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#53 Her true face

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At that time, after she escaped, thinking that he would definitely check the surveillance video, she asked Hitomi to delete all the videos of the hotel. Therefore, no one had seen the video at that time, only Hitomi might see it.

    "What's wrong? How did you ask this question suddenly? At that time you were too anxious and didn't make it clear, so I didn't focus on it. What do you want to know?" Hitomi was a bit strange about her sudden question.

    Listening to the pupil, I still watched the video at that time, but I do n’t know if I saw what she wanted to know?

    At that time, things were too urgent, and she was in a taxi, so she didn't make it clear to Hitomi.

    "At that time, did you see Ye Sishen in the video?" Wen Ruoqing knew that Hitomi didn't know who the man was, because, as Hitomi said, it was too anxious. However, she now wants to know whether Wen Ruoqing saw Ye Sishen in the video at that time. If she saw it, the possibility of her guess would be greater.

    She remembered that not long after she left the room, the man followed.

    "Yesi Shen? Why do you ask?" Hitomi was puzzled. "What are you doubting?"

    "You don't doubt that the man that night was Ye Sishen?" Hitomi was very clever and immediately understood the meaning of Wen Ruoqing.

    "I do n’t know very well. Ye Sishen was so strange to marry me suddenly, and tonight, although he did n’t do anything about it, I always felt that he was exploring something." To the pupils, Wen Ruoqing did n’t hide.

    "No, if that's the case, then Si Shen is the father of two babies?" On the other end of the phone, the exclamation of Hitomi suddenly sounded.

    "I just doubted, or I thought too much." Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, she really hoped that she thought too much, if the person that night was really Ye Sishen, really the father of two children, This matter is really troublesome.

    "Would you like me to check it for you again?" Hitomi's voice was a little more serious.

    "Don't, if it's really him, you will definitely be discovered by him when you check it." At that time, Wen Ruoqing clearly knew the man's strength, so when Ye Yufeng said that she wanted to help her check, she refused decisively.

    Originally, things have been going on for five years, and it should have been forgotten for so long. Now the investigation should be nothing.

    However, if that person is really Ye Sishen, if she goes to check now, it will be tantamount to death.

    "Qing Qing, I think it may really be that you think too much. If I think that the man at that time was really Ye Sishen, he should not marry you, at least he should not ... When Hitomi called her Qingqing, it was when she was thinking very seriously.

    "What if he wanted to find out better?" Wen Ruoqing's voice was obviously lower by a few points. She had been very strange about Ye Sishen marrying her.

    "...," over there, Hitomi was silent. They didn't understand Ye Sishen at all, and they didn't know Ye Sishen's work style at all.

    "I still think that you think too much, will it be your occupational disease?" Hitomi still feels that this is unlikely.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't speak again, I hope she was more concerned, but then, she really had to be cautious.

    In the prince's private room, Ye Sishen was holding a wine glass, but he hadn't moved for a long time. From entering to the present, he didn't drink a glass of wine and had been in a daze.

    Qin Wushao made the call just now. Qin Wushao called him out to drink, and Tang Sishao was there.

    In fact, it is also a very important thing. Meetings like this are very frequent. Why did he just come out so anxiously just after receiving the phone call? He was never so active.

    At that time, why did he leave? He should wait to see how she ends.

    Or, what should he do more, the words are their wedding night today, actually he just ...

    "Third Brother, what's the matter with you? I thought so hard, I didn't respond a few times when I called you." Tang Sishao looked at him holding the wine glass for a long time, feeling very strange. Although the third brother was usually cold, but never Would stay like this now, what did San Ge think so fascinating?

    Ye Si Shen didn't answer him, suddenly stood up and walked out.

    "Third Brother, where are you going?" Tang Sishao and Qin Wushao were startled by his sudden movement, almost at the same time.

    "Go home?" Rarely, Ye Sishen didn't leave directly, and he answered patiently,

    "Go home? Why do you go home so early? No one at home is waiting for you." Qin Wushao's lips twitched slightly. This just came out, and he went back without drinking a glass of wine. What did Brother go back to earlier?

    Ye Si Shen stopped, turned around, and looked at the two, with a serious and serious expression, "Today, I am married."

    "What? Brother, what are you talking about?" The two exclaimed almost at the same time, both with unbelievable stunned faces. At this moment, they both suspected that there was something wrong with their ears and heard it wrong.

    "Today, I am married." Si Shen's patience seemed exceptionally good today, and it was repeated again.

    "Brother, are you serious?" The two realized that Ye Sishen was not kidding, it seemed to be true.

    "Yes." Ye Si Shen responded, before the two of them came back, they had already left.

    "I rely on, the third brother is married? Really fake?" Qin Wushao recovered and jumped up directly. The news was so powerful that he couldn't digest it for a while.

    "It should be true." Tang Sishao's voice came from leisurely, but it was not sober.

    The news just now was enough to blow them up.

    "That third brother just hurried away, is he going back to the cave?" Qin Wushao's lips twitched fiercely. Will the third brother be too anxious?

    "The third brother is married? With whom?" Tang Sishao asked a more sensible question.

    Qin Wuqin froze for two seconds, his lips twitching fiercely, "No, won't it be that woman?"

    Isn't it Wen Ruoqing? No, it's not possible. The third brother just doubts Wen Ruoqing, and it's absolutely impossible to marry Wen Ruoqing. However, when Qin Wushao used his relationship to find out the truth, he was completely stupid. San Bu really married Wen Ruoqing ?

    Ye Sishen was very quiet when he returned to the villa. Ye Sishen went upstairs and walked outside Wen Ruoqing's door. He knocked on the door without any echo.

    Ye Si frowned slightly, did she fall asleep? But, he did n’t believe she would fall asleep so early this evening?

    Shen Si stretched out his hand and twisted the door lock, but did not expect Wen Ruoqing to open the door.

    Wen Ruoqing's idea is very simple. Now that she has obtained the certificate from Ye Si Shen, she lives in Ye Si Shen's villa again. If Ye Si Shen really wants to do something to her, can a lock stop it?

    What's more, if it was really as she guessed, Ye Sishen wouldn't touch her at all. Instead, she hides and hides and makes Ye Sishen more suspicious.

    Ye Si Shen pushed open the door and entered the room. The night light in the door was on, and the faint light was just reflected on her sleeping face.

    Ye Si stared at her sleepy face, froze for a moment, and really fell asleep?

    When Ye Sishen's eyes fell on the freckles on her face, he paused for a moment, then he took out a bottle of potion, poured it on his hand, and wiped it on Wen Ruoqing's face.

    This is a very special potion. No matter what method is used, what materials are disguised on the skin, as long as this potion is wiped, it can definitely be removed. Today, he wants to see her true face.