed as if in full bloom.

    Obviously I also heard the movement outside, and her face rarely appeared tense, annoyed: "Xuanyuan Che, what are you doing--"

    She wanted to push him away, but she was powerless, and the act of refusing seemed to be coquettish.

    He felt that her hand seemed to be magical, and it was placed on his chest, making him electrocuted, and his body became a little stiff.

    "I'm going." Bei Mingmo murmured and pushed Xuanyuan Che again: "This time is your initiative, don't turn over the old account in the future!"

    He suddenly felt amused and let her go. Seeing that her feet were crooked, she seemed to be falling. She stretched out her arms and hugged her in her arms again.

    She turned to look at him, and his shadow reflected his shadow. At that moment, he clearly felt his heartbeat miss a beat.

    "I can walk by myself." Bei Mingmo grabbed Xuanyuan Che's arm and stabilized for a few seconds before going to open the door handle.

    He stretched out his hand behind her, wrapped her hand, and turned the door handle. When it was about to open, he asked: "So, this time, has the technology improved?"

    Bei Mingmo was drunk and took a few seconds to understand what Xuanyuan Che said.

    She raised her eyes: "Alright."

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    Very good, mean, do you still need to find her to practice?

    When Bei Mingmo went out, Hua Ge was still outside.

    Seeing Bei Mingmo and Xuanyuan Che going out one after the other, this already drunk technical otaku rubbed his confused head: "Hey, are there two pits in the bathroom?"

    Bei Mingmo returned to his seat and fell directly on the body of Song Yiren, with his arm wrapped around Song Yiren, and said with a smile: "Warm baby, just now they said you seemed pregnant?"

    Song Yi has a headache. Why did you mention this again? To be honest, Da Qiu was not reported. She felt that now is really not a good time to get married and have children.

    However, when she looked at Beiming Mo, she was drunk. She said helplessly: "No, if it does, I will tell you the first time!"

    "That said, in short, you get married, I want to be a bridesmaid; your child is born, I want to be a godmother!" Bei Mingmo said.

    "Absolutely no problem!" Song Yiren handed her a glass of orange juice: "Have some juice and hangover."

    When Bei Mingmo drank half of it, it seemed to remember something, and said: "Warm baby, the bridesmaid must be unmarried?"

    Song Yi people wondered: "What's wrong?"

    Bei Mingmo said: "Fortunately you got married this year, otherwise I'm worried that I might get married early next year!"

    "Do you have a dog outside?" Luo Tianqi heard the words and interjected.

    "You only have dogs outside!" Bei Mingmo glared at him and said, "The old lady is 27 this year, 28 years old, and 29 next year. I want to marry myself before the 30-year-old!"

    "Anyone you like?" Luo Tianqi said again.

    "My family seems to have ordered a baby kiss for me since childhood ..." Bei Mingmo raised his lips.

    "Fuck! This year, there is such a thing as a baby kiss!" Luo Tianqi burst into tears, Xuanyuan Che raised his eyes and looked at Bei Mingmo, his eyes gathered with a little anger.