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In any case, the baby cannot be held back, and He Tongtong is also worried that such a small child will only hold back in his urine pants.

    Tang Zixi is only four years old, and He Tongtong doesn't worry about her going alone, but she also doesn't worry about putting Tang Zhimo outside alone.

    Tang Zhimo is a boy. He has been precocious since he was a child and will certainly not enter the girls' toilet.

    "I'm going to boo too." Tang Zhimo seemed to see He Tongtong's embarrassment, and ran directly into the boys' toilet before he opened the pupil.

    He Hitomi couldn't stop it.

    He Tongtong took Tang Zixi into the girls' toilet. He Tongtang helped Tang Zixi to solve it, but did not see Tang Zhimo. He Tongtong knew that Tang Zhimo had been clever and sensible since he was young. Waiting for her here, will not run around.

    Therefore, the ink must have not been solved yet, and it has not yet come out.

    However, five minutes later, Tang Zhimo still did not see it.

    "This gentleman, can you help me see if there is a little boy over four years old?" He Tongtong was anxious and saw a man just coming out of the men's toilet, he stopped and asked him help.

    At first, He Tongtong didn't look at the man's face. After he finished speaking, he looked up and saw the person's appearance clearly. For a time, she was shocked.

    Why is he again? Why is it so coincident?

    The first reaction of He Tongtong was to lower her head subconsciously. She didn't know why she bowed her head. She didn't recognize her last time.

    "Okay." Because He Hitomi lowered his head, Xi Ji didn't see what He Hitomi looked like, and didn't notice the strangeness of He Hitomi, but he readily agreed to re-enter the boys' toilet.

    He Hitomi froze in place, only feeling a little trembling, she thought she would never see him again in her life.

    But I did not expect to meet him twice in a row during this time, but also at the airport.

    Xi Ji, with this name, she originally thought that it could only be carved in her memory forever.

    But I didn't expect to meet again two years later, two years later, that thing has passed for two years.

    Xi Ji took Tang Zimo out soon, and Xi Ji smiled: "We were really destined to meet again at the airport. Last time I brought these two little guys back to China. This little guy crossed the river and demolished the bridge, and as soon as he came back ... "

    When Xi Jiwang looked at He Tongtong, he saw that He Tongtong seemed a little nervous. He thought she was worried about the child, and he changed his mouth again and again: "Relax, the little guy is very clever and okay."

    "Thank you." He Tongtong exhaled secretly, calming herself down and trying not to reveal too much, but she realized that her hands were shaking uncontrollably at the moment.

    At the moment she is very nervous, very nervous!

    She now looked up at Xi Ji.

    "You're welcome." Xi Ji looked at her and smiled: "Your two babies are cute and cute."

    Xi Ji's expression was very natural, and he smiled very gently, and his eyes looking at He Tongtong had nothing unusual.

    He Hitomi saw the natural smile on his face without a little bit of strange smile, his eyes flickered slightly, his head dropped slightly, and his lips curled up tightly. It seemed that he really didn't know her at all.

    Not only did he not know her, but he forgot everything between them.

    Only two years later, he was the one who didn't remember anything at all?

    He Tongtong felt that his heart seemed to be hit hard by something, it was painful and uncomfortable.

    "Brother, why are you so slow, my mother and I have been waiting for you for a long time." Tang Zixi ran over and took Tang Zhimo's hand, half complaining and half coquettish.

    "Your baby is really too cute." When Xi Ji saw Tang Zixi, his face gently chuckled. The two babies were really flattering. The more he looked, the more he liked it.

    He Tongtong looked at him and wanted to see something strange on his face, but all he saw was his gentle chuckle.

    However, at this moment his gentle smile made her feel particularly cold, cold body, and colder heart.

    "It won't delay your time, goodbye." He Tongtong now just wants to leave quickly, she is afraid she will suffocate if she continues to stay.

    He thought she was the mother of two children?

    How can he give birth to two four-year-old babies when he is separated from her within two years? At this moment, she felt not only heartache but also satire.

    He Hitomi pulled the two babies and turned to leave.

    "Wait a minute." Just when He Tongtong pulled the two babies past him, he suddenly called her.

    He Tongtong's actions quickly reacted with his brain. When he heard his words, he stopped directly, but he didn't turn around and looked at him, but his breath seemed slightly disordered, and his heartbeat seemed to be out of control .

    Did he recognize her? Did she finally recognize her?

    "Did you want to salute?" Xi Ji looked at her, the smile on his face widened obviously, "Are you in such a hurry? Do not salute anymore."

    During his speech, he helped her push the suitcase over.

    "Thank you." He Tongtong's inexpressible loss at the moment, slightly stiffly to pick up the suitcase in his hand.

    She clearly knew that he didn't remember her at all, what was she expecting just now?

    He Tongtong took his gift box and quickly turned to leave. This time he walked very cracked.

    It ’s over, everything was over two years ago, so she should have given up long ago, but it ’s just heartbreaking that she ca n’t help but see each other without meeting.

    Seeing her walking away, Xi Ji suddenly felt something stabbed in her heart, some pain, and a very strange feeling.

    Moreover, he felt a familiar feeling in her body, not familiar with her appearance, but a feeling, a deepest feeling in her heart.

    Last time, he seemed to have such a feeling when he saw her!

    Therefore, he felt that he should have seen her somewhere else, otherwise he would not have the familiar feeling.

    He felt that he had to check this matter!

    Wen Ruoqing has been waiting in the arrival hall. His eyes are always looking inside. There is obvious expectation on her face. She has not paid any attention to other circumstances around her. Of course, she has never found Ye Sishen.

    Ye Sishen's complexion became more and more gloomy!

    Wen Ruoqing finally saw He Tongtong and the two babies, her face suddenly chuckled, and quickly walked towards the two babies, and finally waited for her baby!

    At the moment Wen Ruoqing is walking fast!

    At this moment, Ye Sishen was standing not far behind her, watching all this, watching her ...

    At this moment, all of Wen Ruoqing's attention was on the two babies, and she didn't notice any other abnormalities at all.