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"It's okay with you, I'm fine." Ruoqing Qing is too aware of Murong Duanyang's curiosity. This matter is related to her and Ye Sishen's privacy.

    "Qingqing, wait a minute, did you contact the boss?" Murong Duanyang thought that his poor boss was still in city A, and didn't know what the situation was? He couldn't find any news here, or Qingqing knew anything.

    "No, what's wrong? What happened to the seniors? Are you not together?" Wen Ruoqing has always been sensitive. When he heard this, he heard something wrong.

    Murong Duanyang sighed secretly, and once again mourned for his boss, his entire boss was on Qing Qing, and he was always concerned about Qing Qing's affairs.

    But Qingqing's boss ...

    He feels that Qingqing is more concerned about Ye Sishen than her boss.

    Qingqing thought about making trouble for Ye Sishen. Although Qingqing didn't admit it, Qingqing's tone, attitude and attitude just showed that feeling.

    Or Qingqing didn't think too much, but he knew that Qingqing's subconscious mind at least subconsciously had an unfair attitude towards Ye Sishen.

    Qingqing he knows is indeed kind, but Qingqing he knows is definitely the most sane. Is it normal to report badly for Ye Si who is stronger than her and does not know how many times she is stronger? Is it normal?

    Obviously not normal, and very abnormal.

    He felt that Qingqing was about to be abducted by Ye Sishen's fox.

    The abducted person did not say, I was afraid that Ye Sishen's fox would also abduct Qingqing's heart.

    He hopes to see Qingqing happy, no one has been able to walk into Qingqing's heart for so many years, but Ye Sishen has done it in just two months.

    This is Ye Sishen's skill and the fate of the two of them.

    There are some things about Murong Duan Yangjue.

    "What happened to the senior?" Wen Ruoqing saw that he had not spoken. She thought the matter was particularly serious and couldn't help but ask again: "What happened to Murong Duanyang?"

    "The boss is now in city A." Murong Duanyang originally didn't want to say it, but since Wen Ruoqing asked, if he didn't say, he was afraid that Wen Ruoqing would be worried, but he only said that the boss was in city A, and did not say that Ye Si Shenfeng killed the boss Things.

    He couldn't make Qingqing embarrassed between Ye Sishen and the boss.

    "Senior is in City A?" Wen Ruoqing said this with a bit of surprise in her voice, indicating that she really didn't know.

    Ye Sishen, who came back from the study and just walked outside the door, just heard her words.

    On the other end of the phone, Murong Duanyang heard Wen Ruoqing's words again for three seconds in silence for his boss.

    Everything the boss does is for Qingqing. Boss has been in city a for so long, but Qingqing has no idea!

    "Who to call?" Ye Sanshao opened the door, entered the room, and walked directly to Wen Ruoqing's side. It was natural to hold Wen Ruoqing in his arms.

    Ye Sanshao said this when he was near Wen Ruoqing's cell phone. He didn't mind letting someone on the other end hear it.

    Or it should be said that he deliberately let the person on the other end of the phone hear.

    Hearing what Wen Ruoqing had just said, he could guess that it was definitely Tang Baiqian who was calling Wen Ruoqing.

    Since it is Tang Baiqian's person, it should be someone who has one mind with Tang Baiqian, otherwise, that person will not tell Wen Ruoqing that Tang Baiqian is in a city.

    Since he is Tang Baiqian's man, that is his enemy.

    It was his enemies who wanted to abduct his wife. This night, San Shao said no doubt.

    At the other end of the phone, Murong Duanyang suddenly heard the man's voice, and he was so dumb for a moment, but he quickly recovered, thinking that the man must be Ye Sishen.

    Murong Duanyang's hand slipped on the phone a few times, but he didn't hang up. In fact, he just wanted to hear what Ye Sishen would say and wanted to know how Ye Sishen got along with Qingqing.

    Ye Sishen approached Wen Ruoqing's ear and whispered softly, "Do you miss me?"

    That voice, that tone, that is called a soft talk, tender tenderness.

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone happened to be in his ear, so Ye Sishen's words also clearly reached Murong Duanyang's ears.

    Murong Duanyang was stiff. For a time, he only felt the goose bumps that got up instantly. Hey, is that man really Ye Sishen?

    Really tmd's perverted, why is he thinking nothing? !

    Then, Murong Duanyang heard the kiss again.

    Murong Duan was stunned for a moment, his eyes flashed quickly, and then suddenly recovered.

    Ye Sishen said that to Qingqing not to him, but to Qingqing? It just happened to reach his ear by phone.

    Therefore, it was actually Ye Si Shen's love story with Qing Qing.

    I didn't expect Ye Si Shen to be a pretty girl.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered and her lips couldn't help pulling, trying to hang up the phone, but Ye Sanshao's hand suddenly took her hand, which just prevented her from hanging up.

    "Yi Si Shen, don't make trouble ..." Wen Ruoqing gave him a direct glance, as smart as her, and naturally understood his careful thinking.

    Why is this person getting more and more naive? She really really missed the clear and cold, calm and wise night of Sansan, can you return the previous night of Sansan?

    "How? Still shy? We are husband and wife, sleeping together every night, why are we still so shy?" Ye Sanshao hugged her, kissed her lips again and smiled ambiguously.

    Ye Sanshao said this to the person on the other end of the phone deliberately, it is best to pass it to Tang Baiqian through the person who answered the phone at this moment, so that Tang Baiqian clearly understood that Wen Ruoqing was his woman, who had already completely belonged He was.

    "..." Murong Duanyang's excited eyes glowed at the other end of the phone. It seemed that his family Qingqing and Ye Sishen got along very well!

    Of course, Murong Duanyang also understands Ye Sishen's thoughts, so he will definitely help Ye Sishen to transfer the words to the boss.

    Although he knew the boss's thoughts on Qingqing, but this matter of affection can not be forced. Tell the boss, let the boss die early.

    Wen Ruoqing hung up the phone directly and stared at Si Si Shen with a little dissatisfaction: "Yi Si Shen, are you naive?"

    How did she feel that Ye Si Shen Yue lived back and forth, like a three-year-old child.

    "My dear, I call it fun." Ye Sanshao's lips were raised, and his face was full of laughs. He was close to her ear and whispered slowly, the voice was extraordinarily soft, but it was thick and heavy. Ambiguous.

    Is it naive? He feels not naive at all, and he feels that this is a must.

    "Fun? I think you should call qing shou." Wen Ruoqing glanced at him directly, thinking of his daily struggles. The word qing shou of Wen Ruoqing felt particularly suitable for him.