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"Impossible, how could the third brother get a divorce, have you made a mistake?" Xi Ji was completely shocked. He could not believe such news for a while.

"How could I get it wrong? It was the divorce procedure that I had done by myself, and it was also I who handed over the divorce certificate to my wife." Secretary Liu seemed awake at the moment, refuting Xi Ji's words straightly.

"You did it? Why did you do the divorce procedure for the third brother?" Xi Ji was stunned again. When the third brother divorced, why did Secretary Liu do it?

"Because the president and his wife signed an agreement, the agreement clearly stated that if the president is not in City A, I will handle the divorce for them. What do you say this matter has to do with me? Why should I let me Come to do? Why should I be this sinner?" Secretary Liu even more aggrieved to mention this matter.

Xi Ji frowned, his brother and Wen Ruoqing agreed to marry him, but he didn't know there was such a thing in the agreement.

If Secretary Liu really said that it would be feasible for Secretary Liu to do it, but Xi Ji always felt something was wrong.

"You do the divorce for the third brother, does the third brother know?" Xi Ji couldn't help asking again.

"Of course I know that my wife came over and asked me to handle the divorce procedure. I called the president at that time. The president said he knew and agreed to the divorce. The president said that the wife would give whatever she wanted. The president obviously wanted to use substances Compensate the wife, but the wife didn't want anything in the end." Secretary Liu sighed hard: "The wife is not that kind of money-loving person at all."

Xi Ji's eyes flickered, this was wrong...

"I always feel that something is wrong." Although Secretary Liu said that Zhen Zhen had a word, Xi Ji always felt something was wrong.

"The third brother has slept the three sisters-in-law, how could it be divorced?" Xi Ji said not to Secretary Liu, but to herself.

Last time, the third brother sent a message in the group. The third brother obviously slept the third sister-in-law, and the third brother said that it was every night...

If it is just an agreement to marry, it should not come true. Since everything has come true, everyone has fallen asleep, and then divorced, then it is justified.

What's more, it wasn't just a runaway, but every night, the third brother he remembered specifically emphasized that every night!

A man wears a woman every night, enough to show that the man likes the woman, even if it is not emotional, at least physically.

Under such circumstances, how could the third brother get divorced?

"So I said that the president is a beast, no, it's a beast." Although Secretary Liu was drunk, he still heard Xi Ji's self-talk, and he was more angry. At this moment, he was drunk and scolded his own president. It was also unscrupulous. After all, the beasts came out as well.

"I always think that the third brother can't do this, this is not the style of Sange's work." Xi Ji knows Ye Sishen, and Xi Ji knows something about Ye Sishen and Wen Ruoqing, so The third brother he felt could not be so ruthless to Wen Ruoqing.

"It's impossible, the agreement is still with me. Look, look." Secretary Liu took the agreement directly from the bag.

Secretary Liu came here to drink from the company. After the divorce process was completed, the part belonging to Ye Sishen was in his bag.

"This is not San Ge's word." Xi Ji glanced, his brow furrowed tighter.

"This is the word of Mrs. It must have been written by the President Mrs. Let's look at this tone, this style must have been written by the President and the wife." Secretary Liu has now determined that his president is a negative heart, so what is the matter All felt that it was the fault of his president.

Xi Ji looked at the agreement again carefully, and then Secretary Liu Ji Jijue was right, this should be the meaning of the third brother.

He felt that Wen Ruoqing would certainly not come up with a way to let Secretary Liu handle the divorce.

Xi Ji went to see the agreement for the first time, and when she saw the divorce immediately after taking Yeshi shares, she also felt a little annoyed in her face: "The third brother is really unsympathetic."

"Yes, the president is really unsympathetic. At that time, the wife was sad, but sad. The wife has been persevering, otherwise she will cry at that time. I think the wife doesn't know where to cry now." Liu The secretary had originally thought that Wen Ruoqing was sad, and this idea was fixed in his heart after being drunk.

"Mrs. Wouldn't it be a problem? Wouldn't the lady be too sad or too sad to think about doing anything stupid?" Secretary Liu's eyes flashed and suddenly exclaimed.

"No, don't you? Wen Ruoqing is not the kind of person who can't stand the blow." Xi Ji thought of what Wen Ruoqing did last time when he was in the Count, and he could not have happened like the one that Secretary Liu said.

"You don't understand, emotional matters are different from other things. A person who is strong at ordinary times will also become vulnerable when encountering emotional matters." Secretary Liu said as if he was very experienced.

"Do you have Wen Ruoqing's phone number? I'll call and ask." Xi Ji couldn't help starting to worry when he said this.

"No, but I gave my phone number to my wife and asked my wife to call me if I have something to do." Secretary Liu responded stunned.

"Fuck, you stupid, if she wanted to tell you, then she said that." Xi Ji looked at him and couldn't help but scolded.

"I'll call San Ge and ask." In this situation, Xi Jijue should ask San Ge whether or not the divorce means San Ge.

"You don't need to call the president, the president's phone has been shut down, I have called several times." Secretary Liu said with a lip, "I think the president may be afraid that his wife will call him, and that his wife will be tangled. Holding him, so intentionally turn off the phone, hum."

At this moment, Secretary Liu can't get into the tip of the horn.

Xi Ji glanced at Secretary Liu a bit strangely, and Xi Ji firmly believed that his third brother would never do such a shameless thing.

However, Secretary Liu said that Sange’s mobile phone was turned off, and he would definitely not be able to call Sange.

Xi Ji heard what Secretary Liu had just said, and it was certainly uncomfortable to think that Wen Ruoqing had divorced so suddenly, so he became more and more worried.

Xi Ji suddenly thought of his brother Tang Ling, who was always special to Wen Ruoqing.

However, he can see that the brother's kindness to Wen Ruoqing is definitely not because of the feelings between men and women, and it is impossible for him to like his brother's woman.

Only the third brother thought silly that his elder brother wanted to grab a woman with him.

Xi Ji thought that Big Brother might know Wen Ruoqing's contact information, Xi Ji quickly found Tang Ling's number and dialed it out.