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#12 He attacked

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"What happened to the woman in your room last night?" Ye Sishen's words were clearly deceptive.

    He wanted to know if that woman would be the ghost of the fourth son!

    With Lao Si's usual temperament, it is possible to do such a thing.

    "What woman? Which room?" Over there, Tang Sishao was blindfolded.

    "Universe 2202." Hearing Tang Sishao's stunned tone, Ye Si frowned slightly.

    "No, I'm not in city A. How could there be a woman in my room?" Tang Sishao was even more confused, because he didn't wake up and couldn't understand the third brother's words?

    "Are you sure?" Ye Si Shen once again confirmed that this matter was too strange.

    "Brother, I am in Taipei, I put a woman in the hotel room of City A? What's the matter? Is it possible that Wangmei can quench his thirst? Even if Wangmei can quench his thirst, I can't see this distance."

    "Who knows the password of your room?" Ye Si exhaled secretly, the fourth elder didn't know, but the woman climbed into his room from the fourth elder's room.

    This matter is more complicated.

    Both his and the fourth son's rooms are fingerprint and password lock, if someone knows the fourth son's password, it is possible ...

    "Know the password of my room?" Tang Sishao's words paused and he thought for a moment. "Secretary Qi knows that I once asked Secretary Qi to go to the hotel to help me get a document."

    "Brother, what's the big deal?" Tang Sishao's curiosity at the moment was also completely picked up, which allowed him to deliberately ask him about things like this, I am afraid it's not a trivial matter.

    However, Ye Sichen did not answer him, but hung up the phone directly.

    Tang Sishao looked at the hung up phone and was dumbfounded. The third brother woke him up so early, and hung up the phone without saying anything. Is there any reason?

    After half an hour.

    "Third Brother, I found Ye Yunan, but when I found him, he and Miss Wen Er were in the hotel. From the surveillance video, they went to the hotel last night and they were always in the hotel. Obviously the car was not driven by him. However, Ye Yunan is really lacking in virtue. Today, she is engaged to Miss Wen Jia. Last night, she even rolled the bed sheets with Miss Wen Jia Er at the hotel for the night. "The information that Qin Wu Shao found was a bit large.

    "Miss Wen Jia?" Ye Sishen's eyebrows quickly picked up, suddenly caught this point.

    "Miss Wen Jia, Wen Ruoqing, is the daughter of Wen Zhifan, Wen Zhifan's son. Wen Zhifan died unexpectedly 20 years ago. Miss Wen was taken back by Wen Jia five years ago, and the family of Ye Jia was handled by Mr. Wen. However, I heard that Miss Wen was not very smart. There were rumors outside that it was a problem with her brain. After receiving the Wen family, she had not graduated from high school for five years, and she did not graduate well. Obviously, Ye Yunan did not deal with this family matter. Too willing, but I heard that Ye Yunan had some confusion with Miss Wen Jia Er before ..., "Qin Wushao's words turn faster and there is no gap between them.

    "Find some reporters to pass." Ye Si Shen suddenly said, interrupting his words.

    She was drugged last night, and reporters outside the hotel today. Ye Yunan got engaged to Miss Wen Jia today, but was she at the hotel last night with Miss Wen Jia Er?

    He wants to know if there is any connection, if there is a connection, then it is probably ...