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Moreover, his wife has undergone special training, I heard that her skill is also very good.

Therefore, Secretary Liu's life may not be guaranteed.

Ye Si glanced at Secretary Liu: "I've started the introspection."

He went on a business trip and Secretary Liu handled the divorce for him. He hasn't settled this question with Secretary Liu yet.

Secretary Liu was shocked. Is this the president going to cross the river to demolish the bridge? How can the president do this?

"However, the wife I feel is still very clear-cut. The wife must know that there is an injustice and a debt, so when the wife wakes up, she will definitely not kill me first if she wants to kill." In a word, Secretary Liu thought when he said this. Anyway, it was all death. What was he afraid of, and what he dared not say.

Ye Si Shen looked down at Wen Ruoqing in his arms, he knew her temperament, so Secretary Liu's words were good. If she woke up, she would also ask him to settle the account.

But he is willing, he is willing to do whatever she wants to do with the accounts.

He wanted her and him to keep this account forever so that they could struggle for a lifetime.

He just didn't want her to hide from him, and she was not allowed to leave him.

He knew that she was not in her heart, so he tried to keep her in his heart, even if it was not love, it could be something else, as long as the person she wanted was him.

Of course, he has one more important thing to do now.

Ye Sishen took Wen Ruoqing directly to his dedicated suite at Huanyu Hotel, the same room where she broke in five years ago to strengthen him.

Five years ago, the truth should be revealed.

Ye Sishen put her on the bed, the movement was very gentle, his lips kissed gently on her face.

At the moment, her eyes were closed tightly and very quietly. Although she was now disguised again as she used to be, Ye Sishen still felt beautiful, he couldn't help but kissed her lips a few more times.

At this moment, however, Si Shen dared not do other deviant things.

He remembered her madness after drunk last time, and couldn't help raising her lips.

This time, she was quiet, she didn't wake up all the way to now.

But I don’t know if it will be like the last surprise! !

Ye Si Shen was thinking, but Wen Ruoqing on the bed suddenly opened her eyes. At this moment, Ye Si Zheng looked at her from a close distance. She opened her eyes so suddenly, she surprised Ye Si Shen.

He found that her eyes were extremely clear at the moment, not like being drunk.

Ye Si was stunned for a moment, what happened, was this drunk? Still not drunk.

Wen Ruoqing's eyes turned slightly, looking at Ye Sishen, then suddenly smiled.

Seeing the smile on her face, Ye Sishen suddenly felt a creepy feeling.

Ye Sishen really didn't know what was happening to her at the moment, like drunk and sober.

Ye Si Shen was thinking, Wen Ruoqing suddenly jumped up, and then directly fell on Ye Si Shen's body, and her fist fell quickly on him: "Ye Si Shen, you bastard, I will kill you ."

Her strength is not small, and she hits the most painful places, mercilessly, that punch went down, Ye Si gasped in pain.

However, he did not resist. Naturally, it was even less likely to return. She just stretched her arms around her waist and slightly pressed her body a little. As a result, she could not exert her full strength, and her falling fists did not. So heavy.

"Take it lightly, don't hurt yourself." Ye Si sank and didn't mind the pain in his body. He loved her play style, and her hands would definitely hurt.

Wen Ruoqing hit him like this as soon as he opened his eyes. Ye Si Shen thought that Wen Ruoqing must be sober at this moment.

She must have been angry at what he had done before, so she beat him.

She should be angry about the things he had done to her before, and he had already been mentally prepared.

When Wen Ruoqing heard his words, she threw his fist and stopped. She seemed to think about it very seriously, and then said very seriously: "Well, you are right, my hand really hurts."

Ye Si Shen Weizhen, apparently did not expect that she would be so obedient, more aware that her words sounded strange.

She doesn't look sober now, it should be the reaction after being drunk, but how is this time completely different from the last time? Last time, when she woke up, it was called a soft, that called a charming, that time she tempted him with all kinds of amorous feelings.

Why did you wake up this time and directly hit someone?

Ye Si Shen was thinking, Wen Ruoqing suddenly lowered her head, close to his neck, her lips pressed against his skin.

Ye Sishen's body is slightly stiff, what is she doing?

Do you want to kiss him?

Will it be the same surprise as last time?

After all, she is in a state of being drunk after all, so, Ye Si Shenjue, it is very possible that she wants to kiss him, just like last time...

But at the next moment, a sudden pain came from Ye Sishen's neck.

Ye Sishen quickly recovered, and found that Wen Ruoqing was not kissing him, but biting him. She was biting hard enough, and his body was tightly subconsciously painful.

He thought, maybe he was about to bite and bleed.

"I don't hit you with my hand, I bite it, so that my hand won't hurt." And at this moment, Wen Ruoqing raised his head, looked at him, and said so happily.

Ye Si Shen stunned, suddenly a feeling of being struck by thunder, what is he like, he dug himself to bury himself?

"Qing Qing, can we not bite?" Ye Si Shen wanted to try to persuade her again. She bit him like that, but he could bear it when he hurt him, but she bit him like that, his body would react, especially When her lips pressed against his skin...

"No, I will use a bite." But Wen Ruoqing is drunk at the moment. At this moment, she is very self-willed. She doesn't let her do what she wants to do.

Wen Ruoqing said, lowering his head and biting hard on Ye Sishen's body. This time, Wen Ruoqing bite Ye Sishen's shoulder.

Then Wen Ruoqing raised his head again, frowned slightly, and looked at the clothes on Ye Sishen with a pair of eyes, seemed to think about it very seriously, and then suddenly started to take off Ye Sishen's clothes.

Ye Sishen saw her move, his body was unconsciously tight, she wanted to...

Wen Ruoqing tugged at his shirt, did not pull it off, and then she suddenly yanked it hard, and then pulled off all the buttons on Ye Sishen's shirt.

Ye Sishen couldn't move directly.

Last time, she also took off his clothes, but that time, she was very gentle, but this time, it was extremely rough.

Did she tear his clothes like this?

Isn't this the case for men to women? Why did he come back completely when he arrived?