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It seems that there is a gust of wind in the press conference of Haisheng group.

At the beginning of the morning, the stock price went down all the way, and it soon fell by more than 4%.

On Monday afternoon, Chu Mingyao attended the regular shareholders' meeting, and just walked into the office, he looked at all shareholders' criticism.

At the moment, Beiming foam just finished an exclusive interview activity in the Imperial City, and received a phone call from Songyi people, asking her to have dinner together in the evening.

Tonight, it's Gong Mochen's mother's birthday. Song Yiren and Gong Lingye haven't made it public. Moreover, Gong Mochen hasn't accepted everything yet, so Gong Lingye will attend the banquet alone.

They went to a hot pot restaurant for a while. Just after Beiming foam hung up, he saw a familiar figure in his sight.

Xuanyuanche was supposed to get rid of it, but he didn't expect his mother to be so persistent. Today, he took Wei Qianran directly to his company.

When he finished his work, he accompanied them to the nearby Tianhe square.

Although Wei Qianran is 25 years old this year, but his character is more lively, first saw a lap of upstairs clothes, then he took the Xuanyuan Che Wu Meina to see the perfume.

Although the age difference between the two women is about 30 years old, there is no generation gap when they talk about clothes and perfume.

Before entering unique, xuanyuanche thought that beimingmo should not be in the shop. After all, she is the chief perfumer and doesn't have to come to the shop at all.

However, at the moment of stepping in, I met the familiar face.

In fact, it's just a day away, but it's a strange thing.

She should have been interviewed today. Her makeup is exquisite. She has a big wavy volume, white dress and pink high heels. She is fashionable and dazzling.

It was quite different from the way he woke up in his arms yesterday morning.

It seems that I didn't expect to see them. Beiming foam's eyes gave a slight pause, but then he recovered his indifference.

The shopping guide has gone past: "what kind of perfume do three want to choose?"

Wu Meina said, "take a look."

Wei Qianran was holding her arm: "Auntie, let's go to see the forest department over there first."

The two said, and began to bend over to see the perfume.

At this time, several more customers came in.

Someone walked and talked: "I heard that Y & M website is updated again!"

"Really?" Another person was surprised and said, "I've been paying attention to them before. They haven't come out with new models in two years. I didn't think they'd come out in the future..."

"Now it's coming out again. It's the online notice recently. It seems that on the 15th, it began to accept the global reservation. The limit is only 100. Ah, I don't know how to get it!" That humanity.

Hearing the conversation, Wei Qianran quickly picked up her mobile phone and went to check Y & M's official website. Then she shook Wu Meina's arm excitedly: "aunt, Y & M is really new!"

Over there, Beiming foam behind the counter raised his eyes.

Yes, Y & M has come up with a new model, which she came up with yesterday when she was angry, and then she posted the sketch design on the Internet that night.

I just didn't expect to hear the discussion of Y & M fans today, and the identity of Y & M fans is too coincident

She didn't notice, but looked down at the document.

Over there, Wei Qianran and Wu Meina went straight ahead, but stopped when they suddenly saw Beiming foam.

"Are you Sabrina?" Wei Qianran was surprised: "I have seen your interview!"

Beiming foam put down the document, smiled and stood up: "yes, I am Sabrina."

"Wow, my God, you're really Sabrina!" Wei Qianran surprised: "I didn't expect I could meet you! I love your perfume! "

Beiming foam smiled: "Miss, I'm flattered."

"Really, how are you? I'm your fan!" Wei Qianran said, a little shy at the same time, full of expectation: "Sabrina, can I ask you something..."

"What's the matter?" he asked

"I know that my request is a bit too much. After all, you don't know me, but I really love the perfume you design!" Wei Qianran said, biting his lips. "I want to get engaged. I want to have a perfume that I belong to. I don't know if I can ask you to..."

She said, and quickly added: "I can add another manual fee! I just like the taste you mixed, so - "

Beiming foam smiled: "OK, I'm in the shop today. I'll do you a favor!"

"Really? Sabrina, you are so nice! " Wei Qianran's face was excited. Then, he went to the door and rushed to Xuanyuan Che, who had not come in all the time. "Brother Che, come here, I'll introduce you to someone!"

Xuanyuanche frowned, though he didn't want to go in, but due to politeness, he went in with weiqianran.

Abrina, he's my fiance! " Wei Qianran said, and he went straight to the Xuanyuan Road: "Che brother, she is Sabrina, Unique perfume chief fragrance teacher! Just now she promised to help me to make a perfume for our engagement party. "

Xuanyuanche hears the words, but he raises his eyes and looks at the foam in front of him.

She just nodded politely at him, then took back her eyes and said to Wei Qianran, "Miss, I don't know how to address you?"

"My surname is Wei. Just call me Qianran!" Wei Qianran said: "I like the fragrance of the forest department. It's better to have something fresh, um, and some sweetness..."

Smell words, xuanyuanche suddenly thought of the taste of Beiming foam.

The quiet fragrance is the sweet smell he never heard before.

"I see. Let's try it first." "Miss Wei, tell me about your hobbies. What do you like to do, fruits and food..."

Over there, the two chatted, while Wu Meina was still looking at the new Y & M bag. Seeing her son looking at Wei Qianran, she touched his arm: "acher, Qianran is actually good. She is cheerful and lively. She complements you very much."

Xuanyuanche didn't say anything.

Wu Meina is used to her son like this. She doesn't care. Instead, she pulls him: "do you look at this bag?"

"Very good." Xuanyuanche has a look, the style is simple and atmospheric, the theme is called nirvana.

"You go back and ask Ling ye if you can help order two." Wu Meina said, "I like it very much. Just now Qianran said that she also wants it."

"Well, OK, share the website with me." Xuanyuanche said.

The two men chatted for a while, and on the other side, Wei Qianran had come over with joy. "Aunt, Che brother, just Sabrina helped me to make the perfume, I love it!" Ah, I want to get it right away! "

Beiming foam has come over and said with a smile: "Miss Wei, you'd better like it, but because of the construction period, it will be another week as soon as possible. You just said you won't be engaged in a week, so it should be in time. "

"Yeah, no problem!" Wei Qianran's eyes are full of light.

"First, you are busy. I have an appointment later, so I'll go first!" The North Sea foam way.

"OK, Sabrina, thank you!" Wei Qianran looks like an idol when she sees her little fan sister. She doesn't turn her head until Beiming foam disappears in her sight.

What did she think of? She said sadly to Xuanyuan Che: "ah, brother Che, I just forgot to ask her to adjust one for you, and then we can get engaged together..."

Xuanyuan looked at the direction of the North foam disappeared, and said, "I don't love perfume."