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#14 Is it her? !

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In the next room, Ye Sanshao's eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the picture.

    Qin Wushao's eyes also brightened, and there were beautiful women! Of course, the point is not to have a beauty, the point is that this beauty has a relationship with the third brother.

    "Then what?" The police officer continued to ask, apparently Qin Wushao gave advice, and the problem tended to be obvious.

    "Then I stopped and made a conversation." Ye Yufeng's lip-scarred grin flickered layer by layer, his eyes deeper than he knew.

    It seems that this matter is really related to Wen Ruoqing!

    "you recognize?"

    "I don't know." Ye Yufeng raised his eyes and glanced at the police officer. His eyes were straight.

    "No, do you stop?"

    "Police officer, if you changed, Ling Chen at four o'clock and saw a beautiful and charming, beautiful and beautiful woman standing on the side of the road, wouldn't you stop?" Ye Yufeng's lip corner smiled a little bit more ruthlessly, But it is a bit meaningful.

    "..." The police officer was speechless.

    "Glamorous and charming, charming and beautiful, three brothers, not bad, this woman was with you at the hotel last night? Did something happen to you?" Qin Wushao's eyes starred, curious bubbles all in his heart It's about to boil.

    Ye Sishen's eyes swept coldly towards him, with a chilling murderous intention in the freezing cold.

    Qin Wu Shao trembles, and it's still quite interesting.

    The third brother looks terrible at the moment.

    "And then?" In another room, the police officer adjusted his status and continued to ask questions.

    "Then the beauty ignored them and got into someone else's car." Ye Yufeng's words were true. At that time, Wen Ruoqing didn't pay attention to him.

    "Police officer, this year, you have to enter the police station if you have tried to answer?" Ye Yufeng's face still cynically smirked, but the slightly drooping eyes had a slightly deeper smile.

    Some things seem more and more interesting!

    "Brother, do you think his words are true? A few false?" In the next room, Qin Wushao's eyebrows were slightly selected. This Ye Yufeng was a fox, and he said a lot of water.

    It ’s just, do n’t know which one is true? Which sentence is false?

    "Check Wen Ruoqing, all the information, no details." Ye Si Shen did not answer his question, and then Feng Feng jumped suddenly.

    "Wen Ruoqing? Why do you want to check her?" Wise as Qin Wushao can't figure out this time, "Brother, what happened?"

    Regarding this question, Ye Sanshao will definitely not answer.

    "You have another person to do one thing ..." Shen Si Shen's eyes sank, approaching Qin Wushao, lowering his voice and instructing him.

    "Third Brother, are you too ruthless? You would scare Miss Wen this way? I heard Miss Wen was originally cowardly and a little stupid ..." Qin Wushao's eyes widened, The corners of the lips are so fierce. Does Sange need to be so cruel?

    He can foresee that the engagement banquet of Ye Wen and his wife will not be too peaceful today.

    However, the third brother didn't actually do anything, but just pushed the shady things that some people did to the bright side.

    If Miss Wen was unaware and deceived, then it really helped Miss Wen.

    It is now found that Zongqiang discovered after getting married.

    Ye Si's lip corner suddenly evoked a smile, the beautiful arc, but it was dangerously creepy.

    Timid? If the woman who was last night was really her, her courage is not at all small!

    He just wants to see if she is!