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#401 Treat her as another woman

Everyone talked and laughed, and it took almost an hour and a half to reach the top of the mountain.

There is a racetrack on the top of the hill, and there is a hilltop villa.

The villa has six suites, so everyone can really live.

I was tired after climbing the mountain, so everyone discussed it and went back to the room to take a shower, rest for a while, and then come out to play.

He Wanshuang came with everyone, because thinking that the mountain is not too high, and Lieyuan sinking down the mountain, so she planned to have lunch on the mountain and go down, just to leave here with Zhang Zixun.

Dinner at noon is in the open air, everyone is eating a delicate meal together while watching the equestrian show.

After lunch, He Wanshuang bid farewell to Gong Lingye, who arranged for the bodyguards to send He Wanshuang down.

But what she didn't expect was that she had just walked a corner and saw a man sitting on the grass beside the road.

Lieyuan faced her back with a cigar in his hand, and the smoke was blurring and lingering in the sunlight.

He seemed to sit there for a long time, almost becoming a sculpture.

It wasn't until she and the bodyguard unavoidably passed by him that he seemed to react suddenly and stood up.

"Shuang'er!" He called her, and then came to her in three or two steps.

The bodyguard narrowed his eyes and stretched his arms to stop Lieyuan Shen.

"You don't believe me and ask Gong Lingye, I am her husband." He rushed to the bodyguard: "She is going down the mountain, and I will send her down."

The bodyguard ignored it completely, and he only listened to Gong Lingye alone.

"Shuang'er, I've been waiting for you here." Lieyuan Shen seemed to have not noticed that He Wanshuang ignored him, and asked naturally: "Why don't you play more with everyone?"

She slowly raised her eyes and looked at him.

He was wearing a shirt suit and a pair of leather shoes that became less shiny because of the mountain trail.

He brought nothing but the cigar in his hand. It is estimated that he did not eat lunch at all.

She had just thought of this and suddenly stopped thinking.

The psychiatrist said that what he said before caused her to relapse into depression, and he affected some of her emotions. Those things that she wants to avoid temporarily at this stage.

Of course, in the long run, she needs to face those problems.

However, before she stabilizes, it is best to avoid.

So, she opened her eyes again, trying to make her mind empty, as if the person in front of her was just a ball of air.

She rushed to the bodyguard: "Why don't you go?"

The bodyguard is clear, and he will immediately go to the battlefield.

There was a loss in Lieyuan’s heart, and just now he thought that He Wanshuang was willing to look at him, maybe he was willing to ignore him, but...

He flashed sideways, and no longer insisted.

So, He Wanshuang and the bodyguard continued to move forward, while Lieyuan Shen walked behind them, her eyes always on her.

The road down the mountain reached the destination in less than forty minutes.

It happened that Zhang Zixun called and said: "Yuanshuang, I'm going to the villa right away. I'm waiting for you in the parking lot."

So, Lieyuan Shen followed the two to the parking lot, and saw a man get out of the car. He recognized at a glance that Gong Lingye had invited He Wanshuang's lawyer.

The man is dressed as a business elite, has a long and elegant look, and wears gold-rimmed glasses on his nose.

"Oh, Sven scum!" Lieyuan sullenly took the car key and opened his car.

He wants to see, where are they going?

Is it too unprofessional for a lawyer to get along with his defender?

However, Lieyuan Shen was really thankful afterwards, and thankfully he followed him all the way this time.

In this way, he didn't lose her when she wanted to stay away from the hustle and bustle.


On the mountain, I also want to be alone, as well as Luo Tianqi, who is my favorite love.

He rode a horse by himself, and unconsciously walked to a secluded place.

Here, far away from the observation deck, surrounded by woods, only the rustling of the wind, there will be nothing more.

He jumped from the horse immediately, tied the horse to a tree beside him, and then took out the wine from his backpack and put it on the grass.

The grass was very soft, and he lay straight up. Suddenly, his vision changed. In his vision, there were only tall and dense trees, and the golden light spot that passed through the leaves.

The blue sky is divided into pieces by trees, and the white clouds seem to become cotton candy.

At the edge of the tree, the horses lazily ate the grass under their feet, and the horse's tail slowly raised to catch the bugs.

Luo Tianqi didn't know why. Suddenly, he felt that a sense of loneliness had spread out, swept the mountains and swept the sea, and swept his breath.

He suddenly remembered that many years ago, he also had a raging horse and went hiking with Li Xiaozi.

They didn't know each other at that time, he deliberately ran fast, she chased all the way, only to gasp in the back.

He laughed at her at the time, saying that she had no flesh on her body and could not climb a mountain.

Then he reached for her and said he took her up.

Later, he kept pulling and never let go.

That day, she watched the sunset with him. After watching the sunset, he pulled her back down the mountain when it was completely dark.

At the foot of the mountain, it was really dark.

He took advantage of the night and kissed her.

He still remembers the sound of each other's heartbeats at that time, just like the heart in his chest at the moment.

Only, no one resonated with him.

So obviously young, why did he leave suddenly? He still feels trance until now...

Luo Tianqi opened the wine and drank it bit by bit.

Gradually, he was surrounded by empty wine bottles.

Aside from the backpack, the phone was singing, but he ignored it, just looking at the sky, motionless.

The sky gradually darkened, and even the horse seemed to have fallen asleep.

Luo Tianqi looked at the double shadow on the branch and smiled slowly, but after laughing, his eyes became more blurred.

At this moment, footsteps came from afar.

His voice was quite soft, but he moved his heart.

Is she back?

He stood up sharply, feeling a whirl of the sky, staggering, and holding on to the tree to barely stand.

In the dim light, a figure is getting closer.

He couldn't see what she looked like, so she just watched her reach him.

"Luo Tianqi--" Lie Xiaoruo just started, and suddenly Luo Tianqi held his shoulder.

His strength was so great that she pinched her so much that she could not help struggling: "It hurts."

He was suddenly relaxed, with a trance on his face, and a little regret: "I hurt you again?"

He said nothing but took her into his arms, his voice hoarse: "Azi, you are finally back, I waited for you... for a long time."

Lie Xiaoruo heard Luo Tianqi's thumping heartbeat and sniffed the strong smell of wine on his body, and he immediately knew that he was drunk, and he also regarded her as another woman!