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"Qingqing, I know it was my fault that I dropped out five years ago. I hurt you, and I know you always like me. I'm sorry, I shouldn't hurt you." At the moment, ye Yunan's apology, of course, also carries some just feelings.

Listen to Ye Yunan, Wen ruoqing wants to laugh. Does she like him? Still like him? Who gave him confidence?

"Qingqing, I know you like me, and I'm willing to marry you. Our business has nothing to do with Ruan. You let Ruan go, and we get married." Ye Yunan felt that he had shown his full sincerity. He said that he would marry her in public, which means that he proposed to her in public.

Ye Yunan is very confident at the moment, so his voice is very loud. He doesn't mind being heard, because he believes that Wen ruoqing will promise him.

At the moment, Ye is not really trying to save Wen Ruan, but he wants to highlight his influence on Wen Ruan.

Wen ruoqing's lips hook, slowly raised his head, eyes fell on Ye Yunan's body, smiled.

To her smile, ye Yunan was secretly happy, and more proud of vanity. It seems that she really liked him, so she was so happy to hear his words!

He is looking forward to Wen ruoqing's next answer. He thinks that she will definitely say that she would like to. He even thinks or she may run to him directly because of the surprise.

But at the moment, the night Secretary standing upstairs looks gloomy for a moment. Is Ye Yunan tired of proposing to his daughter-in-law?

Wen ruoqing's heart is funny. Ye Yunan says he will marry her? So what does he want to marry her for?

Saving Wen and Ruan is not the key. Ye Yunan is clearly for Wen family.

It's funny enough.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ye. I think you misunderstood me." However, Wen ruoqing didn't want to be ugly in this public. Even though ye Yunan and Wen Ruan were together at the party last time, she still gave him face in this public place.

After all, that day's matter has been solved, has passed, she will never hold on to one thing.

Her words at the moment are alienated and cold. She thinks Ye Yunan can understand her attitude if he has a little brain.

However, Wen ruoqing obviously overestimated Ye Yunan's IQ at the moment, mainly because ye Yunan drank wine at the moment, and drank a little more, and his brain response was slow.

Therefore, he did not understand the meaning of Wen ruoqing for a while, instead, he thought that Wen ruoqing did not understand her.

Ye Yu looked at Wen ruoqing in the south, stupefied, didn't he say that he was cured? Why is it that she seems to be stupid again now? What he said is so obvious that she didn't understand?

Ye Yunan is too conceited. He decides that Wen ruoqing will not refuse him. So at the moment, he decides that Wen ruoqing doesn't understand him.

"Qingqing, I know you like me, I know you blame Ruan because of me, because I will treat Ruan like that, I don't want to let your sisters hate you because of me, I marry you..." After thinking about it, ye Yunan decided to speak more clearly. For fear that Wen ruoqing could not understand it, he deliberately emphasized Wen Ruan's affairs.

Since wenruoqing deliberately dealt with Wenruan for his sake, Wenruan must understand that.

However, he never thought that his words had pushed Wen ruoqing to the worst situation.

For a man to kill his sister, and his sister became enemies?

The onlookers even began to talk in a low voice, and looked at Wen ruoqing with criticism and shame.

Wen ruoqing's eyes are slightly heavy. It seems that ye Yunan didn't understand her. In this case, she doesn't mind saying more clearly.

"Mr. Ye." Wen ruoqing suddenly interrupts Ye Yunan.

"Well." Ye Yunan thought that she understood at last, and chuckled a little more on her face: "Qingqing, for me, no, for us, don't embarrass Ruan anymore, I will marry you..."

"Mr. Ye, you are so proud..." Wen ruoqing looks at him, his lips are slightly open, and suddenly he opens his mouth. In the middle of the conversation, her words are slightly paused.

"Qingqing, in fact, you are pretty good. Don't look down on yourself too much." Ye Yunan directly misunderstood Wen ruoqing's meaning. He thought that Wen ruoqing felt that she didn't deserve him, so ye Yunan said this with more pride and pride.

Wen ruoqing's lips hook, in Ye Yunan's confident smile and then slowly add: "you are too proud of yourself."

She dealt with Ruan for him? He really dares to think.

"Poof." Some people understood Wen ruoqing's meaning and couldn't help laughing directly.

Now standing on the second floor of the night division shen Mou son micro flash, lip angle up, expression between the obvious more than a few minutes of pleasure.

Worthy of his woman, powerful enough! He likes it!!

Ye Yunan was stunned. After a while, he seemed to understand the meaning of Wen ruoqing. For a while, his face was blue for a while, and white for a while. It was wonderful.

Wen ruoqing doesn't want to pay any more attention to him. He turns around and wants to leave.

"What do you mean, Wen ruoqing? What do you mean? " Just, ye Yunan suddenly rushed over and directly stopped in front of Wen ruoqing.

Wen ruoqing frowns slightly, how much wine did ye Yunan drink?

Ye Yunan's mood is not right, because ye Yufei came back, and the old man directly let Ye Yufei into the head office. Moreover, the old man assigned many things of the company to Ye Yufei, and directly deprived him of some rights.

So ye Yunan was in a bad mood. He drank a lot of wine, didn't go to the company, just passed the mall, and walked in.

Then, he received a call from Li Yun. Li Yun's words comforted his self-esteem to a certain extent and gave him another hope. He thought that as long as he married Wen ruoqing, the situation would change.

He thought that as long as he confessed, Wen ruoqing would be ecstatic and grateful.

However, he didn't think that Wen ruoqing had refused him and humiliated him in public. However, he obviously didn't think of the bad influence of his words on Wen ruoqing.

Wen ruoqing doesn't want to talk to a wine maniac, and she can't smell the wine, so Wen ruoqing turns around and wants to leave.

"Warm as the sun, what do you pretend to be? Do you think it's amazing that you are Miss Wen? You don't look at yourself in the mirror. " Ye Yunan became angry directly because he drank wine and his brain was a little dull. Naturally, he could not be as calm as usual and even scolded in public.

Upstairs, the eyes of the night division are squinting fiercely. In the coldness, it is obvious that there is more killing. Yes, it is killing!

Wen ruoqing still ignores him and continues to walk forward. She talks lazily to a madman.