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If the man who was five years ago was really Mo Yan, if the identities of the two babies were exposed, no one knew what the consequences would be!

    "Mom, I don't blame my brother. I asked my brother to bring me." Tang Zixi took the initiative to take the mistake on his own.

    Secretary Ruan and the little girl at the front desk looked at He Tongtong. It turns out that this is the mother of two babies!

    However, they have never seen such a woman beside the president.

    "Let's go, let's go back." He Tongtong secretly exhaled, and the two babies were fine.

    However, the identities of the two babies could not be exposed, so she wanted to take the two babies away as soon as possible, but she felt that such a thing happened in the Ye ’s Hall today, fearing that it would spread soon, if it reaches Ye Sishen I ’m afraid I ca n’t hide it.

    "Mom, I'm looking for my dad." However, Tang Zixi's children didn't want to leave like this. Tang Zixi pulled He Tongtong's clothes corner and didn't let her go.

    Upon hearing Tang Zixi's words, He Tongtong secretly took a breath, looking for his father? Did the two babies just talk to dad?

    In this way, things are only more serious than she imagined.

    She had just hurried over, and she had called Qingqing before she had arrived, and Qingqing certainly did not know.

    Does she call Qingqing again at this time?

    "Huh, why are you here?" It was at this time, just downstairs, Xi Ji, seeing them, came over.

    "Vice President Xi, they are here to find the president." The little girl at the front desk replied again and again.

    Tang Zi hoped for Xi Ji, a pair of big eyes blinked, and she walked in front of Xi Ji with a sweet and warm smile on her face. She knew this uncle and helped them when they were at the airport. Working in a company, can he help them find their father?

    That enthusiastic look is easily misunderstood.

    Xi Ji froze for a moment, then chuckled: "You are looking for me?"

    "Well, can you ..." Tang Zixi wanted to say, can you help us find dad?

    Secretary Ruan and the little girl at the front desk froze completely. It turns out that the two babies came to the vice president?

    The president said that the two treasures are vice president Xi?

    "Zi Xi, let's go." Only, He Tongtong suddenly picked up Tang Zixi and wanted to leave quickly.

    Xi Ji didn't recognize her that day when she met at the airport, and she and him were completely over. Since that is the case, there should be no more intersections.

    Xi Ji looked at He Tongtong with a decisive look. I didn't know why. The heart seemed to be stabbed with something, some pain, some inexplicable, and his head suddenly hurt.

    Because of a headache, he was too late to think, and he subconsciously stretched out his hand to hold He Tongtong, and then spit out two words: "Don't go."

    He Tongtong's body froze and turned to look at him, seeing a slightly confused expression on his face, stunned, his eyes flickered: "What are you doing?"

    "Don't go." Xi Ji repeated these two words again. He felt his head hurt even more, and he couldn't think about it, but he just didn't want her to go.

    He Tongtong saw that he seemed to be a little uncomfortable, after all, he failed to drop his hand.

    "Aji, it turns out you are here." But, just at this moment, a whispering voice suddenly came, and then a charmingly dressed woman came over.

    The woman ’s eyes looked proudly and disdainfully and looked at He Tongtong indifferently, but when she saw how He Tongtong looked, her body suddenly stiffened, and the shock quickly passed through her eyes. There was a little panic.

    However, she quickly disguised her face and smiled. She naturally held Xi Ji's arm and said softly, "Aji, is this your friend?"

    He Tongtong glanced at the voluptuous woman, sneering secretly in her heart, Yang Qingqing pretended not to know her?

    Yang Qingqing did not count the malicious things she did to her. Now she pretends not to know her?

    However, He Tongtong also knows that Yang Qingqing is the wife of Mrs. Xi selected for Xi Ji.

    Thinking of this, He Tongtong's heart sank instantly, and he broke free from Xi Ji's hand, trying to leave as soon as possible.

    However, it is clear that Yang Qingqing does not want to let her go.

    "Aji, since it is your friend, then we invite her to attend our wedding next week."

    He Tongtong broke away, and Xi Ji looked at his lost hand, stunned, dazed, wondering if he heard Yang Qingqing's words.

    At this moment, Xi Ji did not speak.

    He Tongtong's complexion changed rapidly. She told herself that everything had passed. Do n’t care anymore, and do n’t care anymore, but she could n’t control her heart and heard that they were getting married next week. News, her heart hurts, it really hurts.

    He Tongtong's body trembled slightly, and Tang Zhimo's hand tightened subconsciously. Tang Zhimo felt pain and frowned slightly, but said nothing.

    There is no need to say anything now.

    "A Ji, the dress you gave me, I just went to see it, it is really beautiful, and the ring you designed for me personally, it is really too beautiful, too beautiful, I like it too, of course I am most moved It's your love for me. "Yang Qingqing saw the change in He Tongtong's complexion and was very proud, which stimulated He Tongtong even more.

    She knows He Tongtong, so she knows how to stimulate and hit He Tongtong.

    He Tongtong's hand tightened subconsciously again, and tight Tang Zhimo wanted to cry, but Tang Zhimo felt that He Tongtong's hand was shaking, uncontrollably shaking.

    This is enough to show that He Tongtong at this moment is very uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes flickered, looking at Xi Ji, and suddenly said, "Daddy, who is this ugly and old old acne who also has acne?"

    Tang Zhimo has always been sensitive and has strong observation power. He can see that the abominable woman deliberately stimulated and touched the pupils.

    The children of Tang Zhimo have always been short-sighted. His relatives absolutely do not allow anyone to bully, and Hitomi's mother is one of the most important relatives besides her mother.

    Therefore, if you want to bully Hitomi's mother, you still have to see if he agrees.

    Tang Zhimojue ’s father ’s shouting was not too outrageous, because he saw that the uncle likes Hitomi ’s mother, and Hitomi ’s mother also likes Uncle. Love this uncle, since this is the case, he can let this uncle be their godfather.

    Therefore, it is normal for him to shout his father in advance.

    In Tang Zhimo's words, the lethality is comparable to that of an atomic bomb.

    A dad is enough to distract Yang Qingqing!

    Not to mention the ugly and old sentence, acne! !