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"Madam, the president asked me to pick you up." When Wen Ruoqing walked to the gate of the lord, Secretary Liu was waiting for her at the gate.

    "Secretary Liu, you are sure you are here to pick me up, not stop me." Wen Ruoqing looked at Secretary Liu, frowning.

    She really did not expect that Ye Sishen would ask Secretary Liu to stop her.

    How did Ye Sishen know that she wanted to leave? And why did he want her to go?

    Night Secretary Shen Du asked Secretary Liu to stop her. She certainly couldn't go this way anymore, so she could only follow Secretary Liu to his room.

    Wen Ruoqing entered the room and saw a person in a room. He was a little surprised. He had thought that he would call her. There must be no outsiders.

    Unexpectedly, there were so many people.

    However, when she came in, no one in the room responded, and she didn't seem to see her.

    Ye Sishen is playing mahjong. I do n’t know if I did n’t see her come in or did it on purpose. I did n’t take care of her anyway.

    Ye Sishen is playing mahjong at the moment, but from the moment she came in, all his attention was already on her.

    He was really scared at the moment that a poor man could not control what he was doing, and he could not do anything in front of so many people at the moment.

    Since nobody cares about her, Wen Ruoqing couldn't stand there stupidly for a long time, so he followed Secretary Liu into it, and after thinking about it, he chose a seat closest to Ye Sishen and sat down.

    She didn't like this kind of occasion, she didn't like it at all. He never let her participate in such occasions. What happened today?

    Ye Sishen still played mahjong, didn't look at her, didn't talk, but just saw her sitting consciously beside him, his gloomy face softened a lot.

    Wen Ruoqing naturally felt the weird atmosphere in the room, but for a time, she did not know what was going on.

    Ye Si Shen specifically called her over, and asked Secretary Liu to stop her. She came, and he ignored him. What happened?

    However, one thing she can be sure of is that Ye Sishen is indeed not in a good mood.

    Of course, Ye Si Shen didn't speak, she certainly wouldn't take the initiative to speak, after all, they were married in secret, these people should be his friends, he did not introduce, she did not stand on the ground.

    None of these people except Tang Ling and Qin Wushao knew her.

    At this moment, nobody seemed to care about her, she looked at the box casually. It was a little strange that Ye Sishen called her just now, and it was even stranger to let Secretary Liu stop her.

    Tang Ling was facing Wen Ruoqing at the moment, saw her move, smiled slightly, her vigilance was indeed high enough.

    "Yue Shao." At this moment, a woman with a hot figure came over with her waist twisted, bypassing her, and walked to the side of Ye Sishen, the hot body was intentionally or unintentionally posted to Ye Sishen.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes were instantly cold and the first reaction was to push away the woman, but when Yu Guang of his eyes saw Wen Ruoqing sitting on the side, he stiffly resisted the movement of pushing the woman away.

    He wanted to see, how would she react when she saw such a situation?

    Wen Ruoqing was sitting next to Ye Sishen at that moment, the woman had such an obvious hook—taking Ye Sishen she saw it naturally, her eyes blinked, and when Ye Sishen didn't mean to refuse, she consciously turned to Moved aside, actively gave way to beauty.

    Seeing her movements, Ye Sishen felt breathless in her chest, only to spit blood.

    He found that he tried this woman to find himself torture.

    He clearly knew that she didn't have him in her heart. On this point, she had just manifested herself clearly in the 008 box. Is he stupid? At this moment, he still wants to use this method to test her reaction.

    Sure enough, anger can make a person irrational and also make a person lose the ability to think.

    The boss raised his eyebrows slightly, and his lips slowly made a smile.

    The woman saw Ye Sishen didn't refuse, she felt secretly in her heart, and she moved closer to him.

    Almost all of the fullness in front of him was attached to him.

    Wen Ruoqing knew that at this time, she must be interested, after all, Ye Si Shen did not reject the woman.

    And she had n’t ignored her since she came in, so she felt she should avoid it.

    Therefore, Wen Ruoqing stood up, went directly to the other side, and chose a position far away from Shen Si Shen to sit down again.

    Ye Si exhaled fiercely, her teeth clenched fiercely, and the sound of hoarse teeth could be heard faintly.

    He, who had always been calm, pushed the mahjong in front of him at this moment.

    The woman who had posted it stood upright in shock. She clearly knew that Ye Sanshao was not easy to provoke, and Ye Sanshao was obviously angry now.

    The woman was quite interesting and left quickly.

    "Third Brother, are you fooling?" Xiaoqi saw Ye Si Shen pushed the card, thinking he was fooling, and looked at it again and again.

    "Third Brother, you haven't heard it yet. Why are you arrogant?" Xiao Qi was stunned when he saw the card in front of Ye Sishen.

    The boss looked at Wen Ruoqing, who was far away from the moment, and smiled meaningfully.

    Wen Ruoqing obviously didn't pay attention to this, he was pouring tea, and was very contented.

    Ye Si's face was even more ugly.

    "I just watched her feat, I originally thought that if you let her see someone hooking her husband, she would directly cut the man." The boss glanced at the moment, his face gloomy as if it had been dug out of the grave Three young people, and then see Wen Ruoqing, who is like an innocent person on one side, and the smile on the corner of his lips is even more obvious.

    "Yeah, I thought the same way, but why did Sansao not respond at all?" Xiao Qi was also puzzled. Unlike the boss, he was really puzzled.

    In fact, he doesn't want to play mahjong now. He wants to chat with Sansao. Sansao was really too powerful. He really admired Sansao.

    But the fifth brother arranged for him to play mahjong.

    The eldest brother also told me not to take the initiative to speak to Sansao when Sansao came over, because Sansao was too clever and vigilant.

    Therefore, he can only endure.

    "Or didn't see it." Xiao Qi also looked at Wen Ruoqing, but at the moment his voice was a little weak. Obviously he didn't quite believe this reason.

    "How is it possible? When the woman came just now, Sansao was sitting next to Sansao. Obviously, it was Sansao's intentionally giving way." Xi Jidang really looked at the excitement and it was not a big deal.

    "Then there is only one explanation ..." Tang Ling looked at Ye Si Shen, smiling like a fox. Obviously Tang Ling said this to Ye Si Shen deliberately, to be precise, it should have deliberately stimulated Ye Si Shen .

    "What?" Xiao Qi didn't really understand it, so he asked modestly.