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"Silly girl." Tang Ling couldn't help laughing. This girl broke a big case just after using it for less than half a day. Now it's such an obvious thing that you can't understand it, silly?

However, she is very cute like this, and it is really lovable, no wonder that the boy Si Si Shen was so tempted by her.

A younger sister like him was so caught by Ye Sishen's wolf, it was so cheap that Ye Sishen's kid.

"My grandma's picture, you directly recognized your mother, and you also know that your mother was trafficked, so is it not clear enough?" Tang Ling explained patiently, explaining that it was obvious The things that can't be more obvious, but Tang Ling feels wrong at the moment.

Tang Ling's words are so obvious that even a stupid person can understand it, not to mention Wen Ruoqing is not stupid. She just couldn't believe it for a while.

Her mother hadn’t found it for so many years. She searched for so many years, but she didn’t have any clues. But now the facts were suddenly spread in front of her, which really caught her by surprise.

"You, when did you know that." Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, but at the moment his voice was slightly trembling.

"Three years ago, when I saw you for the first time, you looked like your mother and when your grandma was young." The first time he saw her, she felt sure It has something to do with his missing aunt, otherwise it is absolutely impossible for him to grow up like this.

So when he came back, he started to check. He contacted her several times, but was blocked by Tang Baiqian. He sent her a few messages and was quietly stopped by Tang Baiqian.

Tang Ling knew that Tang Baiqian had deliberately stopped him.

If it wasn't for this time because she married Ye Shen, he was afraid he hadn't had the chance to contact her.

"Are you sure?" Wen Ruoqing knew that her mother always wanted to find her loved one, but at the moment this thing fell down suddenly, and she was a little dizzy, and this is the Tang family. The background of the Tang family is a little special.

No, it should be too special! !

"There should be no problem." Tang Ling nodded slightly.

Her appearance is the best evidence. What's more, her mother was trafficked when she was five years old. Her mother's surname is Tang. The information is correct and there will be no problem.

Wen Ruoqing looked at him, thought about it, and then set a few hairs down and handed him in front of him: "Be a dna appraisal, make sure."

Although things are consistent, she looks like his grandmother, but Wen Ruoqing feels better to make sure.

The best and most direct way to determine this is DNA identification.

She always likes to do things clearly and clearly.

The mother wanted to find a loved one, she could not have the slightest carelessness.

Moreover, the background of the Tang family is too complicated, and she should not lack the most direct evidence.

"It's not necessary, it won't be wrong." But Tang Ling didn't pick it up. Tang Ling knew that the result of his investigation would not be wrong, and he thought it was wrong, and he recognized this sister.

There can be someone who looks like grandma, even if not his sister, he is willing to recognize the Tang family.

"It's better to confirm it, in case it's not, can't you let the two old people have a happy time." Wen Ruoqing suddenly thought of meeting the old man and old lady Tang at the Gu's banquet that day.

Looking at the two lovely old men, after losing their daughters, they did not know what it was like to be sad.

Wen Ruoqing didn't want to let those two old people suffer any blows.

"Okay, let's do an appraisal." Tang Ling still knows her temperament, knowing that what she insists on will not change, so just follow her meaning.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with this matter. It is also defenseless to make a final appraisal. When the time comes to the public, no one will talk nonsense.

"Tell me when the results come out." Wen Ruoqing thought that if her mother was really from the Tang family, then she would have to go to the Tang family to meet the two elderly people no matter what.

It was the mother's pain all along, or was it not the pain that the two old people had been, when the result came out, she went to see the two old people.

As for now, she still has to go back to see the two babies first.

She was afraid that there would be more things when the time came, and she could not pull away to see the two babies.

"What do you mean? Are you going? Where are you going?" Tang Ling froze, listening to her, what happened? Isn't it time to recognize your relatives now? Why should she leave?

Where is she going so anxious? What is it that makes her like this?

"I'll go back first, no, I'll go back to the country, and you will tell me when I come out, and I will come back." Wen Ruoqing was thinking about two babies. Zixi was still sleeping when she left, and Zixi woke up and couldn't see her. , I wonder if I will cry?

"You just left like this?" Tang Ling was a little anxious. He finally made her come back. Ye Sishen hadn't rushed over yet.

In fact, it wasn’t that Ye Sishen was slow, but he didn’t expect her to solve the case so fast.

Wen Ruoqing looked at him with a bit of doubt in her expression. Obviously Tang Ling stopped her so anxiously, she felt a little strange.

"The DNA identification results are quick and will come out in a day." Tang Ling repeatedly found a perfect excuse.

"I'll come back at that time." Wen Ruoqing didn't think much, even if there was only one day, she would rush back to see her two babies.

Tang Ling was stunned. This is only one day. She still has to go back and toss about. Why is that? How anxious is it? How important is it?

Is it for Tang Baiqian? Does this girl really like Tang Baiqian?

If so, Ye Si Shen Ke will be pitiful.

"What's the situation between you and Ye Sishen?" Tang Ling decided to try her meaning, for Ye Sishen and for her, because he felt that Tang Baiqian was too paranoid and sometimes he was too extreme. She and Tang Bai Humility together, may not be happy.

Moreover, Tang Baiqian concealed her too many things, if you love someone, you should not be so deceived.

Of course, if she likes it, if she insists, he certainly can't stop it.

"Well?" Wen Ruoqing raised her eyebrows slightly: "Don't you know?"

Tang Ling's relationship with Ye Sishen was not ordinary. In addition to her current relationship with Tang Ling, can Tang Ling be unclear about her relationship with Ye Sishen?

"I know about your divorce, I just want to know what you think." Tang Ling's lips twitched slightly, his expression slightly complicated! !