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#49 Marriage agreement

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Seeing that his president still didn't mean to get off, Secretary Liu secretly wondered that the president came to the Civil Affairs Bureau this early in the morning and now he doesn't get off. What does that mean?

    As time passed, Ye Sishen looked at the documents in the car, but he looked up from time to time. He would never miss Wen Ruoqing, as long as Wen Ruoqing appeared, he would see it.

    At 9:50, Wen Ruoqing didn't show up. At 9:55, Wen Ruoqing didn't show up. Fifty-six, fifty-seven, she still didn't show up. Ye Sishen's face was slightly dark.

    Secretary Liu felt the change of his own president, and also felt that the atmosphere in the car had suddenly changed, and his heart was trembling secretly. The president seemed to be waiting for someone, but this person had never appeared.

    There are always others waiting for the president, and few people let the president wait.

    Dare to let the president wait like this, don't know who it is?

    Moreover, at the moment the president's face was obviously a bit cold, obviously waiting a little impatiently, but to his surprise, the president seemed to have no intention of leaving at all!

    It seems that this person is special to the president.

    At 9:58, Ye Si Shen raised his head again, but still did not see Wen Ruoqing.

    His brow frowned slightly, and he thought that with her conversation with Mr. Wen yesterday, she should know what to do.

    After all, both results must be married ...

    However, Ye Sishen suddenly thought of a possibility, wouldn't she escape?

    Thinking of this possibility, Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed and he just wanted to call, but when he looked up again, he saw Wen Ruoqing standing outside the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

    Ye Si glanced subconsciously at his watch, it was exactly ten o'clock ...,

    This woman's time card is really not bad.

    Ye Sishen's lips slightly chuckled, then pushed open the door and got out of the car.

    Secretary Liu was stunned. Was the president smiling just now? He has been with the president for almost two years and rarely sees the president laughing.

    But just now he seemed to see the president laughing alone, was he dazzled, did he read it wrong?

    Huh? Why did the president suddenly get off the bus?

    At the moment Ye Si sank into the car, Wen Ruoqing just turned around to see him. At the next moment, Wen Ruoqing's face burst into a bright smile: "Mr. Ye, you are here."

    Ye Sishen saw the smile on her face, and her eyes flickered. For a moment, she suddenly felt that she was a bit distracted, not because her smile was too beautiful, but because she smiled like that at the moment. He was surprised.

    He thought that even if she came today, she would definitely not be in a good mood, but now, it seems ...

    However, he found that she laughed, which was actually pretty good. He was thinking, if you remove her old glasses and remove freckles on her face, I do n’t know what it will look like?

    When Ye Si was slightly stunned, Wen Ruoqing had walked in front of him, and the smile on his face was even brighter: "I heard from Grandpa yesterday that I knew why Mr. Ye was in a hurry to get married, so I am willing to cooperate with Mr. Ye . "

    "Yes?" Ye Si raised his eyebrows slightly, willing to cooperate with him?

    He wondered how she planned to cooperate with him?

    "Mr. Ye, since we are not really married, then we should need an agreement between us. This is the agreement written by me. Please take a look to see if there is any problem?" Wen Ruoqing handed a document to him. A deliberately aggrieved sentence was added: "This was written only after I checked one night last night."

    Secretary Liu, who had just got off the train, was directly shocked when he heard Wen Ruoqing.

    What's happening here? What is married? Who is married to whom? What agreement?

    Ye Sishen didn't pick up the file in her hand, nor did she speak, just staring at her with a pair of eyes.

    When Secretary Liu saw what his president was like at the moment, he felt a little afraid in his heart, so he did n’t dare to move in place, but it was strange when he looked at Wen Ruoqing. Is n’t that Miss Wen?

    Does the president want to marry Miss Wen?

    "Mr. Ye?" Wen Ruoqing saw that he didn't pick up, his eyes flashed slightly, and there seemed to be a little more confusion in his expression.

    Did n’t he say that as long as she came on her own initiative, she would decide everything?

    Won't he disagree even with an agreement?

    If so, she would have to doubt his sincerity!

    "It's quite thoughtful." Ye Si looked at her with a hint of cold in her eyes, and seemed to have more complicated things.

    This woman was really thoughtful enough, even the marriage agreement was written.

    "It seems that you are not stupid." Ye Sishen's body seemed to lean slightly towards her, with a bit of temptation in the words and a hint of deliberate intention.

    At this moment, he really hoped that she could be a little stupid. At this time, she really didn't need her to be so smart.

    Wen Ruoqing deliberately pretended not to understand the deep meaning in his words, and nodded very seriously: "Um, um, in fact, I am still very smart, or Mr. Ye will seriously consider it again."

    Yesterday he said that the reason for marrying her is because she is not smart enough. If he feels that she is not stupid, will she change her mind?

    Yesterday evening, Wen Ruoqing thought about this problem seriously, and Jue Shen, who married her, might really be because she was not smart enough. After all, Ye Sishen is getting married now, because Ye Yezi is too tight, not really wanting to get married, If you are looking for someone who is too shrewd, maybe her property will be counted, which is the most feared among the rich.

    Although she also knows that with the astuteness of Ye Sishen, it may not be calculated by others, but it must be just in case.

    "..." "Yesi Shen suddenly felt a little stuffy on his chest. At this moment, he suddenly didn't want to talk to her."

    Relative to the depression of Si Shen at the moment, Wen Ruoqing's mood seemed to be very good, her lips kept rising, the smile was still brilliant, and it seemed to be still so bright.

    Wen Ruoqing felt that if she couldn't talk, or she didn't need to get the certificate with Shen Si Shen.

    After all, there are so many women in the world, he can find a more suitable one.

    However, such words cannot be said by her, but must be said by Ye Sishen.

    Seeing the bright smile on her face, Ye Sishen suddenly felt a little dazzling at the moment, well, very well, he would like to see, when will she be able to pretend?

    Ye Sishen suddenly reached out, took the agreement in her hand, and slowly opened it, but when she saw the dense contents of the agreement she listed, Ye Sishen's face darkened little by little.