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In fact, many people have just seen how Gu Gu stared at Wen Ruoqing, but they dare not say that no one thought that Wen Ruoqing would say such a thing, and he was completely shocked one by one.

    Is this girl bold because of ignorance? Or did it do it on purpose?

    Whatever the reason, it is amazing enough that she can say such things at this moment.

    "Gu Shuantuo, you are not right. If you want to stare at your grandson, why do you stare at the little girl? What do you do if you are so big and scared of the little girl?" Mr. Tang's words are straightforward enough.

    All the people present are elites, who can't understand?

    Mr. Tang deliberately shouted Mr. Gu's previous name-Gu Shuanzi.

    In fact, Grandpa Gu has changed his name many years ago, but there are still many people who know this name.

    When Master Gu heard Wen Ruoqing's words, he hated it to the extreme. At the moment, when he heard Master Tang's words, his lungs almost exploded.

    However, what Wen Ruoqing and Master Tang said were very wonderful, and they simply made no mistakes, so Grandpa Gu couldn't say anything even if he was so angry.

    Wen Ruoqing heard Mr. Tang talking for her, and moved her heart slightly, couldn't help but looked around, and then saw Mr. Tang's smile with a bit of invitation, and saw Mrs. Tang's eagerness to look at her.

    Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, and suddenly laughed. This old man Tang and Mrs. Tang were so cute. Somehow, she felt a sense of intimacy when he saw Mr. Tang and Mrs. Tang.

    "Did you see it? The girl smiled at me." Madam Donald almost jumped up in joy. Some things were really wonderful. Obviously this was the first time I saw it, but I didn't even say a word, but in my heart There is an inexplicable kindness and care.

    "Well." Mr. Tang nodded and responded to the old lady's words.

    "The girl smiled so beautifully." Madam Donald added another sentence suddenly, somehow, she just saw the girl's smile, her heart suddenly had an inexplicable touch, a very special feeling.

    "It's beautiful, but it's not as good-looking as you are." Mrs. Tang looked at Mrs. Donald. With such love, he said it was heartwarming.

    Just now, Wen Ruoqing was not distracted, but Gu Qingxin was obviously distracted. Wen Ruoqing smiled, attacked a few steps in a row, and then Gu Qingxin lost again.

    Gu Qingxin stayed, Grandpa Gu stayed, everyone stayed, but Grandpa Tang laughed, like a stolen fox.

    This girl is really not simple. Unexpectedly, the Wen family had such a blessing and had such a wonderful child!

    Really enviable.

    After everyone returned to God and looked at Wen Ruoqing again, his eyes were different. If Wen Ruoqing won the first time, it can be said that it was a fluke. Then Wen Ruoqing won the second time and Gu Qingxin was no matter of luck. Too.

    After all, Gu Qingxin is the world champion.

    Gu Qingxin has never experienced the ups and downs, the setbacks, and the failures, and he has been used to being arrogant.

    Such a person can't stand any blows. A little blow can make him collapse. At this moment, on such occasions, he lost to Wen Ruoqing, who is infamous for two consecutive rounds, for him. Not a little blow.

    "Come again, come again, three wins in five innings." Gu Qingxin is a little crazy at the moment, he will not lose, and he can never lose.

    Grandpa Gu now understands that Wen Ruoqing can win not only by luck, but by some skill.

    Grandpa Gu wants to stop, but Gu Qingxin has already hurried out his first move.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at Gu Qingxin. Suddenly, he felt a little pitiful. She didn't want to go down with him again. In fact, she also understood that a person who had just won the world championship lost to her two consecutive games.

    In this case, if you go down again, Gu Qingxin is even more unlikely to win. She doesn’t want to hit Gu Qingxin anymore.

    "Outsiders have always said that Miss Wen Jia is a fool, but it doesn't look like it now, wouldn't she always be stupid?"

    "Miss Wen just said that she wouldn't play chess at all, and she won in two consecutive games. Should she deliberately lie?"

    "Well, she deliberately said she wouldn't, but she won Gu Qingxin in two consecutive games. In this way, Gu Qingxin would be more embarrassing." Some people are only afraid of the chaos in the world, and they deliberately added words to Zhang Yueping's side.

    Zhang Yueping saw that his son had lost two games in a row, and he was suffocating in his heart. Hearing these people's comments, he was even more angry.

    She saw that Wen Ruoqing looked down on her son at the moment, and even gritted her teeth with hatred.

    Zhang Yueping thought of Wen Ruoqing's previous accusation that Sang scolded Huai and scolded her. At this moment, Wen Ruoqing deliberately humiliated her son. For a time, he couldn't control the anger in his heart. He angered Wen Ruoqing and said, "Wen Ruoqing, you are acting like a fool Humiliating?"

    Wen Ruoqing frowned slightly, she really didn't expect Zhang Yueping to say something like this at this time, she humiliated? Obviously, they were bullying and humiliating people. Why did Zhang Yueping have a face?

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes turned slightly, looking at Zhang Yueping, his lips slightly opened: "No, you are wrong, I will never pretend to be a humiliating person."

    A word is light and faint, but it makes people feel a domineering that cannot be ignored.

    For a time, everyone was shocked and shocked by the aura that emanated from her plainness.

    Of course, at this moment, everyone has not felt Wen Ruoqing's true domineering, because the follow-up is the focus, this is just a little prelude! !

    "Let's talk nonsense, go on, you can't surname Gu today if I can't die." Gu Qingxin shouted extremely arrogantly.

    Wen Ruoqing squinted slightly, sneering in her heart, Gu family arrogant to this point, Wen Ruoqing felt she really didn't need to be merciless.

    "Gu Qingxin is the world champion. He just won the night master in just eight steps, and he won't lose this time." Words will only make the scene more awkward.

    When Wen Ruoqing heard the man's words, his lips slightly ticked, and then he happened to win Gu Qingxin again in the eighth step.

    She originally wanted to leave some affection for Gu Qingxin and some for Gu's family, but since Gu's people disagree.

    Since Gu people are so deceiving, it is really no wonder that she is! !

    For a moment, it seemed that the whole world was quiet.