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#73 Okay, that's good.

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Wen ruoqing didn't know anything about the sudden change of his decision.

"He's going back at ten today. I'll take a bath and coax her to sleep. The time is right." Wen ruoqing hangs up the phone, the voice is a little more relaxed, these days hope baby has slowly adapted, but it is still sticky to her, she will cry at night when she can't see it.

Fortunately, in these days, she went back later every day, and she could coax Xibao to sleep and go back again every day.

”I said, if you play hide and seek with yeshishen like this, you are not afraid that one day, yeshishen suddenly goes back to expose in advance? "He Tong looks at her with a bad smile." how do I feel that you are fighting guerrilla war. "

"Yesi Chen has a strong sense of time. He says when to go back is when to go back. "Wen ruoqing is not too worried. Men like Yesi Chen have a strong sense of time. These days are the best proof.

Every day, when do you go back? It's almost no error.

”What if, what if he went back earlier? "He Tong, the pupil, the lips and the corners are slightly skimmed." besides, aren't you afraid of the nanny's complaint? "

"On the first day of his return, sister-in-law Li didn't file a complaint, so it's unlikely that she will file a complaint next, unless he asks." For sister-in-law Li, Wen ruoqing has observed. She can see that sister-in-law Li is afraid of the night secretary. If the night secretary does not ask for help, sister-in-law Li cannot take the initiative to file a complaint.

"OK, it's better to be OK. In case of any accident, I'm found by the night manager. I can't even think of the consequences." He Tong spits out his tongue secretly, hoping that she won't be found by the Secretary at night, otherwise she is really afraid.

"I'll pay attention to it later. Tomorrow, I will send two babies to kindergarten. I won't have to accompany them all day." Wen ruoqing also knows about yesichen, so she really needs to be careful. Fortunately, she looks after a kindergarten for two babies these days, and can send them to the kindergarten tomorrow.

"Well, when babe goes to school, I can pick him up and take him off. Babe has been used to it for a short time. I have no problem on my own. If it's inconvenient for you, you don't need to come here. "He Tong is still worried after all.

Wen ruoqing did not answer, just looking at the eyes of the two babies more and more soft.

”President, you have an appointment with Mr. Li tonight. Mr. Li came here specially from Shanghai. "At the end of his command, the Secretary hung up, and secretary Liu could only run past to find out.

”Push them all off. "Yeshishen replied without any hesitation. He raised his wrist and looked at the time. It was just over five. It wasn't time for work, but he got up directly and walked out.

Secretary Liu is stunned. The president is going to leave work early. What is the important thing for the president today?

Of course, secretary Liu dare not ask more about the president's decision. He can only find a way to communicate with President Li.

When Yesi Shen returned to the villa, just at six o'clock, he got off the bus, and his lips were slightly hooked. He suddenly came back so early today, I wonder what kind of reaction she would have?

"Sir, are you back so early today?" Seeing the sudden return of Yesi Shen, sister-in-law Li was surprised. She thought that Wen ruoqing had not come back, and her body shrank slightly.

"Yes." The night division Chen enters the room, did not see Wen ruoqing, Leng Leng Leng: "madam?"

"My wife is out, she hasn't come back. "Since ye sichen asked, sister-in-law Li must answer.

”Out? Do you know where to go? "Yesi Chen thought of calling him at five o'clock and asking when he would come back. He thought she was at home at that time.

”The wife didn't say. "Sister Li is not a talkative person, and she is afraid that if she talks too much, the Secretary will be angry.

"Yes. "The night division replied in a low voice, with a slightly heavy face. He didn't expect that he would come back early, but she went out.

”Sir, I haven't eaten yet. I'll prepare dinner. " Mrs. Li didn't expect that yesichen would come back so early, and Wen ruoqing would not come back for dinner, so she didn't prepare dinner at all.

”My wife won't come back for dinner? "He didn't come back for dinner in advance. It's normal that Mrs. Li didn't prepare for him, but he just found that there was nothing in the kitchen.

"Yes." Sister-in-law Li murmured a sigh. She answered in a low voice and lowered her head slightly. She did not dare to speak in disorder, let alone look at the Secretary at night.

Seeing the appearance of sister-in-law Li, her eyes narrowed slightly: "when did my wife go out?". "

"Morning, morning..." Sister Li's body trembled, more afraid.

There is more danger in the eyes of the night manager. She leaves the door in the morning. Then she calls him at five o'clock and asks if he will come?

And Mrs. Li's appearance at the moment is even more suspicious.

”What does the wife usually do at home? "It seems that the voice of Yesi Chen at the moment is a little more casual, but if you listen carefully, it's not difficult to find the chilling meaning.

”Ma'am, ma'am "Sister Li is obviously flustered. I don't know what to say.

”To be honest. " Looking at Mrs. Li's reaction, ye sichen understood that there was something wrong with it.

”The wife follows her husband every day, and then comes home half an hour before he goes home at night. "To the cold and frightening eyes of the Secretary Chen at last night, Sister Li's body was obviously quivering, but she could only answer truthfully.

"You go back first." Night Si Chen suddenly said to sister-in-law Li, that low voice just sounds frightening,.

"Ah? "Ah!" Mrs. Li breathed in surprise. Mr. Li asked her to go back at this time. Would you like to wait for his wife to come back and settle accounts with her?

Look at your husband. I'm afraid when my wife comes back ,

Mrs. Li dare not think of the consequences.

However, she is just a worker. She can't manage any of those things. What's more, it's really terrible like yesichen now. Sister Li left in shock and tremble.

Night division heavy lips Cape hook out a sneer, she every day after he went out, followed by the door, and then came home half an hour before he came back in the evening! So she called every day and asked when he would be back, just to know his whereabouts, and then she could go home within half an hour before he went home.

If he does not remember correctly, when he left in the morning, she did not get up, and when he came back every day, she fell asleep. Now, they are pretending

Good, good.