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"How do you know?" Madam Donald stunned, her eyes flickered, and suddenly understood, she couldn't help but exclaimed: "Do you know my son Lingzi?"

Wen Ruoqing smiled and did not speak. She had met Tang Ling twice.

Wen Ruoqing didn't explain much because she wanted to let this topic pass, but she didn't expect that Mrs. Tang would even scold it directly: "What a broken eye does this stink boy, he doesn't like such a good girl, is he blind?"

"Are you saying he is blind?" Mrs. Donald turned to Mrs. Tang to solicit resonance from Mrs. Tang.

"Yes, yes, he is blind." Her old man Tang nodded in agreement with Mrs. Tang.

Wen Ruoqing was stunned, and Mr. Tang was too fond of Mr. Tang? These two are so cute.

Somehow, Wen Ruoqing looked at the two of them suddenly warm.

"Okay, let's go back." Mrs. Ye suddenly came over and wanted to take Wen Ruoqing away, because she was afraid that there would be any accidents. She knew clearly that the people of Gu's family were not so annoying.

She was afraid that Wen Ruoqing would mess up Ye Jia again at that time, so she left as soon as possible.

Mrs. Tang was very reluctant, but after all, she was not her own child. She was not allowed to stay if someone wanted to leave.

Watching Wen Ruoqing leave, Mrs. Donald suddenly felt empty of heart and was extremely lost.

Yejia's housekeeper drove over, so he didn't have to give it away.

"Yesi Shen went on a business trip again?" Ye Ye suddenly asked in the car.

"Well." Wen Ruoqing responded in a low voice. She didn't look up to see Ye Ye, but her lips were slightly ticked, and it seemed that Ye Ye caught this fish.

"Why didn't he take you with you on this business trip?" Ye Ye asked again, pretending to be casual.

Wen Ruoqing still lowered her head slightly. This time, she did not speak. She knew that sometimes it was not good to say too much. Sometimes, keeping silence properly would make things more mysterious.

Ye Ye looked at Wen Ruoqing, and his lips twitched slightly: "He said what he said last time is not rare. Ye Shi's company is not so hard to use? Definitely it means to listen to me and play tricks on me. Huh, if he doesn’t do well enough to satisfy me, I will never give him the company.”

Wen Ruoqing's eyes narrowed slightly, her emotions were always well controlled, but somehow every time she heard Ye Ye say this, she was very upset.

She just couldn’t get used to Ye Sishen’s management of the company and wanted to threaten Ye Sishen everywhere.

She is even less accustomed to the old man's alms.

Wen Ruoqing's Ye Si Shen may not be a rare company of Ye Shi, but Ye Si Shen cannot let Ye Shi's company fall into the hands of Ye Sichun, so she must get it.

In this case, she helped Ye Sishen get all this back, and it was time for her to take the shot. Ye Sishen went on a business trip, and she might give him a big surprise when he came back.

Wen Ruoqing's lips were slightly ticked, and a slight chuckle was drawn. Although it was very light, it looked very real,

"Do you know where he went on a business trip this time?" At this moment, Ye Ye suddenly asked again, and Ye Ye's words obviously brought a bit of temptation.

Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered. Ye Ye's question was right. She was just right. She was worried that she had no chance.

"Country R." Wen Ruoqing looked up at Old Master Ye and returned naturally.

In fact, Wen Ruoqing didn't know where the night Si Shen had gone this time. She was deliberately saying R country.

Because Ye Si Shen has many industries in R, but Ye Shi does not have any business there.

"Country R? Has Ye's business expanded to Country R?" Sure enough, Ye Ye's eyebrows frowned slightly, and his face was a little bit more stunned and doubtful.

"No, it's my husband's own..." Wen Ruoqing naturally followed the old man's words proudly, but after half of the words, she suddenly realized that something was wrong, she stopped quickly, and was still very nervous. A very worried look at Ye Ye.

Ye Ye originally suspected that when Wen Ruoqing said "unintentionally", she saw Wen Ruoqing's appearance again. His brows frowned tightly, and his face became more solemn, but he didn't say much.

Wen Ruoqing took out his phone and quietly sent a text message to Murong Duanyang.

Last time, she asked Murong Duanyang to find out all the forces of Ye Sishen just to show Master Ye.

She knew that Ye Yezi would definitely let someone check it, but with the abilities of Ye Yezi's people, it might not be possible to find the forces of Ye Sishen, so this time Murong Duanyang needs to deliberately release information to Ye Yezi's people.

Ye Yezi was so used to it, he wouldn't doubt it. When the incident happened suddenly, Ye Yezi would find a solution as soon as possible.

"Go and help me check if Si Shen has his own industry in other countries." Ye Ye then directly dialed a phone call, and instructed Wen Ruoqing directly,

Wen Ruoqing thought that Mr. Ye would at least wait until home to check again. It seemed that Mr. Ye was really anxious this time. It was good, and the effect was better than she expected.

And she believes that when Ye Ye sees all the industries of Ye Si Shen, she will definitely be more anxious, so this matter is easier to handle.

There was Murong Duanyang's help, so the old man Ye received the phone when he got home. The other party said on the phone that the old man Ye was listening, and the more he listened, the more dignified his face was.

The other party said for a long time, because Ye Sishen's industry is not much. After Ye Ye hung up the phone, that complexion can be said to be quite complicated.

"You come to the study with me." After getting out of the car, Ye Ye directly said to Wen Ruoqing.

Wen Ruoqing was stunned for a while, his face was a little stunned, and a little nervous, of course, that was intentionally expressed by Wen Ruoqing.

Ye Ye looked at Wen Ruoqing's series of reactions, and his mood was more complicated.

"You know all the other industries of Ye Sishen?" When he entered the study room, Ye Ye asked directly. At this moment, his eyes looking at Wen Ruoqing were obviously a bit harsh. He thought that under his eyes, Wen Ruoqing would never dare. lie.

"I don't know all about it. He only took me to country R. I only know some situations over there." In fact, Wen Ruoqing doesn't need to lie. Of course, if Wen Ruoqing really wants to lie, he can't be scared by Ye Ye. Ye The old man could not see it.

"Doesn't he avoid you?" Ye Ye's eyes narrowed, Ye Sishen has developed so many industries, he only knows now that Ye Sishen is hiding him, why not conceal this woman?