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#78 Let's go together

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However, about that matter, he still needs to check. His eyes sweep to the kitchen and see that the cup she just used is still in the kitchen.

However, his eyes did not stop, and then he looked at the food in front of him. After taking a bite, he was a little more stunned. Unexpectedly, the food she cooked was so delicious. At this level, it was not the first time.

When did she learn it? Before returning to Wen's home, she was a child. Her mother loved her very much. She should not do these things often. It is even more impossible to return to Wen's home. The only possibility is her five years in country M.

Just, he felt that a person's life could never practice such a good cooking skill. What's more, she went to country m or to the doctor?

Night division Shen raised his eyes and looked at her.

"What's the matter?" Seeing that he had only one bite, he stopped. Wen ruoqing had some accidents: "isn't it delicious?"

Is it her cooking not to his taste?

"When did you learn to cook?" Night division shen Mou son micro flash, he suddenly found that he really did not understand her.

Wen ruoqing was shocked at the bottom of her heart. The man was too sensitive. He could doubt her even after eating. He had known that she would not do it, or did it in a disorderly way.

Alas, it's really a kind heart that doesn't pay off.

However, it's not unreasonable to say that his doubt is not unreasonable. If it wasn't for two babies, she would never have practiced such a good cooking skill.

"In foreign countries, I'm not used to the food there, so I've been doing it on the Internet, and I've been practicing it slowly." What Wen ruoqing said is the truth, except that he didn't mention two babies.

"How is it? Is it delicious? " Wen ruoqing looks at him, with a kind of flattery on his face and a smirk to be affirmed.

”Yes, it is. "Seeing the smile on her face, the night division felt her eyes slightly trance. The way she smiled was really pretty.

Yeshishen may be really hungry. She has almost finished all the dishes she fried.

After the meal, Wen ruoqing picked up the chopsticks and said, "honey, please go back to the room first. I'll take the chopsticks and wash them."

Wen ruoqing thought, he has enough to eat and drink, it's time to go back to the room, right?

Night division Shen can not understand her mind, she is clear is to support him, his lips slightly hook hook: "I wait for you, together."

When his tone is mentioned together, it is especially accentuated, which seems to have several meaningful implications.

Hearing his words, Wen ruoqing's movement is slightly sluggish and his breath is slightly sluggish. Does this person want to spend all day with her?

Wen ruoqing breathed secretly, and finally he could only enter the kitchen with chopsticks.

Wen ruoqing thought that she would stay in the kitchen for a while longer. He would go back when he was impatient.

Wen ruoqing's action is not fast, but there is only one bowl and two plates in total, and soon they are all washed. He remembers that the water cup he just used hasn't been washed. Wen ruoqing wants to take it and wash it.

Just Wen ruoqing turned around and saw that he actually followed the kitchen and stood beside her.

She turned so suddenly that she almost ran into his arms.

Wen ruoqing subconsciously wants to step back, but he suddenly reaches out to hold her: "how? So eager to give up? "

”If I fail to live up to your enthusiasm, is it not a sin. "The night division chuckled, and the ambiguity in the words made people blush. During the conversation, the body deliberately pressed on her.

"Why did you come to the kitchen all of a sudden? Why are you standing behind me all of a sudden? " Wen ruoqing is a little angry. Tonight's yesizhen is just like the one she usually knows. He is too rogue.

”I'm just thirsty. Come and have a drink. "To her slightly angry eyes, his lips slightly raised, more meaningful smile.

While talking, he naturally grasped the water cup which she had just used and put aside.

In the water cup, there was a half cup of water that Wen ruoqing didn't finish drinking. He picked up the water cup, without any pause, so naturally took a sip.

”That's what I used "When Wen ruoqing realized his action, his first reaction was to remind him, but it was obviously useless.

Seeing that he has drunk a mouthful, Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly pulled. People like him should not be so clean as to use other people's used things?

Even if he didn't see that she had just used the cup, there was only half of the water in the cup. It was obviously left over. She didn't believe that he couldn't see it.

The night division holds the water glass and drinks it again. I don't know if it's her illusion. It seems that his lips are still on the edge of the water glass.

It was strange to see him drink from the cup she had just used. At the moment, one of his hands was still on her waist.

He drinks from her cup, his hand around her waist, and his previous alcohol allergy has not fully recovered, which makes wenruoqing ignore his other deeper intentions for a while.

Wen ruoqing broke the hand he held on her waist, pulled away some distance from him, turned around and put the dishes and chopsticks well.

Yeshishen still holds the water glass and doesn't leave. He just leans on the door frame and looks at her. His lips slowly rise up. It's not easy for him to do such a thing in front of her so that she can't be suspicious.

Wen ruoqing turns around, sees the night Si Shen of this posture, the Mou son slightly flashed, and then sees that he is still holding the water cup just now, the water in the water cup is not little, he is obviously not too thirsty.

Since I'm not thirsty, what do you do with a cup? Wen ruoqing's eyebrows wrinkled almost invisible.

The water cup he held in his hand was slightly shaken for a while. It was natural with sex, but his eyes were always staring at her.

Being stared at by him all the time, Wen ruoqing felt uneasy all over, and didn't think about the cup much. Seeing that he didn't say anything, he stepped out.

She went out of the kitchen and went upstairs. She wanted to go back to her room, but yeshishen followed her up.

Wen ruoqing didn't look back, but she could also clearly feel that the night division behind her was heavy, and her heart was slightly quivering. For some reason, suddenly there was a kind of inexplicable tension.

Up the stairs, she quickly opened her door, entered the room, and then quickly closed the door.

How did he feel that he was like a monster in front of her? Is he that terrible?

She was nervous just now! He found that she was lovely when she was nervous.

Night division Shen takes back his eyes, looks at the water cup in his hand, and then dials Qin wushao's phone: "I'm going now."

He knows that some things are as fast as possible.