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father? ! For a moment, Ye Si Shen Jue's own hallucinations ...

    Ye Sishen just saw that the woman who got off the car was not Wen Ruoqing, and just wanted to call Wen Ruoqing, so when the phone rang, he answered very quickly.

    But who can tell him what happened?

    Why is there such a sweet, glutinous voice calling his father?

    Not long ago, he received a certificate from Wen Ruoqing, and it was not so fast! What's more, he still doesn't have a cave until now!

    Ye Si Shen was too surprised, too shocked, but somehow, when he heard the sound, the depth of his heart seemed to shake suddenly, which felt particularly strange.

    He usually has no woman, except for the woman who was five years ago, Ye Si Shen's eyes suddenly startled.

    Here, Tang Zhimo was also completely shocked, and secretly screamed badly. Will this dad be directly exposed?

    He didn't expect Zi Xi to rush up like this suddenly, and then just called the phone so cleverly, and Zi Xi just shouted at his father!

    What to do in such a critical situation now? He knew that her identity with her sister could not be exposed, especially in City A.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes turned slightly, and he suddenly thought of an idea.

    Tang Zhimo brewed his emotions, and then cried out with a cry: "Dad, you, you come back quickly, my mother and grandma fight, if you don't come back, the house is demolished."

    Uncle Murong once said that the contradiction between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law of the Chinese family is the biggest contradiction. It is the most difficult to be caught in the middle as a man.

    So, in an emergency, he suddenly thought of this method.

    Tang Zixi's eyes turned around, looking at the two mothers who were talking in the living room, and then to his brother, his lips flicked, and there was obviously some dissatisfaction in the expression: "Brother, you ..."

    Before Tang Zixi lied, he was covered by Tang Zhimo.

    "Sister, be good, don't be afraid, your father will be back." Tang Zhimo covered Zixi's mouth while fearing to cause Ye Sishen's suspicion, he added a sentence.

    Tang Zixi's eyes blinked, seeming a little puzzled, but he seemed to understand, and there was no more noise.

    Ye Sishen was stunned again, but he didn't talk much at the moment but he couldn't help asking more: "Are you?"

    In fact, it was basically certain that he had made the wrong call, but his heart suddenly lost inexplicably. This sudden drop gave him an uncomfortable feeling. For a time, he didn't want to just hang up.

    Especially the voice of the little girl gave him a feeling of reluctance.

    "I'm your son, dad. Are you an Alzheimer's? You only left home in the morning and forgot your son? Did your mother quarrel with you last night and confuse you? Dad, don't take me off I forgot. "Tang Zhimo's voice was clearly crying, and the performance was truly perfect.

    "You may have made the wrong call. I'm not your father." The little boy's voice was a bit childish, and it sounded like a few years old, and he was about to cry in a hurry at the moment, so Ye Sishen did not Doubt anything.

    "Ah? I called the wrong number?" Tang Zhimo exclaimed deliberately: "You are not my father, sorry, then I will call my father again."

    Tang Zhimo secretly exhaled and wanted to hang up.

    "Wait, what's your name? What's your mother's name?" Ye Sishen's eyes suddenly flashed. Just now the little boy said that his mother was fighting with his grandmother, and that the house was about to be demolished. Did not hear.

    He didn't want to suspect that a child was lying.

    But he always felt something was wrong, and always felt something unusual in this matter.

    Of course, he had to admit that there was still a very uncomfortable gap in his mind at the moment.

    Therefore, he asked a little reluctantly.

    "My mother's name is He Tongtong, my name is Mo Mo, uncle, do you have any questions? I have to worry about calling my dad." Tang Zhimo just wanted to hang up and heard his words, one The heart hung up again, but he quickly answered.

    This is not a lie. He really shouted He Tongtong's mother. As for the name of his mother, Tang Zhimo knew that he could never tell Ye Sishen at this moment.

    Tang Zhimo answered very quickly and naturally. At the other end of the phone, Shen Wei froze for a while, but then he asked a question: "How old is your sister? How old are you?"

    Tang Zhimo is a very clever child. Hearing Ye Sishen suspected him, but it was good, and he was about to hang up. Why did that person suddenly suspect him?

    The husband her mother looks for is not easy to fool!

    "Sister is three and a half years old this year, and I am seven years old." Tang Zhimo also answered quickly, thinking secretly why Ye Sishen suddenly had doubts.

    His eyes turned and he immediately understood the problem. He just said that his mother and grandma were arguing, but the room was too quiet.

    No, he had to find a way to make some sounds, and make some very fierce quarrels.

    Therefore, he must think of another way.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes rolled, and suddenly he had an idea. He stood up, stomped on the spot intentionally, and then shouted anxiously: "Sister, don't run around, what if you don't see the run?"

    In order to be realistic, Tang Zhimo also pushed Tang Zixi, wanting her to make a sound of walking.

    However, as soon as he pushed, Tang Zixi suddenly fell to the ground, and then cried out directly: "Brother, hurt."

    Tang Zhimo was stunned. He just didn't work hard, and his sister didn't like crying. She fell down and broke her skin. She didn't hum, what happened this time?

    However, in this way, it was even more realistic. Tang Zhimo repeatedly said to Ye Sishen at the other end of the phone: "Uncle, my sister and I were hiding out to call, my sister ran away, uncle, I won't follow you Having said that, I am going to find my sister. "

    This time, Ye Sishen was not good to say anything, and Tang Zhimo's sentence to hide outside to call was an explanation for his previous suspicions. In such a case, he should also hang up.

    However, Wen Ruoqing and He Tongtong in the hall heard Tang Zixi's cry and ran quickly.

    "What's wrong? What's wrong with you baby?"

    Ye Si Shen Gang tried to hang up the phone, and suddenly heard the woman's voice, he stopped suddenly according to the phone's action.

    Tang Zhimo originally wanted to hang up the phone, and when Wen Ruoqing came in suddenly, not only did he not hang up, but instead ordered a hands-free, then the next sentence of Ye Si Shen on the phone directly dispelled Wen Ruoqing's soul.

    "Little guy, you're lying." Ye Sishen's voice was still revealing the threatening power of the heart through the phone.