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#86 Go home with me

When Gong Lingye received a call from Luo Tianqi, he had just finished talking about cooperation with his customers.

    For the first time, he heard Luo Tianqi's completely abnormal voice: "Brother Ye, do you know an expert in digestive medicine?"

    "What's wrong?" Gong Lingye wondered.

    "Azi she vomited blood, and the doctor said that it may be stomach cancer, so I am mentally prepared ..." Luo Tianqi's voice was shaking.

    "Tian Qi, which hospital are you in? I'll pass immediately." Gong Lingye asked.

    "I am in the emergency department of the Central Hospital." Luo Tianqi said: "The doctor now arranges for Azi to transfer to the Gastroenterology Department for further examination."

    "Okay, don't worry, I'll arrange people here." Gong Lingye hung up the phone and said sorry to the customer and couldn't send them anymore, so Chong Peijun gave a few words and quickly walked to the parking lot.

    When he drove, he had already contacted the experts, so Luo Tianqi had just transferred Li Xiaozi to the Department of Gastroenterology, and the experts arranged by Gong Lingye had arrived.

    Li Xiaozi was pushed into the examination room. Outside, Luo Tianqi leaned on the corridor. What appeared in front of her all looked like she had just paled and vomited blood.

    The self-blame and panic in his heart would not torture him if the knife did not interrupt him. He asked himself over and over again, what would he do if she really had stomach cancer?

    When Gong Lingye came over, he saw Luo Tianqi's anxious look.

    He walked over and was about to speak to Luo Tianqi. The door of the examination room opened. The expert looked serious: "Mr. Gong, your friend is not very optimistic about this situation. We will arrange an abdominal magnetic resonance examination for her immediately."

    Luo Tianqi heard this, the whole person could hardly stand, his body shook, or Gong Lingye helped him in time.

    Li Xiaozi entered the examination room again, and the time suddenly became extremely long and cruel.

    Because it is done by experts, there is no need to wait for the results the next day.

    When the expert came out, Luo Tianqi flew over and grabbed the other arm: "Sir, how is she?"

    "Preliminarily determined that her abdomen has a tumor, but whether it has metastasized to the lymph and other parts, you still need to continue to check." The expert said, let Luo Tianqi signed in the past.

    Li Xiaozi had been pushed out, Luo Tianqi looked at her sharpened face like a slap, the whole person seemed to be torn apart by remorse, and even his breath was so heavy that he couldn't add more.

    Why didn't he find that she was too thin when he saw her for the first time that day?

    Why didn't she doubt her physical discomfort when she saw her pale face when they were together?

    Why did she still torment her so crazy when she begged for mercy today? !

    His eyes fell on her abdomen, where it was so flat that nothing could be seen. Was there a tumor in it?

    So, is it benign or malignant?

    Luo Tianqi didn't dare to continue thinking. He just leaned on the wall of the hospital corridor, like a drowning man, desperately trying to get enough of the driftwood that was far away from sight.

    Next, after a series of inspections, Gong Lingye's assistant came over and gave them dinner.

    Luo Tianqi had no appetite at all, but Gong Lingye's words moved him.

    If he also falls, who will take care of the patient?

    Today, Gong Lingye originally asked the Song Yi people to have dinner together. When this happened, the Song Yi people were also a little worried. As soon as the work over the laboratory was over, she hurried over.

    As it happens, Li Xiaozi has been pushed out.

    She was transferred to the oncology department. When she was pushed into the ward, she woke up and saw Luo Tianqi and others, and couldn't help but wonder.

    Luo Tianqi's eyes were red at the moment. He walked in front of Li Xiaozi and his voice was low: "Azi, is there any other discomfort?"

    Li Xiaozi was surprised by Luo Tianqi's sudden and gentle attitude. She shook her head and saw Gong Lingye and Song Yiren. She embarrassed Luo Tianqi and said, "I'm fine, how did you call your friends?"

    "They stopped by." Luo Tianqi didn't know how to explain it, and even didn't even know how to face Li Xiaozi.

    Because of the analysis of the sampling results just now, it was concluded that Li Xiaozi is already at an advanced stage of gastric cancer.

    "Miss Li, are you hungry? There is shiitake mushroom chicken porridge, you eat it while it's hot!" Song Yiren looked at Li Xiaozi's face. Although she knew she was not Bei Mingmo's sister, she still felt sad.

    Because the doctor said, Li Xiaozi's cancer cells have completely spread and there are many complications in the body. Even if it is chemotherapy, it does not make much sense.

    "You're welcome, I'll come by myself." Li Xiaozi wanted to sit up, but his body was still very weak, and Song Yiren quickly reached out to support her.

    Staring at Li Xiaozi's profile, Song Yiren's heart was inexplicably filled with a familiar wave. Finally, she couldn't help but secretly took a few of Li Xiaozi's hair.

    Luo Tianqi placed the small table in front of Li Xiaozi's bed. He didn't look at her eyes, but just put the porridge and side dishes, and then strode out of the ward.

    In the room, Li Xiaozi also seemed to feel the atmosphere was wrong, but she didn't think much about it. In addition, her ward was a single room, and she could not see other patients and family members. Therefore, she didn't think in the direction of her serious illness.

    Outside, Luo Tianqi lit a cigarette, and leaned against the wall to smoke, and the passing doctor saw him and motioned him to a special smoking area.

    He walked in and found a man in his 50s. The two men just looked at each other and they understood each other instantly.

    They didn't speak, they smoked depressively, the smell of nicotine choked into their lungs, with a slight burning sensation, bit by bit, eroding the fragile nerves.

    When Gong Lingye came to the entrance of the smoking room, he was choked by the smell inside. He walked to Luo Tianqi and took his arm: "Tianqi, this can't solve the problem."

    Luo Tianqi smiled, and the smile was even uglier than crying: "Brother Ye, no matter what, I can't solve the problem!"

    Gong Lingye knew Luo Tianqi's sadness and self-blame. He patted his shoulder and took him out of the smoking room: "What do you plan to do in the future? Chemotherapy, or ..."

    Luo Tianqi's throat knot rolled: "Brother Ye, I don't know."

    "Her father has been away for a long time, and her mother has passed away last year. She has no relatives now." Gong Ling Yedao said: "Have a good time with her during her last time!"

    Luo Tianqi understood that Gong Lingye meant not to do chemotherapy.

    It may be possible for Li Xiaozi to live an extra month or two, but the process is actually more painful than death!

    Luo Tianqi's hand clenched into a fist. For a long time, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength, and he nodded: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye and Song Yiren left and left the space to Luo Tianqi and Li Xiaozi.

    Luo Tianqi walked to Li Xiaozi and said, "Azi, come home with me."