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"You drank, don't kiss me, don't lean too close to me, stay away from me, I feel dizzy ..." Wen Ruoqing reached out and pushed him, trying to push him away.

    This feeling of dizziness prevented her from thinking calmly and left her insecure.

    "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Ye Sanshao is definitely impossible to leave at the moment. All he wants is her situation.

    His hands clasped her waist tightly and pulled her body completely into his arms. His lips pressed against her again. Although Wen Ruoqing kept avoiding him, he didn't kiss him directly, but His scent of wine kept spreading in front of her, and Wen Ruoqing was naturally forced to inhale a lot.

    Wen Ruoqing glared at him directly, because she was there, she should be more afraid?

    He is a wolf.

    A dangerous wolf.

    She thought he thought it was intentional, the last thing he should say she would get drunk when she touched the wine.

    "You let go first." Wen Ruoqing felt his head getting dizzy, and it was almost impossible to think normally.

    "Don't let go." Ye Sanshao's lips finally caught her lips successfully, and then went deep directly. He couldn't send all the remaining alcohol in his mouth into her mouth at this moment.

    If he was n’t afraid that she would faint directly, he wanted to give her a sip of wine.

    Wen Ruoqing, who was a little dizzy already, was kissed by him like this, and his body was directly softened, completely resting in his arms, feeling that there was no strength in her body, her head was dizzy, and her thoughts became more and more dull.

    Ye Sanshao picked her up, walked to the bed, and placed her on the bed, and he pressed her homeopathically. His lips still kissed her deliberately and deliberately.

    Wen Ruoqing was lying on the bed, her body as soft as a bone, because at this moment her head was so dizzy, she squinted her half, trying to see him clearly, but she didn't seem to see clearly.

    "Qing Qing." Ye Sanshao finally stopped her kiss, looked at her, and yelled softly.

    Wen Ruoqing heard his shout, responded gently, opened his eyes, looked at him, half sober and half confused.

    Seeing her lying on the bed, drunk and hazy, Blurred looked at him with a bit of daze. The timing of Ye Sanshao was almost time and she could move.

    "Qing Qing, where did you put the agreement we signed before we got married?" What Ye Sanshao wants to do now is to deceive the agreement and destroy it directly.

    Of course, he even wanted to trick her into ruining it, and only then would she not blame him.

    I have to say that the insidiousness and dark belly of Ye Sanshao are truly invincible.

    He didn't know where she hid the agreement? Actually, he found it in her room, but he couldn't find it.

    Wen Ruoqing still looked at him drunkly and dimly, did not answer his question, and did not even respond.

    Yesan Shao was stunned. She wouldn't be too dizzy now. She didn't even know where she put the agreement.

    Is n’t that too much?

    "Qing Qing." Ye Sanshao tentatively shouted again, thinking that if she passed out, his plan would be in vain today.

    "Why do you want an agreement?" Wen Ruoqing's eyes blinked and he asked suddenly.

    She made such a sudden noise, but shocked Ye Sanshao, and heard her speak clearly, not like being drunk.

    Is she drunk, or is she not drunk enough?

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao was really unsure.

    "I want to see it, you take it out, let me see it." At this point, Ye Sanshao could only continue as planned.

    "Don't you have it? Yours is the same as mine. You have to look at your own." Wen Ruoqing's brow slightly fainted, looking at his eyes with a little more alert.

    Ye Sanshao was stunned, depressed, and he was still not drunk enough. He knew he should have been drinking two bottles of liquor just downstairs.

    "Mine hasn't been found. You take yours out and let me have a look." Ye Sanshao continued to seduce and said that he had already blushed and gasped for a long time.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, thought about it very seriously, and then nodded: "Well, well, you wait, I'll get it for you."

    Ye Sanshao secretly rejoiced in her heart, it seems to have an effect, and the effect is very good. If it is usual, she is definitely not so fool, she will not be fooled.

    Ye Sanshao looked at Wen Ruoqing and wanted to know where he had hidden the agreement he had never found.

    Then, Ye Sanshao saw Wen Ruoqing lying on the edge of the bed with a pair of cotton slippers on the edge of the bed. She picked up one, and then pulled out their marriage agreement from the cotton slippers.

    Of course, the pair of cotton slippers are new, not worn.

    Ye Sanshao's lips twitched fiercely, completely speechless for a while.

    She really can hide, in fact, he saw the pair of cotton slippers when he first found the agreement, but he didn't think much about it.

    He never thought that she would hide the agreement in cotton slippers, which he felt completely inconsistent with her character style.

    However, she did so unexpectedly again and again.

    She is this baby agreement? How afraid is he to be discovered?

    Fortunately, he was wit, drank and kissed her. At this moment, her mind was not as fast as usual, nor was she so thoughtful about things. .

    If she had n’t brought it out at this moment, he would be afraid to find it for a year.

    Sure enough, extraordinary means still need extraordinary means.

    Now she took out the agreement, and now he is also very sure that the impact of the kiss he just had on her is still very big. Now she no longer observes the subtleties as usual, nor does she see through others like she usually does Idea.

    So, the next thing is easy to handle.

    "Which one do you want to see?" Wen Ruoqing didn't give the agreement to Ye Sishen, but grabbed the agreement and handed it to Ye Sishen for him to read.

    Although Wen Ruoqing was not so clear-headed because she inhaled a lot of alcohol, she still had instinctive precautions.

    Instinctive defense against Ye Sanshao, or the insidious nature of Ye Sanshao is too deep in her heart.

    "I think this agreement is inappropriate." Ye Sanshao naturally saw her alert to him, and he felt very depressed and depressed at the moment.

    She's drunk now and guarding him?

    "Not suitable? Where is not suitable?" Wen Ruoqing glanced at the agreement in his hand and blinked. This agreement was clearly written by her hand. How could it be inappropriate?

    "Look, we are now a true couple, and some of the provisions of the agreement are useless, and it is useless to stay. It is better to ruin." Ye Sanshao finally said his purpose, of course, he At this moment it was a bit of temptation.