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"Xiaohu." It's just that Tang Ling didn't call her, nor did she say anything to her.

    "Chief." Xiaohu heard the voice and walked in quickly. Tang Ling's order to Xiaohu was always slow.

    However, at this moment, because Gu Nan is present, he did not drink Tang Ling boss as usual, but the head of the shout.

    Because Xiaohu came in too fast, Gu Nan didn't come back for a while, so he didn't come and stood upright, and of course his coat didn't come and wear.

    Because Gu Nan's body was too low at the moment, Xiaohu could clearly see the fullness she showed deliberately when she came over.

    Xiaohu's eyes turned slightly, he didn't dare to read more, but thought secretly in his heart, why did the Chief Minister call him in at this time?

    Is it appropriate for him to come in at this time? Obviously inappropriate, especially inappropriate.

    But did Miss Gu get water in her head? Actually doing such a thing here?

    "Send the Gu member out, no one will enter my office without my order in the future, and the offender will be disposed of in violation of military regulations." Tang Ling's voice at the moment was cold and without any emotion, and he never looked at the man again.

    Gu Nan did not expect that he would call people to come in at such a time to drive her away, and he deliberately gave such an order to embarrass her.

    How can he? How can he do this?

    "Commissioner Gu, please." Xiaohu's attitude is very polite, but the meaning is also very obvious, please ask her to leave.

    "Okay, very good." Gu Nan's face was blue at the moment, of course, not only anger, but also shame: "Tang Ling, you will regret it, I will make you regret it."

    At this moment, her words are not just angry and angry, she swears that Tang Ling will regret it, surely.

    Tang Ling didn't even look at her.

    Gu Nan gave Tang Ling a hard look, then quickly picked up his coat and walked out while wearing it.

    She thought of Tang Ling's smile just now. Tang Ling had not been tempted by her. There must be another woman. She must find that woman. She would never let that woman go.

    She wants to make that woman die better than life. She wants to make Tang Ling regret it. Some of them have a way to make Tang Ling regret it. After all, she is Gu's daughter, and behind her is Gu's backing.

    "Boss, will it happen?" After Gu Nan left, Xiao Hu's face was a little more worried.

    Gu Nan naturally has nothing to be afraid of. The boss of his family has never put that woman in his eyes, but Gu's forces have to guard against it.

    If Gu family stumbling upon the boss, things will be in trouble.

    And when the time comes, it is not only the boss who is in trouble, but also the Tang family. The Gu family has been targeting the Tang family all these years and secretly attacking the Tang family.

    Later, Gu Nan fell in love with the boss, and then Gu family had other ideas and wanted to marry the Tang family.

    For several generations of the Tang family, only Tang Yuncheng was the only son of Tang Yuncheng. In fact, at that time, Mr. Tang also had a daughter, but that daughter disappeared when she was very young, and her life and death were uncertain.

    After so many years, few people know that thing now.

    Tang Yuncheng's young society, with strict family planning, gave birth to only Tang Ling's son, so Tang family is now Tang Ling's only child.

    The Gu family thought that Tang Ling was the only seedling of the Tang family. If Tang Ling married Gu Nan, everything in the Tang family would become the Gu family in the future. Therefore, the Gu family made every effort to arrange Gu Nan to Tang Ling's side.

    Gu's thinking is that the near-water tower will get the moon first, but it is clear that Tang Ling is too high and too far this month, which is not something Gu Nan can touch.

    Tang Ling gave Xiao Hu a glance. Not only did he not worry, but he suddenly laughed. When was Tang Ling afraid of others?

    The Gu family has been bullying the Tang family for so many years, and has always thought that Tang Ling would be gone and he would be gone.

    Gu family is bullying them no one in Tang family?

    No one bullied them?

    Who said that the Tang family would be empty except for him? There are people in the Tang family, and they are very powerful. If the Tang family shoots, then the Gu family will have no place to cry.

    "Boss, what are you laughing at?" Xiao Hu saw Tang Ling's smile, and he was stunned. This was the first time he saw the boss laughing. In fact, the boss laughed really pretty.

    Originally, the boss looks pretty, no, it's very nice, it looks good. At the moment, the boss laughs, and it looks better. Even his man is fascinated, but he doesn't understand. Why does the boss laugh at this time?

    "Happy." Tang Ling, who was extremely rare, even answered Xiaohu's question.

    "Happy?" It was just such a question that made Xiao Hu even more embarrassed. In this case, what does the boss mean by being happy?

    Tang Ling did not answer this time, but his eyes were a little softer. The Tang family has not had a happy event for a long time, it is time for the Tang family to add some happy events.

    Looking at his boss, Xiaohu can be sure that the boss is really happy, absolutely not pretending. He feels that the boss must have something in mind, will the boss be a woman she likes?

    Boss is happy because she has a woman she likes and then ousts Gu Nan.

    The more the tiger thinks, the more likely it becomes.

    Then Xiaohu saw his boss took out his mobile phone and quickly dialed a call.

    Xiaohu thinks that the boss is chasing the girl very fast, this is about to call others.

    But Xiaohu didn't know that his boss called Ye Sanshao.

    Ye Sishen saw the number displayed on the mobile phone, looked at Wen Ruoqing not far away, and thought about it before answering the phone.

    "Youngest, when will you come back?" Ye Sishen hadn't spoken yet, and Tang Ling's voice had passed.

    "What's the matter?" Because of the last incident, Ye Sishen still had some precautions against Tang Ling, because Tang Ling's performance on Wen Ruoqing's affairs was too special.

    At the moment, Ye Shen's voice was slightly deep, and there was a little bit of defensiveness.

    Ye Sanshao knew that if there was nothing wrong, Tang Ling would not be able to ask him when he would go back. Moreover, Tang Ling was talking about you, not you.

    You naturally include Wen Ruoqing, or what Tang Ling wants to emphasize at this moment is Wen Ruoqing.

    Ye Sanshao was thinking, and Tang Ling's words passed on again.

    "Think Qingqing, when will you come back and tell me, I'll go to see Qingqing." Tang Ling's brow angle slightly picks up, his lips slowly draw a slight smile, he admitted, he said this on purpose.

    Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly, the hand holding the phone tightened sharply, and his breath seemed to be a bit heavy for a while: "Tang Ling, you are too much."

    He and Tang Ling were brothers who grew up, and the relationship has always been the best since childhood. He never thought about what would happen between him and Tang Ling one day.

    But now, Tang Ling is really too much.