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However, Wen Ruoqing explained, and added a sentence: "That's all."

    Ye Sishen heard her sentence and nothing more, somehow, a heart suddenly calmed down.

    He believes in her, she must say nothing, but whatever she said must be true, he believed what she said! !

    "In the future, stay away from Tang Ling and you can't go to see him alone without me." However, Ye Sanshao still couldn't rest assured. Tang Ling's power and Tang Ling's ability, he knows best, so he couldn't help being defense.

    "Tang Ling is your eldest brother. It has nothing to do with me. Without you, I can't see it even if I want to see it." Wen Ruoqing suddenly wanted to laugh when he heard him. She had nothing to do with Tang Ling. Tang Ling had no reason How could I meet her.

    Hearing her words, Ye Sishen froze for a moment, his eyes flickering. During this period of time, he had fully understood her temperament.

    She seems tough, but in fact it is easy to be soft-hearted, affectionate and righteous, and also protect short. Otherwise, the last time she was in the old house, she would not come out to protect him when the father was angry.

    Obviously, she didn't know Tang Ling before, and she didn't know anything about Tang Ling's thoughts.

    Therefore, for her, Tang Ling is completely an unrelated person and an outsider.

    Without his relationship, she might not even know who Tang Ling was.

    It's just that one thing he didn't understand, she didn't know Tang Ling, why did Tang Ling know her?

    Moreover, he felt that Tang Ling should have known her a long time ago, even Tang Ling had maintained her from the beginning.

    At this point, even Xiaoqi could see it, and Tang Ling didn't shy away at all. He seemed afraid that others wouldn't see it.

    Ye Sanshao felt more and more at ease when thinking about it. This must not be so simple.

    "Tang Ling has always acted strangely, and no one knows what he will do. That man is too insidious, too cunning, and too dangerous. Therefore, if he looks for you, you must not go to see him alone, and you must tell me first. "Yesan Shao's words are very serious. For the sake of his wife, Yesanshao is really good enough.

    Of course, Ye Sanshao, who has always hated the bad things of others behind her, is also the first person to talk behind her.

    However, Ye Sanshao thought that Tang Ling wanted to rob her wife. He said that Tang Ling's few words were not too much. Moreover, what he said was true. Tang Ling was originally such a person.

    Anyway, no matter what, he should completely separate Tang Ling from Wen Ruoqing, and absolutely must not let Tang Ling harass her.

    Tang Ling did everything.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, her lips twitched slightly, she wanted to laugh, but held back.

    He said Tang Ling is insidious, Tang Ling is cunning?

    Tang Ling has his sinister? Is he cunning?

    However, it is impossible for Wen Ruoqing to speak directly in front of him.

    "Have you heard?" Ye Si Shen saw that she just watched him not speaking, frowning slightly.

    "Well, I heard." Wen Ruoqing recovered and replied with his words.

    "Have you remembered?" However, Ye Sanshao still couldn't rest assured, he wanted her to remember, he must remember.

    "Well, remember." Wen Ruoqing nodded and smiled inwardly, this man is more and more naive, and more and more overbearing. For such a naive and overbearing man, she does not care about him.

    So, what he said is what. No matter what he said, she listened and promised.

    Ye Si Shen was finally satisfied, and was at ease.

    He felt that he had told her so clearly that she would definitely remember and would not take Tang Ling's attention. After all, Tang Ling was just an unrelated outsider to her.

    However, Ye Si Shen forgot a word.

    Things are unpredictable! !

    Things are unpredictable! !

    Really unpredictable!

    After receiving the DNA identification result, Mrs. Xi quickly returned home, and pulled out an envelope from the bottom of the wardrobe, and then pulled a piece of paper from the envelope.

    She quickly put the two pieces of paper together and wanted to compare them.

    However, she found that there is no need to compare at all, because no set of data is the same.

    In other words, that kid is definitely not Xi Ji.

    Mrs. Xi's face suddenly became a little bit more vicious. A pair of eyes narrowed fiercely and only gritted her teeth: "A shameless woman, I don't know which wild man was born with a wild child. It's awful, it's really awful. "

    At this moment, Mrs. Xi swears that she will never let go of the humble girl of Hitomi, and of course she will never let go of the two wild boys who do not know which wild man.

    As for the wild man, she must find a way to find the wild man, and then it will be really lively.

    Mrs. Xi put away the results of Xi Ji's appraisal, reinserted it into the bottom of the closet, and then quickly dialed a call: "You can help me check something."

    She knew that with the man's ability, she would be able to find out.

    He Hitomi brought other men's children to Xi Ji, indicating that the man was definitely not a good thing. It must be useless and useless. In her experience, the useless man is best used.

    So, as long as the man is found, she has a way to deal with He Tongtong.

    At that time, she will make He Tong Hitomi lose his reputation. As for the two children, they will surely become wild children that everyone despise.

    Of course, there is Tang Ling ’s ‘special’ arrangement. Even if the man Mrs. Xi is looking for is not strong enough, the ‘wild man’ will surely be found.

    Three days later, in Tang Ling's office.

    "Boss, Gu's family is too shameless and too vicious." Xiao Hu's expression was angry: "They are clearly aimed at the commander."

    Tang Ling looked up and looked at the angry tiger. Not only was he not angry, but his lips raised slightly.

    Xiaohu was shocked, why did the boss smile again? He found that the boss seems to be more and more smiling recently.

    But in this case, the boss can still laugh? Isn't the boss worried at all?

    "Boss, now is the most critical time. At this time, the case that has been unresolved for several years has been handed over to the military commander. It is clearly the ghost of the Gu family." Xiaohu was anxious, watching the boss still laughing, he More anxious.

    "Commander Gong said clearly on the surface that as long as the military commander resolved this case, he would be able to improve, but if it can't be solved? That means it can't be solved, and the military commander shouldn't want to be promoted, I'm afraid that I will still be charged with ineffectiveness, boss, but this is related to the life and death of the Tang family. Don't you worry? "

    "What's the hurry?" Tang Ling raised her eyebrows slightly, her face light and breezy.

    If it had been before, this matter was indeed in a hurry, indeed it was a matter of life and death,

    But now it is different. Now their Tang family has Qingqing. Qingqing is an expert in this respect, and it is still the most powerful one.

    A case that others can't solve, his family Qingqing may not be able to solve it.

    Therefore, he felt that this was an opportunity, a chance for Gu family to give them Tang family.

    Qingqing should be back in the past few days, except that Qingqing's identity could not be concealed. Of course, Qingqing's disguise should also be removed.

    Everyone in their Tang family looked good, and she disguised him as obscured.

    Do n’t you know Ye Sishen ’s eyesight? I do n’t know what will happen to that boy Siye Shen when he sees his real Qingqing? Seriously, he looked forward to it! !