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"Uncle, can you hug me?" Since Tang Zixi's children felt that she had begged uncle, she should first get in touch with her uncle.

    "Okay, but the baby will call his father like his elder brother, not his uncle." Xi Ji naturally was very happy and directly brought Tang Zixi out of He Tongtong's arms, and then very seriously corrected the problem of the name. .

    Tang Zixi's round eyes blinked, and she suddenly discovered that she had many fathers, her mother's husband counted one, and her mother's father counted one, and now there is one more. I don't know if there will be more in the future. Dad?

    "Dad." However, the kid Tang Zixi shouted dad very well and sweetly.

    Tang Zixi's children felt that there was nothing wrong with this. She called his father, and when she asked him to help, he couldn't even refuse.

    I have to say that Tang Zixi's plan is very good.

    "Baby is so good." Xi Ji was satisfied, and the smile on his face kept spreading. He was really happy, really happy.

    Yang Qingqing left the hall and saw the happy scene, and her jealous eyes turned red.

    How can it be? How can it be? How could they even have children?

    No, He Tong was not pregnant when he left two years ago, and even if He Tong was pregnant at that time, the children born could not be so big. Both of them looked like they were four or five years old.

    These two children cannot be Xi Ji, absolutely cannot be Xi Ji.

    If these two children are not Xi Ji, it must be He Tongtong and other men born, and then used to deceive Xi Ji.

    The more Yang Qingqing thought about it, the more likely she was, her face was a little more ruthless and proud, and if so, He Tongtong would die.

    Yang Qingqing took out her mobile phone, took two photos to Xi Ji and He Tongtong, and took a photo and sent it to Mrs. Xi.

    "Auntie, I can't marry Aji. The children of Aji and He Tongtong are so old. I can't destroy the happiness of their family." Then she compiled another message that she thought was the most perfect for Mrs. Sent in the past.

    Yang Qingqing is not stupid. She cannot directly complain to her wife, nor can she deliberately provoke alienation.

    There are some things that do not need to be explained by her at all. She can certainly think of things that Mrs. Xi can think of, and Mrs. Xi is more aware of things about Xi Ji and He Tongtong. It is Xi Ji, but He Tongtong used to deceive Xi Ji.

    Without her saying that, Madam Xi will not let He Tongtong go.

    At the same time, Ye Sanshao was very unhappy.

    Originally, when Tang Zhimo's phone was connected, no one spoke. His wife's complex look made him very depressed.

    Now that Si Ji is even calling to show off his father? !

    Just now Wen Ruoqing fled when he answered the phone and was washing. He looked at the bathroom door and vowed secretly that he must work hard to become an early father.

    He didn't like children very much before, but now he is particularly looking forward to looking forward to a child he and her.

    She and his children must be very cute, very beautiful, very clever and very smart! !

    Same as Xi Ji's!

    No, it's cuter, prettier, smarter, and smarter than Xi Ji's! !

    Ye Sanshao was thinking, and suddenly heard Wen Ruoqing's cell phone ringing, which was the sound of a text message.

    Wen Ruoqing ’s mobile phone is at the head of the bed. Although the phone is locked, it can be seen on the screen when the message is received. Therefore, Ye Sanshao clearly saw the content of the message-Qing Qing, I am Leng Rong and have dinner together .

    Then came another article, writing time and address.

    Ye Sanshao's eyes squinted quickly, a sneer on the corner of his lips, Leng Rong really lingered.

    So blatantly seduce his wife to find death.

    Although the phone locks the screen, it does not affect the deletion of text messages. Ye Sanshao did not hesitate to delete the two text messages sent by Leng Rong.

    Yesan Shao was afraid that Leng Rong would send another message. He took Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone and waited, waiting for Leng Rong's message to come and delete it immediately.

    However, Leng Rong did not send any more information, but Ye Sanshao's phone rang suddenly.

    Ye Sanshao looked at the caller ID and squinted slightly. He glanced at the bathroom. The sound of water flowing from the bathroom confirmed that Wen Ruoqing was still taking a shower. He picked up the phone and connected it.

    "Boss, I found it." As soon as the phone was connected, the other party's voice came out, seemingly faintly.

    "Say." There was a ray of light in Shen Si's narrow eyes, and simple words could not be more simple and decisive.

    He did not expect to find it so soon.

    "Leng Rong's work is a bit complicated, and there are some ..." Gu Wu's words stopped, obviously with such a trace of scruples: "Boss, I sent you the email address, or you should check it first."

    "It's not necessary." It's just that Ye Sishen directly rejected him. At this moment, his arrogance and his domineering reached the extreme, which was daunting.

    No matter what Leng Rong does, it will not affect his plan.

    He had warned Leng Rong, but Leng Rong did not listen, then no wonder he.

    He has never left any room for the enemy, and he has always been killed, not to mention this time it is still a rival. If he is soft, he will not be tolerant.

    "Then let's still move him?" Gu Wu swallowed secretly, seeming to be so careful in his voice, he found that the boss had become more and more crazy recently.

    The boss doesn't look at it, don't know what's going on, just ...

    "What do you say?" Ye Si seemed to have a hint of laughter in Shen's squinted eyes, a cold but arrogant smile.

    If Leng Rong just didn't send a message to Wen Ruoqing, he might be more sympathetic, but now ...

    "I understand." Gu Wu exhaled secretly, although he had such a little scruples, but since the boss decided, he naturally had to resolutely implement it.

    "I'm in the past." Ye Si Shen glanced at the bathroom again. Wen Ruoqing hadn't come out yet. He felt that it would be better for him to deal with this matter himself.

    "..." Gu Wu was shocked, and the boss wanted to come over in person? Boss really paid attention this time.

    Hey, who is not good at this Rong Rong, but he wants to provoke his boss, and he is so blatant to raise his relatives to the boss's wife, is this not a death?

    They all said that their rivals met each other, and they were especially jealous. When the two met, they didn't know what would happen. It must be intense by then.

    Just think about it.

    "I'm going out." Ye Si Shen went to the bathroom door and knocked.

    The sound of running water in the bathroom stopped and Wen Ruoqing's voice came only after being quiet for a while: "Okay."

    Her voice sounded slightly long, and she just seemed to be absorbed in thinking.