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And her explanation was more pleasing to him. Did she forget to disguise because she cared for him?

"The medicine is too bitter." Night division Shen took medicine, eyebrows slightly frown, but the radian of the lip corner seems to be more thick.

Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly pulled. How big a person is? He still thinks the medicine is too bitter. It's really hypocritical.

Just, night Si Shen's body suddenly leans toward her, then whispers in her ear: "you feed me."

Wen ruoqing is shocked, eyes are wide, some unbelievable stare at him? He, what did he just say?

She feeds him? But it's just a pill. How does he want her to feed him? Mouth to mouth?

"You, don't think about it." Wen ruoqing thought of that possibility and almost jumped up. What did the man think?

Seeing her appearance, there was a hint of scheming smirk in the eyes of Yesi Shen, and then he seriously handed the medicine to her: "what's the matter? But I just want you to take out the medicine for me. Do you have such a big reaction? "

"What do you think?" His voice was deliberately elongated, with some meaning.

He found that although she was shrewd in some aspects, she was really slow in emotion.

“……” Wen ruoqing's eyes blinked. Did she really think about it just now?

However, Wen ruoqing took the medicine box, opened it, took two pills according to the instructions, and handed them to him.

But he didn't take it by hand, and the perfect, impeccable face came right up to her and put the pill in her hand directly into her mouth.

In such a movement, his lips must have touched her hands. When his lips touched her fingers, the temperature on his lips directly reached her fingers. Wen ruoqing suddenly felt a little hot and subconsciously shrank back.

Wen ruoqing pretends to be calm and turns his head to the window, but his face is slightly red.

Night division Chen's eyes obviously contain a smile, he suddenly found that she would be shy, and shy look very cute.

Yesi Chen just came back from a business trip. After lunch, he went back to the company. Wen ruoqing said he wanted to go back. This time, Yesi Chen didn't say anything, but told the driver to take her back.

Wen ruoqing wants to see two more babies, but he finally stops.

Wen ruoqing stopped the driver when she passed the mall. Last time, she looked at several clothes for two babies in the mall. But because Song Yun didn't come and bought them, she has just had time to buy them.

"Qingqing, I'm back home. I'm in city A. come out and meet you." However, Wen ruoqing just walked into the mall and received a phone call from the senior.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" Wen ruoqing was surprised. Last time, Murong Duanyang said that the head of the school had returned to China, but later it was clear that the head of the school was going to carry out the task. How did the head of the school return to China now?

And why did the seniors come to city a suddenly? Need to see her in a hurry? What happened?

"It's nothing. Just come here and see you." The voice of the man on the other end of the phone is more smiling.

Wen ruoqing murmured a sigh. It's all right. After returning home, she just came to the city. Naturally, she also wanted to meet with the head of the school. The head of the school has been taking good care of her for so many years and has been very good to her. Now the head of the school is like a relative to her.

But she knew that yeshishen had been doubting her, and had been checking her. She was afraid that meeting with the senior at this time would cause unnecessary trouble, and she was afraid that it would affect the senior.

After all, the identity of the senior needs to be kept absolutely confidential. Although it is now in China, no one can guarantee its absolute security. She does not want the senior to be exposed to danger because of her.

At the other end of the phone, the man naturally felt her hesitation and sighed.

This girl is always short of a muscle in her feelings.

He should have said something.

The man silently sighed, finally did not give up so ended the call, or changed his mouth: "it is something."

"Sir, what's the matter?" Wen ruoqing's eyes flickered slightly. He was surprised by his suddenly reversed tone, but he was more serious immediately. A heart was raised again. If the senior had something to do, she would definitely go.

The things that the chief said must not be trivial. She was worried that the chief might be in trouble. Otherwise, the chief could not meet her in this situation.

At the other end of the phone, the man sighed silently again. It seemed to her that he could only find her for business, but nothing else.

After all these years, has she never found out his feelings for her?

He knew that she was always insensitive in emotion. He thought he could wait for her all the time, and then she understood his feelings for her, but he didn't expect that she suddenly married another man.

Although he knew that they were married by agreement, he could not help his heartache and fear. He was afraid that she would

"How are you doing with Yesi Chen?" The man on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment, then asked suddenly.

Wen ruoqing is slightly Zheng. Between her and Yesi Shen? Why did the Dean suddenly ask about her relationship with Yesi Chen.

"What's the matter?" Wen ruoqing was stunned and didn't answer the questions. Although she treated the senior as a relative, she didn't want to say much about the relationship between her and yesichen. Everyone has their own secrets. Everyone has their own privacy. She should respect the privacy of yesichen.

Just as she will keep secrets for everyone in the organization and will never disclose anything about anyone in the organization.

Hearing her tone, the man's eyes sank slightly. He could feel her defense even across the phone.

Defense? To defend him for the night?

This kind of cognition makes him particularly uncomfortable. She only got along with Yesi Shen for a few days, but he got along with her for a few years. Now she defends him for Yesi Shen?

He breathed in secret, comforting himself, or she just didn't want to say it.

In fact, Wen ruoqing really didn't mean to defend him. He just didn't want to say more, and didn't want to divulge private matters related to Yesi Chen.

"Yesi Chen asked people to check your affairs in country M." He paused and said suddenly.

"Well, I know." It's no surprise that Wen ruoqing is not surprised at this. It's only strange if she doesn't check her character.

She suspected that yeshishen was the man five years ago, so she was worried that yeshishen would find out what happened five years ago and two babies, so she was nervous.

But later she did a DNA test, which proved that yeshishen had no blood relationship with the two babies.

So, she is not very worried.

After all, the general people can't find out about the organization.

But the next sentence of the man is Wen ruoqing.