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"Qing Qing, some things shouldn't be more real. After so many years, Grandpa knows that his feelings for you are true. As for others, don't care so much." Mr. Wen was silent for a moment, and when he spoke again, his voice was obvious After a little sinking, the words were somewhat meaningful.

Wen Ruoqing was shocked in his heart and quickly looked up at Old Man Wen. When he saw that Old Man nodded to her with a slight smile, Wen Ruoqing was completely shocked.

Grandpa already knew? !

Therefore, it was because Grandpa discovered the truth of the matter that year, so she forced her to break up with that person.

But now Grandpa asked her to find him?

He is the one who knows that Wen's ruined. Grandpa still wants her to find him?

Just because he is still waiting for him, grandpa feels he can be the one she entrusted to her for life.

Therefore, Grandpa really loves her and loves her.

"Yes, your grandfather of the nature knows best, you are a stubborn person. Once you think that things will not change in a lifetime, the two of you are the sweethearts. Since you have identified him, how can you accept other people, men, and how? Maybe you will fall in love with other men. Grandpa was wrong at the end of the year. Qingqing, no matter what reason you broke up in that year, go find him now. After so many years, there are no problems that cannot be solved."

This is the most important reason why Mr. Wen changed his mind. After many years, the man's feelings for Qingqing are still the same as before, so he no longer stopped him, although he did such a thing to the Wen family.

For Qingqing's happiness, he didn't pursue it anyway. After all, this matter had its own causes and results.

Wen Ruoqing's lips were slightly pursed and she didn't answer. At this moment, her heart was moved. She knew that Grandpa hurt her, but she didn't expect Grandpa to hurt her to such a degree.

Six years ago, after inadvertently hearing that conversation, she knew that there would be a day sooner or later. In six years, in terms of his ability, the time was not short.

After six years, some things still have to be faced, so now it is necessary for her to talk to him once.

For grandpa, she has to do some things.

Ye Sishen did not rush in any more, but stepped back, leaning against the wall on one side.

After three months of marriage, he thought he knew her, but now it seems that he does not know many things about her.

The only thing that is certain is that her heart is really not on him, otherwise, she will not count on divorcing him, and then walks so decisively, without the slightest attachment.

Just because she already has a person in her heart, so it is impossible to accept him? Is it even more impossible to fall in love with him?

Even if they are married! Even if they are a straight couple! Still can't change anything?

Her silence today acquiesced in the meaning of Old Man Wen, who was going to find that man?

He had come in a hurry, but at this moment he leaned against the wall and did not enter.

Ten minutes later, the door of the ward opened from the inside. Wen Ruoqing lowered his head and walked out.

Ye Sishen was standing on the left side of the door at the moment, and she turned to the right side of the door. She never looked up and never turned her eyes, so she did not see him.

Ye Sishen's eyes were slightly heavy, she had always observed the minute, he was standing here at the moment, she didn't find it?

What made her so?

Is it because of that man? That man is so important to her, so important that she has no even the most instinctive reaction?

Secretary Liu wanted to call her, only to see the expression of his president, and then he could only suppress it with force.

Wen Ruoqing took two steps and suddenly stopped, then took out his phone, looked at the screen, hesitated for a moment, and then broadcast a long list of numbers on the phone screen.

Six years ago, this number was used by him six years ago. In the past six years, she has never played it, but she still remembers it clearly, but I don’t know, did he change the number?

After all, in the past six years, she has changed more than one number.

Watching her take out the phone and dial it, Ye Sishen's eyes sank a little, his clenched hands continued to tighten, and the green muscles on the back of the hand protruded.

Ye Sishen can guess who she called her, but at this moment Ye Sishen really hopes that it is not what he thought...

"Hey." The phone was quickly connected. Although the man's magnetic voice was a little more mature than six years ago, she was still familiar with her. Although there was only one word, she was enough to be sure of him.

"Meet me." After a pause of two seconds, Wen Ruoqing's voice spread slowly, without any burden, simple and straightforward.

"Qing Qing!" The other party also paused for two seconds, and then the voice exclaimed was obviously trembling because of the excitement, but the words were completely affirmative, even if it was an unfamiliar number, he could also be the first Time to hear her voice.

"See you in the old place." There was not much emotion in Wen Ruoqing's face, and his voice was very soft.

For six years, she can't stop what he has to do, but she has her limit, and she has someone she wants to protect.

He can deal with the Wen family, she can ignore, but, he can't hurt grandpa.

Therefore, this is a must see.

Ye Sishen's eyes stared straight at her back. The anger in the eyes seemed to burn her alive. She was really fast enough. So soon, she called and asked to meet!

Hanging up the phone, Wen Ruoqing exhaled, turned slowly, and then, naturally, inevitably met Ye Sishen's eyes.

The four eyes are opposite, Wen Ruoqing stunned.

Why is he here? And looking at him, his face seemed a bit wrong.

Especially his eyes looked like he was eating people.

Who is so short-sighted and has angered this Lord Yan?

Of course, Wen Ruoqing felt that no matter what she did, she divorced him. She hasn't seen him for a long time, and it's absolutely impossible to provoke him.

At the banquet in Country M, he treated her so much. Wen Ruoqing thought he was drinking too much, and he became mad at once. When he was impulsive as he said, she would not care about him.

Moreover, when she was in country M, she pretended not to know him, so it was better to stop talking about it, only if it had not happened.

Of course, now that more than twenty days have passed, nothing has happened, and it is estimated that Ye Sishen also forgot.

Naturally, there is no need to mention it again.

However, she did not expect that she had just returned to City A and met him again. She divorced him and how can he still meet him everywhere! ! !

Wen Ruoqing thought, since he meets now, he should always say hello. Wen Ruoqing looked at him and said politely, "Mr. Ye, what a coincidence."