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The next day, Song Yi people got off work and received a call from Pei Jun, saying that her wedding dress had been delivered.

    Upon hearing the news, Song Yi was shocked and quickly said: "Then help send the wedding dress to the institute. In addition, let's transport Ling Ye's suit!"

    Tomorrow morning, Gong Lingye will wake up.

    She wanted Gong Lingye to see her wearing a wedding dress for the first time.

    Bei Mingmo went to see a relative from his mother's house with his mother tonight. He will not come back tomorrow, so Song Yi went directly to the institute tonight.

    Dr. Tan arranged a rest room for her early, and the Song Yi people slept in the rest room. Before going to bed, she set an alarm clock and set it at six in the morning.

    Perhaps because of something in my heart, at 5:40, the alarm clock hadn't sounded, and Song Yi woke up.

    After she went to wash briefly, she took her wedding dress to the room where Gong Lingye was.

    After UV sterilization of the wedding dress, she put on her wedding dress and high heels in the dressing room.

    The wedding dress was designed by Gong Lingye early and invited a famous designer. The tube top is the shape of a shell, inlaid with large and round pearls. Under the shadowless lamp, the holy and soft white light is glowing.

    The waist cut fits perfectly with the waistline, and the slender waist and the perfect chest line are outlined vividly.

    The skirt is very long and is also a shell design. Each shell-shaped skirt is inlaid with pearls.

    There are no diamonds on the wedding dress, but each pearl and the smooth texture of the wedding dress complement each other, which is expensive and elegant.

    There is no mirror here, the Song Yi people can only take photos from the instrument, arrange themselves well, and lie on the container where Gong Lingye is, waiting for him to wake up.

    The room was quite cool. She put her down jacket on her body and waited for the time.

    When she saw that Gong Lingye would wake up in only five minutes, she quickly took her down jacket to the side, sorted herself again, and continued to wait for him.

    The time points to half past six in the morning, and the instrument sounds a wake-up.

    Immediately afterwards, the sleeping man in the vessel slowly opened his eyes.

    Song Yiren had always been watching Gong Lingye, so he raised his eyes and immediately met her.

    I don't know how to describe the mood at this moment, as if I just slept, and the memory still stayed away from her. The next second, I saw her wearing a wedding dress.

    At this moment, the air was no longer cold, only the breath was full of flowers, Gong Lingye slowly opened the container, and came out.

    He stood in front of her and looked at her quietly.

    The mind is settled as a result, as if all the noise and the unknown have become insignificant.

    Because, she is wearing a wedding dress, to marry him!

    Gong Lingye stretched out his arms and took the Song Yi people into his arms, tightly.

    She didn't speak, leaning quietly in his arms.

    In addition to the smell of disinfectant water, the nose has his unique clear breath.

    She felt that all the waiting and perseverance were worth it, only for the moment's soul stop.

    It took a long time for Gong Lingye to release the Song Yi people.

    In the surprised eyes of Song Yi, he stooped and took out a box from the wedding bag.

    "Baby, turn around, I'll put it on for you." There is already a diamond necklace in his hand, and the huge diamond reflects the dazzling light under the light.

    He stood behind her, the mirror of the instrument reflected the blurred shadow of the two, but could not cover the warmth of the picture.

    Gong Lingye put a necklace on Song Yiren, bowed her head, and kissed her lips.

    A deep kiss, which took a long time to end, she blushed slightly, pointing at another bag of clothes: "There is your suit over there."

    Gong Ling night laughed and went to the dressing room to change clothes.

    The locker room is very narrow and was originally used by a single person. At this moment, the two people are inside, and they are particularly forced.

    He looked at her beautiful face, not Shi Fandai, and when he thought about it, he lowered his head and covered her lips.

    He put his back against the closet behind him, hugged her with his big hands, and lifted her up.

    The beautiful skirt laid a white pearl on the ground. He lifted her up again and kissed her with his head up.

    She had nowhere to cling, and could only hug his neck tightly.

    Obviously for him, it was actually just a dream away, but it seemed that it had been so long away that he was eager to prove each other's existence.

    His kiss ran down his neck, all the way down, and the atmosphere in the room increased.

    She took a breath, and when she realized what he was going to do, she couldn't help waving her hand, her voice trembling: "Don't be here, Dr. Tan ..."

    "He won't come in." He said, his hand already under her skirt.

    Since handing herself over to him, she has always been unable to resist his attack, as if at this moment clearly worried, but finally melted into his offensive.

    The Song Yi people have never done it in such a place. The space is almost full, the breath is the smell of Gong Lingye, and the hanger behind him seems to fall down at any time.

    Her skirt continued to fly with his movements, like a white spray.

    It took a long time for him to loosen her enough, tidy up the skirt for her, and bow her head to kiss her, his eyes were all light: "Wife, how sweet you are."

    Song Yiren's face instantly became red and transparent, and when Gong Lingye saw it, he just felt that it was coming up again.

    He knew he couldn't do this anymore. He let her go, sorted out his suit, and took her on the mirror of the instrument.

    He is tall and tall, and she is soft and delicate.

    Mutually tacitly agreed to change the wedding suits.

    As if this were a secret belonging to them.

    On the same day, Gong Lingye and Song Yiren and Song Ziheng flew to Nirvana City in advance.

    Over there, the photographers arranged by Bae Jun are already waiting for them.

    In sight, the golden sand, the blue sky, and the magnificent ancient buildings outline a vast and magnificent beauty.

    All the buildings here have a history of over a thousand years. The stone pillars on the height are engraved with ancient stories, telling the vicissitudes of the rebirth of this millennium ancient city.

    Song Yiren and Gong Lingye stood in front of the ancient temple, step by step through the walls where the wisdom of the ancients was gathered, although the dilapidated walls were shocking.

    The photographers have been following the shots. Instead of asking the two to deliberately make any movements, they stand in the distance to take pictures. However, each photo seems to be a carefully crafted visual feast.

    Until later, sunset glowed the entire sky, and under the clouds, the already incomplete clock still pointed in the direction of six o'clock in the evening. In the distance, a bell sounded and came from a long distance.

    There are so many things in the world, there are three in my love, Sun and Moon. The sun is the morning, the moon is the evening, and the Qing is the morning and evening ...

    That night, the two stayed in the only hotel in this ancient city.

    At the same time, another charter flight had flown over, and everyone attending the wedding also arrived at the hotel.

    Receiving the news, Gong Lingye came to Gong Mochen's room with a suit in his hand.