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Wen Ruoqing didn't even think that Ye Si Shen would be here so late, and it happened so coincidentally, if Ye Si Shen took another quick step, the elevator might reopen and Ye Si Shen would come in. Si Shen is afraid that she might be recognized.

    Recognize her? ! When Wen Ruoqing thought of this place, she suddenly took a breath of air. She just recognized Ye Sishen, did she recognize that night?

    At this moment, she put on her makeup, which was completely different from what she usually did with Ye Si Shen. It can be said that it was a world apart. It stands to reason that Ye Si Shen could not recognize her.

    However, Wen Ruoqing felt a little uneasy. She remembered that Ye Si Shen had a pair of eyes tightly staring at the elevator door slit. To be precise, he should have been staring at her through the elevator door slit.

    At that time, Ye Sishen's hand quickly pressed the elevator button, which was very fast, very anxious, obviously abrupt.

    She knew that Ye Sishen had always done things calmly, without any surprises. Under normal circumstances, the elevator was closed, and it was impossible for Ye Sishen to press it so anxiously.

    Moreover, it is rumored that Ye San Shao is not close to women, and he doesn't like to get along with strangers. He clearly sees someone in the elevator, and is still a woman. Under normal circumstances, he should not rush to open the elevator again.

    So, did he recognize her? !

    Although Wen Ruoqing's kind may be very small, almost insignificant, and particularly incredible, Ye Sishen's previous actions made her have to doubt this possibility.

    Wen Ruoqing was right, Ye Sishen confirmed her. To be exact, Ye Sishen recognized not her face, but because of her unique aura and momentum.

    Even through the elevator, even through the last gap, he still recognized the person in the elevator as her.

    Even though he cannot be 100% certain, he is also sure of it.

    And even if he was not sure, there was only the slightest possibility, and he could not let her leave.

    At this moment the dedicated elevator has gone down, the other elevators have not come up, he can only wait.

    Of course, he couldn't just wait like this.

    At the next moment, Ye Sishen quickly took out the phone and dialed it out.

    "Guard all elevators and stairs exits, no matter who they are, stop me." The moment the phone was connected, Ye Sishen ordered directly.

    At two o'clock in the morning, there are not many people coming and going, so this is not difficult.

    "Yes, yes." Hearing the voice of his own president, the duty manager dare to be a bit sloppy.

    "Block all hotel exits, including basement exits, and no one is allowed to leave." For security reasons, Ye Sishen added again.

    The sweat on the forehead of the duty manager oozed out. Who in the end caused the president to let the president catch people like this?

    Can the president still escape?

    He secretly prayed for the man for a second in his heart.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes narrowed little by little, and this time, he would never let her escape again! !

    This is his place. Five years ago, when he was allowed to flee here once, he would not believe it, and this time she would be able to escape.

    Ye Sishen then dialed another call.

    "Is there a patrol near Huanyu Hotel now?" The phone was connected, without half a word of nonsense, his usual style.

    "There are policemen patrolling for 24 hours." Qin Wushao was woken up, and was a little ignorant when he heard Ye Sanshao. "What's wrong, San Ge? Why did you suddenly ask this?"

    "Transfer them to Huanyu Hotel as soon as possible, block all exits of Huanyu Hotel, including the underground garage exit, and forbid anyone to leave." Ye Sanshao has always done things without leaks, and she will never allow any mistakes. He just laid down the net and waited for her.

    "Third Brother, what the hell happened? Does San Brother want to catch someone?" Qin Wushao woke up completely, is this a big deal? It's really rare to be able to make the three brothers work like a master.

    "The woman at the police station last time." Ye Si Shen bit her teeth, and seemed to be able to hear the hoarseness of her teeth through the phone.

    He knew that the woman who had just been in the elevator was her! !

    She still wants to escape ...

    "The woman at the police station last time?" Qin Wushao's voice sharply increased by an octave, and the tone of excitement changed for a time: "Is the third brother talking about MRS Tang? It's so good, I have this Very difficult case ... "

    Ye Sanshao hung up the phone without waiting for his words. Obviously, Ye Sanshao did not want to listen to those nonsense at this time. Of course, he knew that Qin Wushao would arrange things well.

    This time, he laid down Tian Luo Di Wang waiting for her! !

    In the special elevator at this moment, although Wen Ruoqing's expression did not change, she was worried. She was really afraid that Ye Si Shen had recognized her.

    If Ye Si Shen recognized her, she would definitely not let her leave.

    If other people want to stop her, it is not so easy, but Ye Sishen is different. She now knows Ye Sishen's ability clearly.

    That man is too dangerous. If she can choose, she really does n’t want to hide him, but this matter is not just her thing, it is related to the safety of Song Yun ’s life, even to their entire organization, and she just got it data of.

    Not to mention there are people staring outside ...

    So she cannot be caught here by Ye Sishen, nor can anyone be found.

    Staring at the rapidly decreasing number, she suddenly thought of something, her face slightly changed, and then quickly pressed the second floor.

    The most important thing for many things is to take precautions.

    "Manager, every exit is arranged to be guarded and will not let anyone leave." The elevator stopped on the second floor, the door opened, and Wen Ruoqing heard the sound from the first floor.

    Wen Ruoqing took a deep breath, but if she went down to the first floor just now, she was afraid that she would become a turtle in the urn, and her wings would be hard to fly.

    She never thought that Ye Sishen would be so fast, everything had been arranged in such a short time.

    Since he was able to arrange everything in such a short time, it is enough to show his influence in this hotel, so as long as she is in the hotel, whether it is going down or going up, it is a dead end.

    She guessed that Ye Sishen would surely come down soon, can she escape?

    How does she feel that he has already set up Tianluodi.com and is waiting for her to vote for it?

    At the moment, Si Shen ’s elevator had reached the eighth floor.

    Wen Ruoqing quickly walked out of the special elevator and saw that all the elevator displays were on the first floor. Obviously, someone blocked her at the elevator entrance on the first floor.

    She slightly hooked her lips and pressed the rising tip. Soon, one of the elevators stopped on the second floor.

    Wen Ruoqing got on the elevator and directly pressed the top floor of the 48th floor. However, when the elevator closed, she pressed the door open button again, and then quickly exited the elevator.